Abhishek Upmanyu Net Worth: Is The Comedian Rich?

When it comes to the Indian stand-up comedy world, there have been very big names in the past, some have been regarded as the father of Indian stand-up and the list of comedians goes on and on. However, there are actually very few names that have been consistent over the past couple of years and their fan base has gone growing and grown. Among these few stand-up comedians, a big name has been Abhishek Upmanyu. A very successful stand-up comedian and a scriptwriter for many popular shows, Abhishek has been regarded as one of the most talented YouTubers as well as stand-up comedians of this time. He is very well known for his unique way of talking along with his laughter which will just make you laugh at his jokes. From an early age only, according to his friends, he has been a great speaker and he has handled audiences well, and they have all been in love with his humor sense which was quite different and on a much higher level than anyone they knew. Now another thing about Abhishek Upmanyu is that he hasn’t changed a bit and he has been a very down-to-earth person even after achieving so much fame and he surely has got quite a huge net worth when it comes to the stand-up comedy industry.

Though Abhishek hasn’t been a very public person, he has been active on social media but doesn’t like to share much about his personal life, we have brought answers to almost all your questions which you all have flooded us with. We will start with his net worth which has been the most asked question because, in recent years, it has been seen to be rising at a great pace. To know more about one of the most talented stand-up comedians do continue reading this article till the end.

Abhishek Upmanyu Net Worth

Abhishek Upmanyu Net Worth

For those of who have been following Abhishek do know from where he started his career. He was initially not a stand-up comedian and at the early stages, he was actually an engineer, he had worked in many IT sector companies and was quite good in it but he thought of being a writer and doing something new and slowly got his chance to become a writ for the show “AIB”  or as it stands” All India Bakchod”. This show used to have many eminent celebrities in the stand-up world and was quite a successful one. Now after this we have come to know that Abhishek soon realized his potential as a stand-up comedian and he started doing shows which were absolutely hit and contributed much to his net worth. We also know that he has quite some earnings from his YouTube career which has also been going quite great for quite some time now and from some sources we have heard that abhiseka Upmanyu is quite into investing his money. Now when it comes to the net worth of Abhishek Upmanyu it stands at a huge 1-million-dollar mark, which is quite shocking when it is converted to Indian money it is approximately more than 7.5 crore rupees.

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Abhishek Upmanyu Early Life

Abhishek Upmanyu was born on the 19th of May 1990 and currently, he is 32 years old. He was born in a middle-class family in New Delhi and he has done his schooling at St Xavier’s high school in Chandigarh. He has a sibling, a sister whose name is Visakha Upmanyu. From an early age, only Abhishek has been a very jolly kid and he was quite different from others. he was a complete extrovert and loved to lead his life his own way. He did his college at Punjab University Chandigarh and he graduated with a degree in chemical engineering.

Abhsiehk Upmanyu Professional Life

Abhishek graduated with a degree in chemical engineering as we have already told and soon, he started working for various IT sector companies. However, after some time, he decided he needs to do what he wants and started writing for All India Bakchod. The show turned out to be quite a hit and he started his own career as a stand-up as well as a YouTuber soon enough. He started doing shows all over India and went on many tours and soon we see him achieve a lot of fame in this sector.

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