What Does City Boy Mean On TikTok?

TikTok has little to do with everyone, but a niche meme that confuses many users can become viral with TikTok. The very popular City Boy meme on TikTok is just the latest example of this vague trend. Many people on TikTok enjoy memes, but others find the whole thing a bit confusing. According to the most voted definition of Urban Dictionary, boys in the city are a motivated group. The site defines the term as “a man who lives the best life and is always chasing a bag undisturbed by hot girls and women.”

The term may have a positive meaning for some, but it is also used to describe a story dedicated to a man who left her dry. Platforms like TikTok are connected to the real world, but often develop language formats that rarely exist outside the platform. City Boy is just the latest example of a term that means one thing in most settings and something completely different in TikTok. Words like Krissed and Kaw have been popular on TikTok in the past, and many people needed some explanation to understand what they were explaining. So it’s no wonder that terms like City Boy appear on TikTok and need to be explained even by some of the less connected users of the platform. City boy! City boy! In the Gravity Falls scene, the Deputy Darland character is ridiculing “City Boy! City Boy!”. With a dipper. The scene is from the 2012 episode of the show and became viral in 2022 as a reaction meme on TikTok.

This is in favour of the slang city boy, the man who keeps women out of the way of success. It was so popular that one TikToker, @ jlohrenz, made a video that his entire “For You” page was full of memes. This video has been viewed over 7.5 million times and liked over 1.5 million times. Trend mainly features videos of men blaming toxic women. On the contrary, some videos are about men who are “welcome” to trick their girlfriends. Such a guy is called a “gambler” -a guy who makes his girl think she is the only girl in his life. But he flirts with her other girl, sends her a mixed message of her, and sometimes ignores her. Despite its toxicity, many girls are actually attracted to these types of men.

What Does City Boy Mean On TikTok?

What Does City Boy Mean On TikTok?

The trend of City Boy is in the scene of the animated series “Gravity Falls”, where the character’s deputy Darland shouts “City Boy! City Boy!”. To a character named Dipper. In the current context of TikTok, the scene is used to refer to the slang city boy. This refers to men who keep women out of the way of success. According to the Urban Dictionary’s most popular definition, urban boys are a motivated group. The site defines the term as “a man who lives the best life and is always chasing a bag undisturbed by hot girls and women.” The term may have some positive meaning, but it is also used to describe a story dedicated to a man who left her dry. @Cityboys on Instagram account spread the term by sharing the story of a man who was cold-hearted to women because he was more interested in his success. In June 2022, TikTok users began labelling City Boys as the type of man who often behaves toxic toward women.

The term was also used to determine some of the men in the show in clips of shows like Love Island. Many men may prioritize their success, but being a boy in the city is not good and shouldn’t be what most men should aim for. Gravity Falls clips use a completely different term, but it’s unclear where this term came from. This clip has just been used as part of this trend to evoke men who some consider to be toxic.

In May 2019, Doja Cat inspired the meme that the summer of 2019 is the “hot girl’s summer”, a season for women to celebrate women’s solidarity and look good. A month later, men began complaining about “City Boy Summer,” a hot, male-centric girl summer. Instead of focusing on empowerment and solidarity, City Boy Summer has a lot about treating women badly or negatively, including many jokes about tricking partners and putting them aside and having a good time. Affected the meme.

Town boy summer memes became increasingly rare until June 2022 when Tik Tokers brought them back without the “summer” part. They started using only “town boys” as slang. This was essentially used to define men so that women do not get in the way of good times and success. Urban dictionary users generally define a boy in the city as “a man who lives the best life and is always crazy about hot girls and women without disturbing them.”

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Origin Of City Boy On TikTok

In the Urban Dictionary, the term “City Boy” was defined on July 15, 2019. The most chosen definition is “a man who lives the best life and is always chasing a bag without disturbing hot girls and women”. This term is popular online on the Instagram page @cityboys one or more. One million followers who frequently post content where men curse women or act calmly to pursue success on women June 30, 2012, Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 3 “Headhunters” on Disney Channel was aired on. In the episode, Deputy Darland ridicules the idea that a literal town boy, Dipper, can solve a crime, he screams, “City Boy! City Boy!” Direction Dipper. This clip was uploaded to YouTube on July 12, 2016, and has been played over 147,000 times in 6 years. In June 2022, TikTokers began using this clip in response to videos of men yelling at women and behaving “toxic” to women.

For example, on June 20, TikToker @thaboyzbible refused to offer Snapchat to women and used clips with other creative memes in a video that was played over 7.1 million times in five days. did. “I’ve never seen women line up for men,” said a woman at the show. She also said, “I’m at the end of the line.” The man hit the treadmill a little hard and replied that he was in front of him. Followed by the other short clips, The “City Boy!” Clip is played. This video has been played over 3 million times since it was uploaded on June 30th. However, the man rudely rejected her and laughed and played “City Boy! City Boy!”. clip. City Boy is a man who achieves high goals without disturbing girls. He usually behaves differently than women expect. But that meaning has changed over the years. “City Boy! City Boy!” Production meme. Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 3 “Head Hunter”. Deputy Darland adds “City Boy!”. Added. This episode is about the children who discovered Stan’s Waxwork Collection. Mabel decides to create her own sculpture, but someone destroys her head and interferes with it. Police help them find the culprit. Police said the case could not be resolved, but Dipper provided his help. Sheriff Blubs enjoys calling the Dipper a City Boy by having a “computer phone.”

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How Is “City Boy” Used In Memes?

What Does City Boy Mean On TikTok?

In 2022, Tik Tokers began making phone calls using City Boy and frequently partied with men’s videos showing that men were toxic, boring and behaving badly against women. This includes videos of men saying “f *** no” at the gym, women asked for Snapchat’s name and men who proudly admit their girlfriend’s affair. In the reaction meme celebrating the man, Deputy Darland shouts “City Boy! City Boy!”. At the top of his lungs. These videos were especially popular in June 2022, when the hashtags “#cityboy” and “#cityboys” were played 220 million times and more than 300 million times, respectively.

Cityboy Cityboy memes were introduced to mock toxic women. There are many videos related to memes, including scenes from Dr. Phil’s show.

In the clip, the woman in the show said, “I’ve never seen a woman in a line of men,” and she said, “I’m at the end of the line.”

The man’s answer surprised many. He said she could go ahead if she “struck the treadmill a little more.” And the “City Boy! City Boy!” Song was played in another short clip.

This video was uploaded at the end of June and has been played over 3 million times.

There is another video of a man exercising. A woman came to him and requested Snapchat, but the request was withdrawn by “City boy! City boy!”. The clip song has been played.

However, I noticed some things that the video seems to be scripted. As a general rule, women do not approach men in public unless there is a good reason.

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