25 Best Red Hair Anime Characters That Are Interesting!

There isn’t really a rational definition for anime hair. Many anime characters have had their hair completely redone as a result of powerups or other bizarre events. However, when it comes to primary colors, several characteristics are shared by characters that have them regularly. Real red-haired people tend to be passionate, daring, hot-headed, assertive, seductive, combative, and energetic. It’s not a requirement, but generally speaking, red is connected with hot-headed, somewhat aggressive, and enthusiastic male personalities. The same characteristics apply to female redheads, but their facial expressions are typically more restrained. So let us dive into the article to explore the best red-haired characters. 


The southern lair of Orochimaru was guarded by Karin. She was in charge of upholding order, keeping an eye on the detainees, and helping Orochimaru with a few of his experiments. Sasuke brings Suigetsu Hzuki to the South Lair after killing Orochimaru in order to incorporate him into his team “Hebi” and utilize his chakra-sensing skills.

She was initially hesitant to accompany Sasuke because of her duty as a guard, but after Suigetsu frees the inmates and she is left with Sasuke by herself, her attitude will drastically alter. She will attempt to get him to leave Suigetsu so that they may both go alone because she is attracted to the latter.

She will claim to want to “travel in the same way” when the latter returns in order to follow them. She will head to a relatively nearby area to look for information on Itachi after enlisting Jgo. Sasuke is battling Deidara in the meantime. The remainder of the team will seek refuge at an inn after discovering Sasuke in a mess. The Konoha ninjas will then be felt pursuing by Karin.  Karin, a resident of Kusa, took part in the chnin exam where she met Sasuke, who while she was isolated from her comrades defended her against a bear in the “Forest of Death.” Yet, this information is first revealed in the manga’s second chapter. She encountered Orochimaru soon after passing the chnin exam, according to a special segment of the anime, who had saved her from two guys who were trying to kill her so they could sell her body on the black market.

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Sora is the ideal illustration of an anime character with red hair. He is Shiro’s older brother and the other half of one of anime’s most dynamic duos. He is a self-assured and occasionally cocky main character who will do anything to defend his sister. His commitment to raising her properly as a good brother to Shiro is one of his best qualities. Even under duress, he has a quick thought process. He also possesses twisted logic, which has served him well throughout the anime series. Sora was raised to believe that people are helpless and foolish. But after meeting Shiro, he came to believe again in people. His only issue is that he always lacks confidence whenever he is apart from his sister. He is an incredibly devoted person who is always willing to assist in any way he can.


We have to award the all-time title to one of the most well-known female characters in the anime canon because there are literally hundreds of contestants in the category of “greatest redheads in anime.” Ash and company have been plagued by Jessie and her friends Meowth and James for about 25 years. Despite being a lousy thief and Pokemon trainer, she makes a fantastic villain. Her comic relief and inventiveness in devising clever Wil-E-Coyote-style schemes to steal Pokemon are delightful. If she knew she had won, she would undoubtedly sob before ranting at James about their next brilliant scheme.

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Yoshino Fujieda

The team’s senior member is Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda. She is self-reliant and regards her partners as big sisters. Yoshi struggles to believe in herself in the early episodes despite her advanced maturity. She had a very severe inferiority problem as a result of her older sisters, who she looked up to when she was younger. Her partner Lalamon, though, aids her in getting through this obstacle.


“Red-Haired” One of the most remarkable figures in the universe is Shanks. He has a long history of infamous piracy, earning the admiration of both pirates and the military. He is one of the four most infamous pirates in the New World, known collectively as the “Four Emperors of the Sea.” Despite his wild reputation, Shanks is actually a pretty laid-back person. He encountered a young Luffy while traveling to East Blue years before Luffy began his pirate, which is a big reason why our beloved main character is where he is in the narrative. In Marineford, where his intervention stopped more deaths on both sides, Shanks demonstrated his altruism and compassion.

Mito Jūjō

In the anime Seraph of the End, Mito Jj is a supporting figure. She is a colonel in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as well as a member of Guren’s squad. Mito can fight vampires with her fists because of her cursed gear. She takes part in the Battle of Shinjuku and subsequently, at the Ebina rest area, a practice match against Shinoa’s force. Additionally, Mito joins her team and a 100-man assault on Nagoya’s vampire nobility.


