Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Most of us have already heard about this anime series and even if we haven’t and are just reading this article because of the quirky name of this anime series. wouldn’t it actually be great if we were able to rent a girlfriend for ourselves? and many otakus may end up relating a lot with this though? Now coming to the main topic that is rent a girlfriend is exactly about the same thing which the title has mentioned and it’s a slice of life anime, thus it has got a huge fan base among all anime fans because we all know slice of life is the most famous anime genre of all time. Now for those who don’t know anything about this anime’s writer and origin, the anime series is actually adapted from a manga series of the same title which is written by Reiji Miyajima. Here’s what we know about Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date.

The manga series has been running for a long time now and we don’t see an end coming very soon to this series, and it has also been a quite successful series with a huge fanbase for the manga series lonely. Other than this anime series has only given us two seasons yet and a lot of fans all over the world have been waiting for the third season of this anime. The first season was an absolute hit and the second season which is currently running is expected to be quite great, and the critic’s comment for this shoe has been out of almost all positive. The IMDb ratings of this anime series are which are quite amazing and if you love classic shy bot animes, slowly falling in love this one is for you.

Now coming to the main question that our readers have flooded us with is regarding the release dates and the renewal of Rent A Girlfriend for season 3. The answer to your question hasn’t yet been confirmed from the maker’s side, but according to us and the amount of content this anime series has in the manga, along with the success this anime series has already achieved, we should expect a third season of the show.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date

The manga series from which this anime has been adapted came out in the year 2017 and to date has got 26 volumes which is a huge number the first season of the show comprises only the first 6 volumes and it came out on the 11th of July 2020 and had 12 episodes in total. The second season of the show has made its release on the 2nd of July 2022 and this season is also expected to continue for about 10-12 episodes just like the previous season. Now as we have been told we haven’t received any updates regarding the renewal of the show for a third season and even if it happens following the production time the previous season took, we are surely not getting it before the end of 2023 or early 2024. However, this is just a probability and we will have to wait a little longer for the makers to confirm this news for us.

Name Of The ShowRent A Girlfriend
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreSlice of Life
Rent A Girlfriend Season 1 Release Date11 July, 2020
Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Story

The story that has been followed till now is of Kazuya Kinoshita, a shy guy who is all of a sudden dumped by his girlfriend, and now being very desperate he ends up trying a dating app and renting a girlfriend for himself and her name is Chizuru. The story goes quite nicely with certain ups and downs and the dating period seems to work very well, till the point they both realize that they live next to each other and also go to the same school. Now in the second season, we will see that Kazuya slowly realizes that he has been falling in love with Chizuru, and season 3 of the show is expected to mainly depict the complications between their relationship and just them taking it to the next level.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Trailer

As we have told, we haven’t received a green light for the third season of the anime yet and the release dates of the show have also not been confirmed yet, and thus we also haven’t received a trailer for the show yet. However, the trailer for the previous season is available online.

Where Can We Watch Rent A Girlfriend Season 3?

The anime series will be available on most of the famous online anime streaming sites just like any other anime and for the latest updates, do keep an eye on Crunchyroll.

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