Are The Makers Interested In Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date?

Chinese animation series Jie Mo Ren, also known as the devil ring debuted in April 2016. The devil ring is an action and adventure anime series which consists of 14 episodes in total for the first season, each episode has a running time of 13 minutes. After the series debuted it became a big hit not only in China but also across the globe. After the huge success of the Jie Mo Ren season, 1 people were pretty sure that season 2 is definitely in line and will release soon. But unfortunately, it has been years since the viewers are waiting for confirmation regarding season 2.

Many people also criticized the anime for having bad writing or script but overall the series became quite popular and loved. In the world of Japanese anime, this Chinese anime gave good competition to the other popular anime shows. The success of the anime became a reason for the makers to launch an English dubbed version for the episodes of the first season after which the show became a big hit in different countries as well. Now let’s see what makers have in store for another season of Jie Mo Ren.

Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date

Currently, there is a huge demand for season 2 by the audience. But makers really don’t seem to be interested in renewing the show for another season. The show debuted in 2016 after which it became an instant hit even after a short running time they loved season 1 and wanted another season of Jie Mo Ren. But ever since then there has been no news or any hint from the maker’s side about the renewal of the show. Right now it cannot be said if season 2 is really going to happen or not it might be possible that the makers have the plan to surprise the viewers with another season by not hinting about it at all.

Name Of The ShowJie Mo Ren
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Fantasy, Mystery
Jie Mo Ren Season 1 Release DateApril 27, 2016
Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Story

As the story of season 1 was about a student Zhou Xiaoan.The high school boy accidentally puts on a ring and later realizes that he has become the origin of devils. Later on, when he gets to know about the secrets in history related to the ring he is shocked and realizes that his life is never going to be the same again. This incident turns around his world. Zhou Xiaoan crosses paths with a lot of unusual people because of the Ring. He meets King Zhou Of Shang who is a blood devil, he also crosses paths with a scary zombie And meets a group of Taoist priests fighting against the Supernatural and negative energies in the world who mix up in the society as humans. The action and drama start when Zhou has to fight all these evils to protect his life.

As season 2 is not renewed yet so all we can say is that it is possible that the coming season will follow the next parts of the Chinese comic book on which the show is based. The ending of season 1 didn’t give a clear picture of the story which is why fans are waiting for season 2 even more eagerly so that they know what happens next. But we think their wait is going to be longer than usual as the makers don’t seem to be clear on their part about the renewal of the show.

Jie Mo Ren Characters

Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date

The action-adventure series is known to have the evilest characters on its list. The main character of the show involves Xiaoan Zhou, a high school student. Other main characters involve Xuanyan Jiang, Xaodao, and Xie Moren. the supporting characters involve Lui Bai, Tatu, Li Wo, Ziya Jiang, and Fugui Liu. We are expecting that the cast will be the same for season two as well if the show makes a return.

Where To Watch Jie Mo Ren Online?

You can watch the show easily on YouTube. Just search for Jie Mo Ren episodes and you can get all the episodes of the Jie Mo Ren season 1 easily available with English subtitles and also English dubbed. The best part is that each episode is for 13 minutes only so you can binge-watch the entire season in just two to three hours. If you want to watch a good action and adventure-based anime then this show is definitely for you.

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