25 best red hair anime characters

Sasori is a rogue shinobi who left his village twenty years before the events of Naruto Shippuden. He is a part of the Akatsuki group. Sasori has the power to support his presence in the Akatsuki because of his infamous connections to some of the most powerful figures in the Naruto universe. He practices the puppetry ninjutsu skill, which enables him to master the control of puppets to a degree that is unmatched even by his grandmother Chiyo and Kankuro. He actually also made Kankuro’s puppets, which were imprinted with Sasori’s signature red scorpion. He clearly displayed the unusual strength typically associated with redheads in anime as a red-haired character.

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Mila Babicheva

25 best red hair anime characters

Individual female skater Mila Babicheva competes. Mila is a rather tall young woman with chin-length, wavy auburn hair that hangs down on her right side (an undercut starts just above her ear, though the shaved areas are typically hidden by the outer layers of hair), deep blue eyes, and pink lip gloss frequently. Despite having a small frame, Mila is very strong because she can lift Yuri Plisetsky over her head. Her typical training attire consists of a long-sleeved black top that reveals her waist, black slacks, and pink gloves. Mila is a thoughtful individual who watches out for her teammates. She is a force to be feared, though, if provoked.

When Mila discovered her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her, she beat him up, according to Yuri. Being with Mila is enjoyable since she has a good sense of humor and enjoys making fun of Yuri Plisetsky. She also makes fun of Georgi Popovich by viewing his short program.

Along with Victor Nikiforov, Georgi Popovich, and Yuri Plisetsky (Mila’s coworkers at the rink), she is a student of Yakov Feltsman. In the women’s international individual rankings, Mila is ranked third, ahead of Sara Crispino. Before the start of the series, it was revealed that Mila dated a hockey player, but their relationship ended.

Eijiro Kirishima 

Kirishima frequently appears in the series’ arcs and storylines as a Class 1A student. He has continually made his presence known and supported his students. He employs a hardening trick that enables him to stand his ground against the majority of his opponents. He was later given the capacity to increase the scope of his hardening quirk. With this form, Kirishima had a more monstrous appearance and an almost unbreakable ability. There seems to be more to see with where he goes from here because he has demonstrated a larger potential for progress.

Kirishima pays justice to their shared characteristics of being a loud and obnoxious guy as a red-haired character. Even in the face of formidable adversaries and powerful allies, his zeal is admirable.


25 best red hair anime characters

Chelsea was employed by a despicable viceroy who enjoyed hunting people. She started to grow nihilistic as a result of this persecution until she came across the Gaea Foundation, which had been placed in storage because no suitable owner could be identified. She murdered the Viceroy with the aid of the Teigu, and a compassionate and capable man took his place. She later enlisted in the Revolutionary Army after realizing that she had sparked change with her Teigu. She was placed under Babara Oreburg’s care at an unknown point and, along with Babara and her other student Taeko, was tasked with fighting for the Revolutionary Army against the Imperial Assassins.

Chelsea only spent a short time with Babara and Taeko because they were both soon killed by Gozuki and Akame, respectively, and Chelsea was captured by Gai’s debt collector when she pretended to be him to aid Taeko. After Taeko and Babara passed away, Chelsea and other Oarburgh family members arrived to take over Elite Seven. Chelsea and Gilberda traveled to observe Mermaid and an unidentified girl before the raid on Elite Seven. When Mermaid learned, she included Gill and Chelsea in her organization. Cassandra eventually joined them. Although Chelsea didn’t want to do it, she had the power.

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Erza Scarlet

Erza, one of the Fairy Tail guild’s most strong characters, is one of the first red-haired anime characters that brought attention to how unique and admirable these characters may be. She can employ a wide range of magical armors and a seemingly endless array of weaponry in the anime. Initially, Erza was a little timid and reserved in the guild, but with the aid of Gray and her relationship with Natsu, she was able to forge stronger bonds with her guildmates and become more confident in her ability to defend her comrades. Due to her strength and position as possibly the greatest character inside the Fairy Tail guild, she is one of the best red-haired characters.


A Black Bull member is Zora Ideale. He appears to be a ninja because of the leather mask he is wearing, which covers only part of his face and leaves his mouth exposed. Zora is cynical and grumpy, and he treats everyone with a great deal of disdain, including his teammates and nobility. His unpredictable nature and love of jokes are his key traits, aside from his disdain for everyone. He creates magical traps with skill and uses ash-based magic. He primarily employs traps that mirror other people’s magic and is capable of setting large-scale traps, which demand a corresponding amount of time, energy, and magic.

