The Best Seasons Of Big Brother: Season 9 Tops The List!

The CBS reality show “Big Brother” has established itself as a midsummer institution. The series, which is an adaptation of the well-known international franchise of the same name, focuses on a group of people who are isolated inside a home. Every week, the house guests must contend for control and safety, adjust to the unique game-changing events of each season, and evict one another until only one is left to win the $500,000 prize. Either on the show’s weekly broadcasts or its constantly updated live streams, viewers can keep up with their favourite houseguests. Since its premiere in 2000, the series has broadcast 24 seasons and given rise to two spin-off programs: the online-only “Big Brother: Over the Top” and the celebrity-studded “Celebrity Big Brother.” The show’s twenty-fourth season debuted on July 6, 2022. Numerous notable houseguests have visited the home during the franchise’s existence and had a significant influence on the program. Even if some seasons of “Big Brother” are undoubtedly superior to others, each one offers something fresh. So let’s explore the Best Seasons Of Big Brother.

Season 9

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

There is only one season of the main series that is broadcast in the winter, and that is Season 9. Because the season began around Valentine’s Day, the main twist had a romantic theme and paired the 16 new houseguests with their “soulmates” for the first half of the game. The surprise was wasted on one of the show’s most dislikeable ensembles, even if it appeared ingenious on paper, especially in light of the season’s inclusion of houseguests who had previously been in relationships. Much of the season was marred by negativity due to the constant bickering among the houseguests, especially because several of the pairs seemed to be deliberately mismatched to generate drama. Reality television fights are typically exciting, but this season’s fights were difficult to watch because they involved incredibly offensive personal attacks. When those awful fights are coupled with very engaging gaming, it is not surprising that none of the houseguests from this season have been invited back.

Season 8

Meeting someone from your past can be quite difficult, particularly if the relationship didn’t work out. Undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable situations one might encounter. But for people on the outside, it was pure amusement. With the addition of three houseguests who each had someone from their past in the cast, Season 8 gave us a glimpse of a couple of these instances. This featured the father-daughter duo Dick Donato and Daniele, who stood out more than the rest due to their trainwreck situation. Daniele and Dick had not spoken to one another in a long time, and they were almost strangers to the other residents of the house. At first, their newly formed bond and shared desire to win the game appeared to be the magic formulas that would lead them to a happy ending, but that was before Dick became evil. His strategy of awkwardly intimidating the other residents of the house to advance in the game eventually involved his estranged daughter. But there were plenty of other funny moments during the season. America’s Player, a brand-new segment of the game that the program debuted, required participant Eric Stein to perform game maneuvers and practical jokes that were entirely dictated by home viewers. Some of the funniest and most amusing moments we’ve ever seen on Big Brother came from these tasks.

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Season 7 

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

We got to see the first-ever Big Brother All-Star cast during the summer of Season 7. The best players from the previous six seasons, including the now-famous Season 2 duo of Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, were brought back to compete once more. The fact that no one was a novice player this time was the best aspect of the game. Every participant had learned how to handle specific tactics and social games the first time around, and now they were all prepared to demonstrate to America how they had improved as players. Since nobody’s plan coincided with anyone else’s, there was still a ton of drama and backstabbing to enjoy for the audience. The Power of Veto players was chosen at random for the first time during this season, which eliminated any possibility of the nominees or Head of Household adopting predictable strategies.

Season 10

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

Although Season 10 of the main series is the shortest, it is still filled with a ton of awesome moments. With no game-changing events or prior ties for the houseguests to deal with, season 10 was dubbed the “back-to-basics” season. While a brief twist was introduced towards the start, Season 10 was primarily focused on strategy. The season profited immensely from this practical approach because it made the gameplay stand out more than in any previous season.

The fact that Season 10 had some of the best players and one of the best wins certainly helped. Dan Gheesling, Keesha Smith, April Dowling, Jessie Godderz, Michelle Costa, and Renny Martin are a few of the season’s more recognizable names. These residents are still among the most enduring characters in the show since they contributed significantly to its ferocious melodrama, blindsides, and power struggles. Keesha’s birthday party, which featured one of the longest and most intense fights in the history of the show, is unquestionably the highlight of the season.

