Is My Daughter’s Killer Based On True Story?

This is a truly moving story about the father’s determination to take revenge on his daughter’s murder and expose her murderer for who he is. Not so long ago, I’m always stunned by how easy it is to escape what sex offenders were doing at the time. I am deeply grateful that this has changed in later years, and even strong men have to pay the price of crimes, preventing them from injuring more victims. Reminiscent of criminal nonfiction installations like The Staircase and Sophie: A Murder in West Cork, this French Netflix documentary has a very emotional core. It follows his father Andre Bamberski, who is fighting to bring his daughter’s murder to trial in France and Germany. In 1982, Karinka, the daughter of Andre, a Frenchman, died while living with her German stepfather, doctor, and serial rape criminal Dieter Krombach. International litigation law overturned Krombach’s conviction, and Bamberski took extreme steps to arrange for kidnapping.

Is My Daughter’s Killer Based On True Story?

Is My Daughter’s Killer Based On True Story?

The father has been struggling for decades to bring his daughter’s murderer to trial in France and Germany before resorting to extreme measures. A true crime documentary. It’s the worst nightmare for all parents-your daughter has been killed by her stepfather and no one seems ready to do the obvious. But that’s exactly what happened to Andre Bamberski, and my daughter Killer has recorded his nearly thirty years of quest for justice. Netflix’s criminal documentary records the extreme and admirable steps taken by accountants to ensure that the person responsible for the death of his beloved 14-year-old daughter, Karinka, gets what he deserves. When the filthy nature of bureaucracy, misogyny, and Dieter Krombach led to a nasty amount of stone carving, Bamberski finally solved the problem with his own hands. Karinka Bambelski was the eldest son of Andre and Daniel Bambelski. They will later have a son named Nicholas. Andre and Daniel eventually divorced violently after having an affair with their neighbour, Dr. Dieter Krombach has begun.

After the divorce, the children moved with Krombach’s own two children, Boris and Diana, and lived with Daniel and Krombach in Lindau, Germany. Early in the morning of July 10, 1982, paramedics were called into her family’s home with Karinka, now 14 years old, who was lying unresponsive to her bed. Rescuers pointed out that she was already in rigor mortis upon arrival, suggesting that she had died for some time. Krombach admitted that she tried to inject calcium and iron, believing she had sunstroke. This is not a typical remedy, so I found it strange. The fitting teenager dies without any health problems that cause sudden death and is remembered as a brilliantly smiling young girl.

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My Daughter’s Killer Story

Things began to get out of hand in March 1997 when Krombach was accused of raping a patient under the age of 16 in the clinic. He was sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence and his license was revoked. However, he continued to work secretly as an assistant, and after his doctor’s license was forged, he travelled unnoticed to Germany. After he was happy to give a television interview to a local press about the arrest, he appeared in my father’s daughter and commented on the chilling content. He made inappropriate comments about her on her arrival and joked at the camera about her child who was later raped. Later, another woman came forward and claimed to have them take medicine with an injection of iron before he was raped in his care. By this time, he was also a French wanted man, indicting him in the absence of Karinka’s tort and issuing a 15-year warrant.

There he was protected from his surrender after being declared innocent by a court in Munich. In 2006, the librarian discovered that Krombach continued to receive medical care throughout Germany, even though he did not have a medical license. Their findings meant that he was arrested and arrested by authorities, just as he appeared to be fleeing the country.

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Is My Daughter’s Killer Based On True Story?

In 2011, Dieter Krombach was sentenced to 15 years in France for “physical harm from accidental murder” rather than murder because he could not prove that he wanted to kill Karinka. He was released and made several attempts to appeal to his beliefs while maintaining his innocence but failed. He was released from prison for medical reasons on February 22, 2020, nine years later, and died in Germany on September 12, 2022, seven months later. To date, 16 women have opposed him for sexual assault.

Where To Watch My Daughter’s Killer?

Fans can watch the My Daughter’s Killer on Netflix.

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