Abish Mathew Net Worth: Is He Very Rich?

Who doesn’t know Abish Mathew? the name is worth remembering for sure, and even if don’t remember him by the name you do remember him by the show Son Of Abish. This show slowly pulled him towards fame and prominence in the industry. Abish Mathew is a stand-up comedian and not only a stand-up comedian but one of the best in the market currently. He is more well known for the shows he has done than for his stand-up comedy shows. He has been in this career for quite a long time now and he has done shows almost everywhere. His show tickets go very high priced and he is worth watching.

If you still don’t know who he is, you just need to go and search for him on your YouTube app and we can surely say that you will identify him because clips from his shows are all over the internet and social media of his celebrity interactions are something people die to watch for. Now something that is very unique about Abish is that he originally thought of being an RJ, for those of you who don’t know RJ stands for radio jockey and every Indian does know the name Red FM, one of the most popular radio stations of India, and Abish actually used to work there however his work in the “All India Bakchod” show just brought him a different level of prominence in the industry. We also know many other big names from this show such as Tanmay Bhatt and others

Now many people have been very curious about what the net worth of Abish Mathew is and is he really the richest stand-up comedian out there? No, he may not be the richest out there but he is one of the most successful ones, and thus his net worth stands much above any other stand-up comic out there. The amount may even end up shocking many people just like it shocked us and now the stand-up comedy profession does surely look prosperous to many.

Abish Mathew Net Worth

Abish Mathew Net Worth

Abish Mathew is one of the most successful stand-up comedians of the present day and doesn’t really do many shows. However, when he does, they go all fully booked and people do love to see him perform which brings him quite a large amount of money. His foreign sales are huge and other than that he has got his own YouTube channel which has got a huge reach and his videos do contribute a lot to his earnings. Now we also know that he has been a great host throughout his life and he has recently hosted many shows which have again contributed a lot to his net worth, and now his net worth just looks massive and that’s quite acceptable seeing he is always in the company of big stars, calling them on his shows and interacting them in such a level. Now we know that readers have been waiting to know the actual amount of his net worth and we won’t beat around the bush any longer. His net worth stands at approximately 1.5 million dollars which is just a huge amount for a stand-up comedian and much more than any of the other stand-up comics earn.

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Abish Mathew Early Life

Abish Mathew was born in Kerala and he is a Catholic Christian, he was born on the 28th of February 1987 and he did his schooling in New Delhi at a school named Fr. Agnel School then he studied history from a college under the University of Delhi and he was quite a moderate student. After completing his studies, he decided to work as an RJ for Red FM and he was quite good at his job but he soon got the chance to become a host for AIB and that was the start of his stand-up career.

Abish Mathew Professional Life

Abish studied history in college but he soon started working as an RJ for Red Fm, though being quite successful in that he decided to be a host for the AIB show and he was so humorous and fun that it marked the starting of his career as a stand-up comedian. He is very well known for his show son of Abish where he takes interviews many well-known celebrities and he has also hosted many well-known shows along with that he continues doing shows all over the world. He has also got a huge YouTube reach because of his stand-up videos.

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