Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Release Date Is Finally Out!

Dragon ball super the name might seem familiar to you, well that is because this is a sequel to the famous Dragon Ball manga that came out on December 3, 1984. Dragon ball had seen the days when the manga series used to be the most popular back in the days and till now the popularity has not gone any down. Dragon Ball Super was published on Jun 20, 2015, the manga series has completed 18 volumes so far this series was also written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama the original creator behind the dragon ball manga. The action-comedy manga series got Serialized in V-Jump. The manga series later got an anime adaptation on July 5, 2015, which has a total of 131 episodes, according to my anime list 724K users have watched the anime series and they have rated it 7.42. Though dragon ball super did to make the readers swoon as it did back then with the original manga series, it however did quite well and sold millions of copies in Japan after its initial release. The last 4 chapters were released back in April if you are also tired of waiting for the next chapter’s release date then this article might help you in some way because we have got the release date of upcoming chapters. Here’s what we know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Release Date.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Release Date

The manga has once again kept its readers on the edge the previous chapters were released on 20 June 2022, in this chapter, Goku unlocked his new power and won the battle against Gas. If you can’t wait for the next chapter to arrive then you have to be very patient because the chapter is going to come out on August 22, 2022, which is a pretty long wait we know. But surely you will manage to wait this long after reading the chapter where Vegeta battled head-on head with Gas it sounds interesting right the next chapters are going to be even more amazing. According to some fan theories, the next chapter will begin with Goku and Gas fighting each other after Goku unlocked his ultra instant he protected Vegeta with his powers and fought back with Gas.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Recap

The previous chapter covered the fight between Gas, Goku and Vegeta, most of the chapter was full of action-packed scenes and the three of them had a minimum of conversation. The chapter begins with Vegeta and Gas, Vegeta tells Gas that his attacks only make him stronger so what will he do he want to make him even more powerful. After Vegeta’s statement, Gas gets super annoyed and punches him in the stomach with his knees after this attack Vegeta almost losses his mind. Gas answers him that he will just end him with one attack before Gas could finish the statement Vegeta throws a punch aimed at his stomach that shuts Gas for good. Vegeta thanks Gas for the fuel and Gas gets even more annoyed he uses his instant transmission trick and brings him to the place where he can throw his attacks freely. After witnessing Gas’s tricks even Goku gets surprised that Gas can use his instant teleportation trick on others, after seeing a badly hurt Vegeta Goku was about to enter the game. But Vegeta stops him from doing so and asks him to discover his ultra instant he then goes round and round with Gas, Vegeta does not quit the battle until the end.

Dragon Ball Super Characters

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Release Date

Dragon ball super has a bunch of characters from the original dragon ball z and some who are entirely new to this sequel Son Gokuu, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Piccolo, Future Trunks, Freeza, Trunks, Gokuu Black, Bulma, Muten-Roushi, Kuririn, Kefla, Frieza, Jiren, Broly, Granolah, Gas, Beerus and Whis. Muten-Roushi, Bardock, Jinzouningen 18-gou, Gogeta, Jinzouningen 17-gou, Vegetto,Tenshinhan, Videl, Mr. Satan, Zamasu, and Hit.

Where To Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Online?

All the chapters of the dragon ball super are available on Viz‘s official site. Readers can get Viz’s subscription by paying $1.99 every month with this monthly subscription the readers can unlock up to 100 chapters per day.

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