The first commoner to join the Magic Knights was his father Zara, who belonged to the Purple Orca. Zora learned that his father had been murdered by his own comrades after he died while on a mission because they could not stand the idea of a commoner hanging out with the aristocracy. He then starts his search for and eradication of all the tainted Magic Knights after maturing. Zora meets Yami while on the run, and she offers him a spot on her team. Zora keeps his robe nearby, but he chooses not to wear it as he goes about his task. He takes part in the Royal Knights election exam alongside Asta and Mimosa after beating Deputy Commander of the Purple Orca, Xerx Lugner, and taking over his position.


Gaara, a native of the sand village, was initially presented in the first Naruto series as a brutal and insane killer. He was a “cursed” child when he was born and shares Naruto’s past. Many people thought he was an unredeemable devil since he possessed the one-tailed beast within him. Gaara did, however, learn how to treat his tribe and his former Konoha opponents better as the episode progressed.

Gaara has always been a force to be reckoned with, as is customary for people with red hair. He’s demonstrated that he can defend against a sizable number of opponents with a nearly unbreakable degree of strength because of his sand. Later in the program, he can hone his skills and progress toward becoming Kazekage, the head of the sand village in the second Naruto manga volume.

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Battler Ushiromiya

He is the son of Rudolf and Asumu, the story’s primary protagonists. Rudolf quickly married Kyrie after she passed away while Battler was only 12 years old, angering his son. Battler planned to leave the family and join the family on the maternal side since he was unable to accept the fact that his father had betrayed his own wife. However, he was compelled to return to the Ushiromiya after the subsequent deaths of his maternal grandparents. This is his first visit to Rokkenjima after returning after six years. Although little perverted on the outside, he is really down to earth and approaches everything occult in a lighthearted manner.

For the Golden Witch Beatrice to convince him that these mysteries around Rokkenjima are the result of her power, she will need to convince him that they are. This is why he positions himself as the adversary when Beatrice challenges him at the end of Episode I.

Sho Hinakawa

25 best red hair anime characters

Sho, a guy in his 20s with a genius level of intelligence, is an enforcer in Division 01 of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Public Safety Bureau. He has significantly more understanding of hologram technology than his colleagues do. This is demonstrated by his capacity to discern that Kirito Kamui is using a hologram as a cover. Additionally, he has the ability to recognize certain narcotics when he comes across them.

He had a quiet temperament and a reserved demeanor, and he suffered from depression as a child. He developed a heroin addiction as a result, and he currently struggles with these challenges in addition to his duties as an enforcer. He is a redhead who exhibits some diversity among the group of redhead anime characters.

Rias Gremory

25 best red hair anime characters

She is Issei’s mistress and lover, the high school Madonna, and an admirable woman without boundaries. Her real name is Princess Crimson-Haired Ruin, and she is a member of the Gremory, one of the most ruthless demon families.

She is enrolled in high school as a part of a Japan-Scandinavia student exchange program, but in reality, she is the club’s president and runs it as a den for demons on her command. She is the one who commands the pieces that are directed by her, of which Issei is one, and she has the rank of “King” in the game of chess. She is a nearly unbeatable heroine who recognizes Issei’s enormous power right on and develops a strong interest in him as a result. Lord Sirzerch, one of the Demon Kings, is his actual brother. Both have the incredible capacity to annihilate any target thanks to their shared destructive capability. She discovers Issei dead, killed by a fallen angel, and holding a priceless Sacred Relic, and she resurrects him as her servant.

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Daisuke Motomiya

25 best red hair anime characters

The second season’s primary protagonist is Daisuke (Davis) Motomiya. By accident entering the Digital World door with T.K. and Kari, he learns about it. He displays his mettle with Veemon after using the emblem of Courage to awaken him, earning Tai’s appointment as the new group’s chosen leader. He is naturally arrogant and stubborn, madly in love with Kari (who, in reality, doesn’t reciprocate these feelings), and over time forges a close connection with his partner Digimon. 

Like his football idol Tai, he is incredibly skilled. He is adorned with miracles, friendship, and courage symbols. In the 25 years that follow, Davis raises a son who has a DemiVeemon and the same eyeglasses as his father. He also starts selling noodles.

Renji Abarai

25 best red hair anime characters

He spent his formative years in Rukongai, where he was born, and there he made friends with Rukia and Renji Abarai. Due to the Kuchiki family’s adoption of Rukia, they lost contact with one another.

