How Many Episodes Of Dark Winds Are There?

Graham Roland is the creator of the American psychological suspense television program Dark Winds. The Leaphorn & Chee novel series by Tony Hillerman served as the inspiration for this series. Speaking of supernatural components, it’s possible that this was what convinced George R.R. Martin to join the team as an executive producer. Martin has written one of the most popular book series that have been made into TV shows in history, Game of Thrones, so he is no stranger to exploring the magical world. And he’s executive producing the upcoming prequel, House of the Dragon, too. In the Southwest during the 1970s, Dark Winds follows two Navajo police officers named Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. When looking for information in a puzzling double murder case, the two officers are asked about their spiritual views. On June 12, 2022, it had its television debut on AMC and AMC+. The first season had six episodes. After its debut, the show was given a second, six-episode season, which will begin in 2023.

How Many Episodes Of Dark Winds Are There?

How Many Episodes Of Dark Winds Are There

There will be a total of six episodes in the first season of Dark Winds. On Sunday, June 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Dark Winds had its AMC debut. The following Sundays feature the season’s remaining episodes. The good news for AMC Plus customers is that each episode airs on the streaming service one week before it does on the AMC network. Considering that, it won’t be much longer before viewers see the season finale. The following AMC schedule for the series, all starting at 9 p.m. EST, can help you make sure you don’t miss out: The first episode was aired on June 12, 2022, the second on June 19, 2022, the third on June 26, 2022, the fourth on July 3, 2022, the fifth on July 10, 2022, and the sixth will on July 17, 2022. AMC+ offers new users a seven-day free trial and offers episodes for streaming as well.

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Dark Winds Cast

Zahn McClarnon and Kiowa Gordon serve as the main actors in The Dark Winds. Prior acting credits for McClarnon include Westworld, Doctor Sleep, and Reservation Dogs. As opposed to this, Gordon is most well-known for his work on Reservation Dogs and in Roswell, New Mexico. The addition of Rainn Wilson to the cast is fantastic news for The Office fans. Wilson became well-known for nine seasons for his portrayal of the US sitcom’s invariably hilarious Dwight Schrute. Despite the fact that Dark Winds is billed as a drama, we can’t help but wish that the paper provider character makes an appearance in this new show. The remaining members of the primary cast include Elva Guerra as Reservation Dog, Deanna Allison, Rob Tepper, Eugene Brave Rock as That Dirty Black Bag, Jessica Matten as Frontier, and Noah Emmerich as Space Force.

  • Zahn McClarnon

Zahn Tokiya-ku McClarnon, an American citizen with the sign of the Scorpio, was born on October 24, 1966, in Denver, Colorado. Zahn McClarnon is a professional actor who has worked in the entertainment sector for a long time and appeared in a lot of films and TV shows. Throughout his career, he has appeared in a lot of films and TV shows. But none of them brought him the deserved attention that he received after playing Hanzee Dent in the second season of the television series Fargo (2015). Additionally, he has performed in a range of film genres, including comedy and horror. Additionally, he has worked on a number of projects, including Dangerous Minds (1996), Into the West (2005), Strike One (2014), and Queen of the South (2018).

  • Kiowa Gordon

Kiowa Gordon (real name Kiowa Joseph Gordon) was born in Berlin, Germany, on March 25, 1990. American actor Kiowa Gordon, who was born in the 1990s, became well-known after participating in a number of TV shows and motion pictures. In addition, the actor performs vocals and was a member of the metal band Touché. He was, however, detained in 2010 after police discovered an active warrant for his arrest stemming from a DUI incident. He is best known for playing Embry Call in the Twilight Saga, Flint Manes in the 2019 TV series Rosewell, New Mexico, and Junior, Junior Van Der Veen in the 2014 TV series The Red Road. Gordon, who was raised in Arizona along with his seven other siblings, enrolled in Cave Creek’s Cactus Shadows High School. As of 2019, Kiowa’s acting resume lists 23 films to his name.

