When Is elDLIVE Season 2 Release Date Supposed To Arrive?

Akira Amano created the Japanese manga series “eILDIVE.” In August 2013, Shueisha’s official app Jump Live was used to serialize it; however, once Shnen Jump+ debuted in September 2014, it was serialized there instead. Eleven tanks on volumes have been used to collect it. Viz Media released the first three phases in English in 2014. Between January 8 and March 26, 2017, a 12-episode animation television series adaption by Pierrot was broadcast. The fans have been impatiently awaiting elDLIVE Season 2 for nearly four years since the show’s last appearance on television. For all these years, the audience has been looking forward to hearing from the creators. The creators, however, are not exactly forthcoming with information regarding the product’s future. The audience well appreciated the anime, but the reviews were conflicted. So, will the audience be able to watch the sequel? Here are the most recent specifics. Here’s what we know about elDLIVE Season 2 Release Date.

elDLIVE Season 2 Release Date

elDLIVE Season 2 Release Date

Studio Pierrot created the first episode of this animation series. And since the first season’s release, no one has heard from them regarding the second. Pierrot did not cancel or renew the anime for additional seasons. The fans believed it would not return because most critics had mixed reviews. Right now, it appears that the supporters were correct. Nearly four years have passed, and the creators haven’t even announced the second season of elDLIVE. The likelihood of it being renewed is, therefore, relatively low. 

The accessibility of the source is presently the only aspect of season two of this show that is in its favour. The manga has been published in eleven volumes, some of which have not yet been animated. Everything else about elDLIVE Season 2 is going against it. Even if there is excellent source material for a second season, it is uncertain that the anime will make a comeback.

Name Of The ShowelDLIVE
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAdventure, Sci-fi
elDLIVE Season 1 Release DateJanuary 8, 2017
elDLIVE Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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elDLIVE Story

Middle school student Chat Kokonose has indeed been capable of hearing the sounds that no one has ever been able to recognize for as far as he can remember. One day, a strange blue alien named Chips approached him and asked him to join the space police because he met the qualifications. He learned during his entrance exam that the voice he hears is a little, white extraterrestrial residing inside his body, whom he later called Dough. He was able to pass his exam by merging his power with Dolugh’s, an ability is known as SPH (Space Pheromone) that is exclusively employed by extraterrestrials. To keep the cosmos safe from deadly criminals, Chuta, a current cop, Misuzu Sonokata, his coworker and former classmate, and the others of the Solar System Area station must cooperate.

elDLIVE Characters

elDLIVE Season 2 Release Date

Dough: A Monitalien named Dolugh inhabits Chta’s body. He serves as China’s SPH organ as well. Chuta can only hear him, and only after Tateyan’s life was rescued did he take on a human appearance. As long as he lives, he would be connected to China, and if something terrible occurs to either of them, another will feel it. He was made on Planet Glyph to keep watch over other planets, and the red diamond on his head is among the vanished glyphs of that planet. Dolugh is a creature that is inquisitive and who also possesses unexpected intelligence. And during the remote control case, he had an update and got wings. His abilities function by having Chat plan the attack and having Dolugh carry it out.

Chuta Kokonose: a second-year Shirobori Middle School pupil aged fourteen. Chips helped him join élDLIVE, and today he works as a Rank 1 officer in the Criminal Investigation Department’s Division 2 in the Solar System District station. His teammates are Chips and Misuzu Sonokata, a classmate of his. In addition, he has been a symbiotic host to a Monitalien called Dolugh, who is revealed to be the voice only he has been able to hear since he was a young child. Because he blames himself for a past incident in which four of his mates died after falling off a cliff, Chat initially presents as a very reclusive, socially awkward boy with low self-confidence and no friends. He is also isolated from his peers due to his propensity to converse with a voice in his head.

Misuzu Sonokata: Chuta’s Division 2 teammate and the classmate sent to watch him. She is a Rank 3 official and very serious about her work. She excels academically and is well-liked by boys. She joined élDLIVE because she defied her father’s instructions to go along the route he had planned for her. She participated in a study known as the Taklimakan Project, whereby patients have SPH organs inserted into them. As a result, she lost memories from the previous six months. She must take medicines to prevent the lingering ailments that the surgery also left behind. Still, she is unaware of their true purpose and mistakenly believes they are medications for environmental adaptation.

Laine Brick: the Solar System Bureau Chief. He covers his artificial eye with an eyepatch. He exudes a warm, carefree disposition yet hints at a more enigmatic, cunning side. However, he has a great deal of concern for his staff. The one who is aware of Misuzu’s past is him. It is implied that he swiftly attained his position despite his youth due to other factors.

Dr. Love: a brilliant researcher whose full name is Taklamakan Strange Love. He has made significant contributions to elDLIVE, which has made many criminals despise him and forced him to flee to Earth before remaining under the control of the Solar System agency. Despite being 500 years old, he currently has a teenage boy’s appearance thanks to a self-performed rejuvenation procedure. He oversaw the Taklamakan Project, which involved giving individuals SPH organs to alter their personalities.

Where To Watch elDLIVE?

For the elDLIVE animation series fans, the elDLIVE season 1 is available on Crunchyroll for streaming. As the elDLIVE Season 2 release date is uncertain, we cannot see it anywhere.

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