He received a promotion to the rank of lieutenant in the 6th Division of the Gotei 13 just before Rukia left for the human world, which marked the beginning of Bleach.  Although he initially conceals it, he is very attached to Rukia. His greatest aspiration is to outperform Captain Kuchiki. Before that, he successfully completed Divisions 11 (taught by Zaraki Kenpachi) and 5. He gets along well with Captain Zaraki’s crew as well as Momo Hinamori and Kira Izuru, the 5th and 3rd Divisions’ lieutenants.

Ichigo is one of several of his buddies and acquaintances. Ichigo’s friends believe that Renji and he are cousins because he introduced them to each other in the anime, but the two are unable to stay together without fighting about anything or everything. His buddies believe they resemble each other quite a deal since he bites his fingers. However, they work well together and may even work as a team when fighting, especially when facing Aizen. Renji, on the other hand, enjoys making fun of Ichigo, and vice versa. Renji appears to take it as praise when Ishida compares him to Ichigo in the Hueco Mundo after a careless act that almost cost them their lives.

Satori Tendō

25 best red hair anime characters

Tend is upbeat and boisterous, though a little bit cynical. He likes to make fun of his rivals as well as his teammates, frequently making fun of the latter. But once he starts playing, he transforms into a different, more menacing character who relishes watching people’s faces when they are rejected.

He also has a great deal of confidence in his blocking abilities, which he refers to as “guess blocking,” because he has excellent intuition and his predictions are usually always accurate. Nevertheless, as the game goes on, he discovers that Hinata can sometimes see through his estimates and that they are not always accurate. Others frequently perceive Tend as being creepy or unusual. He was made fun of as a child for it and occasionally excluded from teams during practice. 

Shōto Todoroki

25 best red hair anime characters

One of the four suggested pupils and fellow students of the protagonists. He can produce ice from his right side and flames from his left side thanks to his Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk. He must switch between the two sides to maximize his abilities; otherwise, he runs the risk of developing frostbite from using just the cold side and burns from using only the hot side. With training, he learns to use both sides of him simultaneously. He can conjure up actual mountains of ice out of thin air and produce tremendously intense flames, and if he chooses to employ both sides, he becomes exceedingly dangerous.

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Asuka Langley Sohryu

25 best red hair anime characters

Asuka Langley Sohryu (Tiffany Grant, Stephanie McKeon), the Second Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit-02, is a gifted German-American adolescent who repeatedly protects Shinji and the entire planet from the Angels. Asuka, one of the three pilots in Gainax’s renowned mecha anime, is the best in the air. That definitely gets inside her thoughts. She hasn’t adapted any better, though. She still struggles to mature as a typical teen amid an existential catastrophe and yearns for simple crushes and sleepovers. Asuka frequently stands on top of objects to see her peers from a higher perspective. Asuka receives a new name—Shikinami—and has hair that is more brown in the Rebuild of Evangelion.

Tanjiro Kamado

25 best red hair anime characters

The protagonist and main character of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro, has extraordinary abilities. His life was doomed from the start when he went to the city to assist his family and returned to discover all but one of them dead. His favorite sister is still very much alive and is destined to kill people like their family as a demon. To exact revenge on them and save his sister’s life, Tanjiro enlists in the Demon Hunting Corps. He carries her about on his back in a box as he searches for a method to save her.


25 Best Red Hair Anime Characters

AE3803 would take first place if there were a prize for exerting effort and serving as the protagonist of the sneakiest and funniest educational anime ever. Despite being notorious for her inability to read a map, AE3803 always delivers her gifts and manages to get where she is most needed. This red blood cell with red hair spends her days scurrying around her host body and regularly makes mistakes that result in harmful infections or other damage that could have killed the entire body if not for her apparent inexperience. It’s difficult not to support her.

Karma Akbane 

In the bizarre television program Assassination Classroom, Karma Akbane is one of the major characters. Governments all around the world are in disarray when a squid-like, alien lifeform that is immensely strong, nearly indestructible, and fast destroys the moon. The extraterrestrial, subsequently known as Korosensei, eventually demand the privilege to instruct the E3 class of slackers. He’ll allow them to try to kill him in return.

Edward Wong

Edward Wong is the only person on this list who doesn’t need an introduction. Great redheaded hacker genius Ed is incomparable and amazing. This nonbinary dynamo goes by Radical Edward and is well renowned for its capacity to get into any computer system when they’re not nibbling, napping, or getting into mischief.

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