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Dark Winds Story

The events of Dark Winds take place in a remote Navajo Nation village in the 1970s. On the surface, it seems to be a drama about two local police officers trying to investigate gruesome murders, robberies, and other crimes. The characters and their situations in the series will reveal, however, that it is not just about crimes or justice if you make an effort to delve deeper while you watch it. There is a stronger, more powerful energy at work here. Dark Winds is, in a sense, a historical drama about the American Southwest, its inhabitants, and its customs. As Chee and Leaphorn continue their research, they discover that their quest has expanded beyond the use of real objects and physical proof and has instead turned into a search for their own identities. These foreboding occurrences serve as a means of testing their faith, forcing them to face their personal demons and traumas from the past. Only then will they be able to solve these puzzles and bring the victims’ rights to justice.

Dark Winds Previous Seasons Recap

How Many Episodes Of Dark Winds Are There

S1EP1: “Monster Slayer”

Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, a Navajo police officer, would be investigating a fresh murder case involving Hasteen in the first episode of Dark Winds. His grandchild Anna Attcity had seen the helicopter robbers in action. Additionally, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn will share a bond of some sort with the Attcity family. When Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn visits Hasteen’s home in the series’ climax, he learns that the helicopter and another body are at the bottom of the reservoir.

S1EP2:  “The Male Rain Approaches”

The relationship between Anna Attcity and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn’s son, who perished in an explosion, is revealed in the second episode of Dark Winds. Guy, who will be the father of Anna Attcity, was aware of the explosion and alerted everyone, except Joe’s son. Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn shot the man in the leg out of rage, and later Leaphorn would arrange for FBI agent Jim Chee to work with him on the murder investigation.

S1EP3: K’e

Leaphorn’s niece is celebrating her Kinaaldá as Leaphorn is collecting the bodies of the slain individuals, and Manuelito and Chee are searching for the whereabouts of the missing Mormon family.

S1EP4: Hooghandi

Leaphorn suspects that all of the crimes committed on the reserve are related, the inquiry has made a big advancement, Leaphorn has asked Chee over for dinner, and Manuelito has reached her own conclusion.

S1EP5: Ha’íínlni

Leaphorn discovers that there is more to this tragedy than he could have ever anticipated following the arrest of a key suspect; Manuelito is forced to face her worst fears, and Chee is forced to decide between his job and his people.

S1EP6: HózhóoNaasháa

When Leaphorn, Chee, and Manuelito arrive at the place where the Buffalo Society has been hiding, they are confronted with tough decisions that could have a lasting effect on the rest of their life.

Where To Watch Dark Wind Online?

How Many Episodes Of Dark Winds Are There

Since Dark Winds is an AMC original, it will be accessible via the network’s streaming service, AMC+. You can bookmark this link and use it to go directly to the show’s landing page when it debuts if you watch on AMC+. As an alternative, you can stream the show using the AMC+ app for iOS or Android devices. An AMC original program is called Dark Winds. The drama will be broadcast live on AMC for anyone who wants to watch. not a traditional cable subscriber? There’s no need to stress because AMC is available on a number of live TV streaming platforms, including Sling TV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. The show will also be accessible via AMC Plus for streaming. Although the UK premiere date for Dark Winds is unknown, subscribers of BT TV in the UK will probably be able to see the AMC series there. There are currently no other known ways to watch the series in the UK. 

Is Dark Wind Season 2 Will Be There?

Yes, not long after the show’s premiere, AMC announced that Dark Winds had been picked up for a second season. Regarding season 2, Collider also says that Dark Winds’ success has been discussed by Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks. Robert Redford, George R. R. Martin, Chris Eyre, and Zahn McClarnon, who “also leads the cast and gives heart, authority, and the knowledge of fully lived experiences to all he does,” received a “special appreciation” from McDermott on behalf of the whole production team.

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