Season 2

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

In order to fix all the flaws that made Season 1 somewhat uninteresting, some regulations were altered after the first season. For instance, it may surprise you to learn that the first time around neither the now-coveted title of Head of Household nor the jury votes determined the winner. However, in Season 2, when Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin created their strongest alliance, the game genuinely changed to one of strategy. Because of how well they worked together, pretty much every two-person partnership has been and will always be compared to that level of cooperation. According to some, this was the first instance of a reality program “social game” ever seen on primetime television. Dr. Will demonstrated that you can still advance in the game despite never having won a Head of Household contest since he was able to persuade everybody that he deserved to be in the grand finals.

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Season 17

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

The best season in recent years is unquestionably this one. This season included some of the most intriguing and engaging action, despite the fact that many of the fans’ favorite players were gone too soon. The twin twist was once again used, but this time the twins were unable to conceal it. In an unexpected turn of events, the twins managed to get out of this predicament and forge an alliance that kept them in the game rather than having them eliminated. Fans laughed and supported Da’Vonne, Jason, Jackie, and James since they were the underdogs. With her outrageous pranks, Audrey made history and, had she slowed down, might have been a Big Brother mastermind. Vanessa controlled the game by manipulating the entire home. Additionally, this season included two of the biggest blindsides ever: Steve evicting Vanessa and Vanessa evicting Austin, who was so sure he was staying that he left the house barefoot and without any belongings.

Season 12

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

The best seasons of “Big Brother” feature a cast that is engaging enough to deliver not only fantastic entertainment but also reliable gameplay that produces unexpected weekly twists. Season 12’s houseguests were very liked and uncontroversial, including newly added fan favorites Rachel Reilly and Britney Haynes, yet they fell short on both counts. The Brigade, a group of four players who made up this season’s exclusive emphasis, consisted of Enzo Palumbo, Lane Elenburg, Matt Hoffman, and Hayden Moss. This group dominated the game from the beginning to the end, managing virtually every nomination and eviction without ever being in danger of being eliminated. The Brigade easily advanced to the finals without any significant opposition from the other house guests, guaranteeing a straightforward season.

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Season 20

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

Due to the power of its entirely new ensemble, Season 20 was a positive stride after Season 19 left many fans unsatisfied. Tyler Crispen, Bayleigh Dayton, Angela Rummans, Faysal Shafaat, Kaycee Clark, Scottie Salton, Sam Bledsoe, and Kaitlyn Herman were just a few of the notable gamers and celebrities who appeared in this chapter. The interactions between these housemates contributed to making this season one of “Big Brother’s” most surprising and entertaining ones. This was aided by the fact that the house was divided into two rival alliances that fought for dominance each week, resulting in a number of big surprises and upsets over the first half of the game. Season 20 wasn’t great in all respects. The game lacked momentum due to one alliance’s dominance in the second half and its lackluster technology-themed shocks. However, the show’s 20th season is still one of its best.

Season 21

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

There was a lot of intolerance and hate in the air even if the controversies from Season 21 were not as serious as those from Season 15. Many of the season’s houseguests of color were alienated and kicked out by the dominating alliance known as Gr8ful during the first half of the game, and some even experienced discriminatory remarks said behind their backs. Another resident, Nicole Anthony, has accused Gr8ful of bullying her by using derogatory language and turning the entire home against her from the beginning. Racism issues with the season were always present, but they were worsened by the Day 1 Camp Director twist, in which one houseguest was picked to recommend four other houseguests for potential elimination. The competition-based variations of the season, such as America’s Field Trip and the Whacktivity Comp, barely changed the nature of the game as a whole.

