Song Kang Girlfriend: Is The Actor Single Or Dating Right Now?

The popular South Korean actor Song Kang is not just an actor but also one of the most eligible bachelors in Korea. He is recognized for his roles in television series like Nevertheless, Sweet Home, Forecasting Love And Weather, and Love Alarm. He was born on 23rd April 1994 in Suwon, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He graduated in acting from Konkuk University, department of film arts. Most of his series are released on Netflix, and most of them are Netflix Originals which is why he is also called the “Son of Netflix” by the South Korean audience. His first debut as a lead role was also made by a Netflix original.

As Song Kang is a young and popular actor who gained a lot of fame in recent years. Everyone is always interested in knowing about his personal life especially when it comes to his dating life. So here is what we know about the actor’s current relationships and previous love affairs.

Song Kang Girlfriend

Song Kang is often linked with many women in the industry. He is definitely one of the most handsome actors in South Korea which makes it difficult to believe that he is single. The 28-year-old actor is currently known to be single. He is not dating anyone although there are a lot of rumors that he is dating his co-star Han So Hee. The two of them appeared together in a romantic drama Nevertheless, people loved their chemistry and the drama became a big hit after which everyone got suspicious that Song Kang and Han So Hee are dating each other. But the rumors are not true as Song Kang is single for now.

Talking about relationships, Song Kang has often mentioned that he is a very shy type of person. He also mentioned that he had a crush on a girl in High School but he was too shy to admit his feelings and never talked to that girl about it. Later, he said that he is so shy that he needs to get drunk to admit his feelings to any girl he likes. Listening to this, it feels like Song Kang is a completely different person compared to his character Nevertheless where he was a great flirt and a playboy. But it seems like Song Kang is really a sweet, innocent, and shy kind of a man in real life.

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Song Kang’s Dating History

Being such a successful actor Song Kang has been linked with some women in and outside the industry. Although his agency never officially confirmed any of his relationships or any of his girlfriends, neither did Song Kang ever comment on his dating life. But here are some dating rumors about Song Kang which might be true.

Song Kang And Blackpink’s Jennie

Song Kang Girlfriend

Jennie is one of the most famous kpop stars, she is a member of the most famous Korean female kpop group Blackpink. She is also an actress who appeared in the 2018 K-drama Village Survival: The Eight Back. Song Kang and Jennie were the main cast members of Village Survival, it is said that both of them used to meet regularly during the shoot of the show. The chemistry between Jennie and Song Kang was loved so much that people wanted another show with both of them as the lead cast. The people who used to be on sets reported that both of them had very cute interactions with each other and used to have a lot of fun in between the shoots.

It was after this, that Song Kang and Jennie were rumored to be dating each other. After watching them as a couple in the show people started pairing both of them as real-life couples. Although neither Song Kang nor Jennie ever mentioned or hinted at their relationship so it might have never existed and is just a creation of fan’s fantasies.

Song Kang And Han So Hee

Song Kang Girlfriend

As we mentioned, Song Kang and Han So Hee appeared in the drama Nevertheless in 2021. The drama became an instant success as it displays beautiful chemistry between the two. The drama portrays Song Kang as a man who never wants to be in a commitment and is always seen flirting with different women whereas Han So Hee plays the role of Yu Na-Bi, a woman who does not believe in love and she has always been into serious commitments only.

A lot of behind-the-scenes videos went viral where fans noticed the cute real-life interaction between the two actors, these cute interactions ignited the rumors that the two must be dating. When Han So Hee was asked about working with Song Kang she said that Song Kang is a very bright and warm person. In one of the interviews, Song Kang also mentioned about Han So Hee has a very refreshing personality who does everything with perfection.

In June, a random picture of Han So Hee standing with a man went viral. As the man in the picture was not clear, people started assuming that the man in that picture is Song Kang. Not just the fans but also a lot of media houses also thought that Han So Hee was on a date with Song Kang in the picture. But both of them did not say anything about the rumors. Later Han So Hee’s co-star Moon Sang Min shared a clear version of the same picture on his social media account tagging Han So Hee and clearing the rumors that he is the one who is standing with Han So Hee.

Both Song Kang and Han So Hee never commented on their relationship status. So it has never been officially confirmed if both of them were dating during the days of Nevertheless, but they are definitely not dating for now.

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Song Kang’s Ideal Type

In one of the interviews, Song Kang mentioned what would be his ideal type and what kind of life partner he wants. He said that he would like to have a girlfriend who is warm-hearted and helpful, it should be someone who will match his vibe, will be able to take his silly jokes, and obviously, someone who is easy to communicate with. He also mentions that he is attracted to women who seem warm and kind at a first impression.

In one of his interviews that he gave during the promotions of Love Alarm, he mentioned that he would be moved by a girl who is open to expressing her feelings as he is not that good at expressing his feelings. The woman in his life would teach him to express his feelings as he is not that good at it. When Song Kang was asked about his dream date in the same interview, he said that whenever he finds his ideal type he will take her to his favorite Cafe and they will chat for a while to know each other better. This is Song Kang’s take on relationships, his perfect date, and his ideal type.

Song Kang Career

Song Kang Girlfriend

The actor made his debut in 2017 with the television series The Liar And His Lover, he played a supporting role in this comedy romantic. Later in the same year, he played a supporting role in Men In The Kitchen, a family drama. He also appeared in music videos like Sweet Summer Night by The Ade and Love Story by Suran. In 2018 he joined the cast of Village Survival in a lead role opposite Jennie.

Finally in 2019 Song started appearing in K-Dramas in the lead role. He was cast in the romantic series Love Alarm, which was a Netflix original. Song Kang was selected for a lead role out of 900 people who were interviewed. Love alarm became a big hit and was listed in Netflix’s top releases of the year. He played the role of a high school boy who falls in love with his best friend’s crush. In 2022, he was a part of another Netflix original Sweet Home, a horror series based on a webtoon. The series of Song Kang also became a hit with 22 million household views on Netflix. Song Kang was nominated as the best new actor at the 57th Baeksang Arts Award for his work in Sweet Home. After the success of Sweet Home, he became popular among the audience.

Song was in the cast of Love Alarm season 2 which was released on Netflix on March 12, 2021. He was seen playing the same role in the second season as well. He played another role opposite Han So Hee in the Netflix drama Nevertheless which portrays the romantic relationship between both of them. The drama was released in 2021. Song Kang’s most recent work includes Forecasting Love Ann Weather which was released in 2022. He played a lead role opposite Park Min Yong in the JTBC drama.

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