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Season 4

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

Season 4 was significant because it brought a number of firsts for the competitive side of the show that would later become commonplace. The X-Factor was the first season to feature a significant season-long twist, in which five of the houseguests had their past ex-lovers enter the competition. Despite how significant these changes were, the season still has some issues. Many of the other house guests, aside from the season’s antagonists Jun Song and Alison Irwin, were unmemorable. Furthermore, the exes twist didn’t offer nearly as much amazing drama as it may have. In spite of this, the tactical game was strong, and the power alignments were changed by a few unanticipated votes and shakeups, including first color winner in the sequence.

Season 6

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

Many believed that this season was when Big Brother really found its footing. Everything a fan could want was in Season 6: conflicting alliances, tough rivalry, and a clever twist involving secret partners participating in the game throughout. Yes, each contender had a private pair that they kept to themselves in the house. Before the game ever began, each competitor had their own hidden mini-alliance, ranging from ex-lovers to neighbors. Once the secret was out, these relationships didn’t endure very long, although it was entertaining to observe while they did. One of the first significant alliance conflicts in the show’s history occurred this summer. When the Friendship alliance and a gang calling themselves the Sovereign Six clashed, fans were forced to choose which team to support.

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Season 11

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

Despite the fact that Season 11 didn’t have as many twists as Season 18, it was turmoil from beginning to end. According to their high school cliques, the 12 new house guests were first divided into four teams: Athletes, Brains, Offbeat Crowd, and Popular Kids. Jessie Godderz from season 10 joined the Athletes group this year. The final significant shock was the Coup d’Etat, a unique ability granted to one houseguest by viewers to unseat a Head of Household and replace the nominees on eviction night. This season of “Big Brother” was one of the most turbulent in the franchise’s history due to a combination of all these elements.

Season 13

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

Similar to Season 8, how much you appreciate watching a tiny group dominate the others will determine how much you’ll enjoy Season 13. Eight new houseguests were partnered up to battle against three previous season duos: Dick and Daniele Donato from Season 8, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas from Season 12, and Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from Season 11. The twist appeared to be intended to favor the seasoned players, and that is exactly what transpired. For the entirety of the first half of the season, the returning partners took control and outperformed the newcomers by swiftly aligning and using their in-depth understanding of the sport. Additionally, the fact that hardly any of the newcomers stood out among the crowd didn’t help. Season 13 was still a lopsided contest despite dissension among the returning players, a surprising comeback from the newcomers in the second half, and a few good fights.

Season 3

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

Speaking about the “Power of Veto,” Season 3 saw the debut of that particular competition. All nominated house guests had the chance to save themselves from elimination from this point forward. The participants’ fate for the week could now unexpectedly alter on a dime, taking the game to a whole new level. Surprisingly, this Season’s “Power of Veto” competition had the most stunning outcome in the show’s history out of all those that were played in the future. In this situation, participant Marcellas Reynolds chose to cede control in order to save someone else rather than himself, which ultimately brought about the end of his game. Season 3 also saw a difference in how the jury was treated once they were kicked out of the house. As opposed to the first two seasons, this season’s contestants were sequestered until the show’s finale instead of going home and waiting for the season to end which caused final votes to be affected by diary room confessionals that they could view at home.

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Season 14

The Best Seasons Of Big Brother

The Season 12 candidates were divided into four teams by the producers in an effort to shake things up (also known as expecting the unexpected). Every team received a coach, who just so happened to be a former All-Star Big Brother contestant. Former players Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and Britney Haynes were tasked with mentoring and coaching the rookies while strategizing and preparing their own routes to victory. The coaches attempted to combine the roles of mentor and manipulator to advance themselves as far as possible, highlighted by Dan’s ruthless and occasionally repulsive tactics. However, the jury members thought Dan had gone too far, and they made it clear to him as he competed against Ian Terry, a fan favorite. Willie Hantz, Russell Hantz’s brother, was booted out of the competition for mauling another house guest during this season’s competition, one of the show’s rare production company exits.

Season 5

This season’s twist had viewers scratching their heads. Not only did we get to see the first set of rival siblings in the cast, but no one outside of our house even knew about it! That’s correct, in this twist, two identical twins switched in and out of the competition without the other players seeing. This game-curveball didn’t require too much technique, but it was funny to watch each twin manage discussions they weren’t the original participants in. The first “backdoor” vote, which is a voting tactic in which the two first nominated houseguests are not the intended victims for eviction, was introduced in Season 5 along with the twin twist. The Season 5 contestants Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon and Marvin Latimer discovered a means to alter the winner of the Veto award in order to replace said winner with their intended objective, changing the way future contestants manage their voting strategies. After that, veto competitions were never the same.

Season 22

The production chose to do something unique for their COVID-19 delayed season, bringing back the All-Star format for a reprise, after a full fourteen seasons had passed. The two “old school” players who returned were Janelle and Kaysar, but more contemporary luminaries like Tyler Crispen, Keesha Smith, and Memphis Garrett also did. On the final night, Cody Calafiore ultimately prevailed over Enzo Palumbo by a unanimous vote. It was thrilling to watch from beginning to end, with Cody pulling off a spectacular season reminiscent of his partner in crime from season 16, Derrick Levasseur, and a cast that included so many fan favorites.

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Season 18

More praise should be given to this season. Fans were thrilled to see Da’Vonne, Nicole, Frank, and James, four adored veterans, return to the game. Tiffany and Paulie, two siblings of previous house visitors, were also cast members. The funny in-house antics and diary room sessions from Da’Vonne’s time in the house cannot be forgotten, despite the fact that fans would have preferred to see her stay longer. Victor is another; he is a novice who twice succeeded in fighting his way back into the house. Despite the fact that James didn’t make as many moves as he did in season 17, many fans still found it enjoyable to see his friendship with Natalie, another houseguest, develop. Paul firmly established himself as one of the most talented Big Brother contestants in recent memory. The brawl between Paulie and Da’Vonne is the best jury part we have ever seen. Fans were on the edge of their seats during the final vote as Nicole, the only veteran to ever win the game, faced Paul, a deserved newcomer.

Season 16

Particularly when contrasted with the polarizing and unpleasant cast of Season 15, the houseguests from Season 16 were downright lovely. Strong personalities featured this season included fan favorites Donny Thompson and Zach Rance, prospective returners Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel, and powerful gamers Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande (the brother of singer Ariana Grande). Simply put, it’s unfortunate that such a gifted squad was wasted on such a lackluster season. When it comes to a single person or alliance controlling the entire game, Season 16 was one of the worst offenders. The Bomb Squad alliance, which was afterward referred to as The Detonators, was unbeatable and controlled the game from beginning to end.

Season 1

Any reality show will experience difficulties during its initial season. There was no exception during “Big Brother’s” first season. It was very different from the strategic game the series is currently known for. During this season, 10 house guests shared homes while completing weekly duties to increase their income and privileges. Each week, each inhabitant nominated two people for expulsion, with the two receiving the most votes going out. Then, viewers cast ballots for the houseguest they wanted to see go and for the contestant they thought would win. The format that is most frequently associated with the initial international release was not successful in the United States. This season swiftly lost its appeal to critics and viewers, especially given its uninspired cast. In actuality, “Chicken” George Boswell, who returned to participate in the inaugural All-Stars season, was the only houseguest from this season to make an appearance a second time. Future seasons of the franchise were able to redeem themselves by switching up the formula and introducing weekly contests and prizes to liven things up.

Season 15 

Speaking of racial concerns, the 15th season of “Big Brother” garnered unfavourable headlines when several of the houseguests made racist statements against other contestants. The housemates who were at the centre of this dispute faced harsh criticism for their remarks and even lost their jobs outside of the game. The rest of the cast also struggled, as several of the more endearing houseguests were either evicted too quickly or failed to leave much of an impression. The houseguests’ pessimism casts a shadow over the proceedings, despite the season having a few good blindsides and contests. The gimmick for the season, where viewers voted each week to choose an MVP to covertly choose another house guest, also failed to impress. The plot twist appeared to be intended for Rachel Reilly’s sister, current house guest Elissa Slater, to win every week. In the end, nominations were made by the audience, but the harm had already been done. It appears that CBS would rather that people forget this season ever happened because no one from it has been asked back for a subsequent season.

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