Vivo 2 Release Date And All Other Updates Are Here!

If you are a fan of animated cartoon-based movies, you surely have watched Vivo by now and if you still haven’t seen it yet, you are surely missing out on a fantastic musical animated series. This movie has received almost all positive remarks from the critics and along with that it has also received a 6.7 IMDb rating which may not be extremely good when it comes to the genre of the animated movie, but it is still moderate. However, the fan base for this movie isn’t just a moderate one, it’s quite huge and is spread all over the world. The audience of all ages has showered this movie with love and since the release of the first movie, there has been a lot of hype and question regarding whether we are going to get a second movie from the franchise. now for most of you who don’t know anything about this series, it is about the story of a man and his kinkajou, the kinkajou is named Vivo and after the man’s certain demise, Vivo decides to go on a journey with the man’s family members to meet Marta, the one true love of the man and make her klister to the song which he wrote for her before his demise. The journey and the adventure are just amazing and lovely.

Now coming to the main point, and that is regarding whether we are going to get a second movie from the Vivo franchise which marks the first musical animated series for Sony pictures animation. Now based on all our sources there hasn’t been any confirmation yet from the maker’s side regarding the renewal of the movie series. However, based on the amount of success this movie has received we can assume that Sony will not let this amazing movie series go in vain and come back with something extraordinary in Vivo 2. Till then we will have to wait a little more.

Vivo 2 Release Date

Vivo 2 Release Date

Vivo has been in the mind of the makers since 2010 which is a long time back and in 2016 it was announced that the movie would make its release in 2020 however due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the movie’s release was delayed to June 4 of 2021, the movie had an approximate runtime of 1hr 35 minutes. Now as we have already said, this movie hasn’t received any green flag yet and thus Vivo 2 isn’t confirmed yet. However, based on the success this movie has received it can be assumed that Sony wouldn’t let such a profitable go out of their hands, and even if it isn’t in plans yet, it will soon be included in their plans according to us. If this movie is announced in 2023, it can be expected that it will make it to us by the late or middle of 2024. Though for more updates we will have to wait a little longer.

Name Of The ShowVivo 2
Season NumberSeason
Vivo Release DateJune 4, 2021
Vivo 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Vivo 2 Story

As we have seen Vivo has gone to live with Gabi and Rosa in Florida after making it to Marta’s show. Now in the ending scene, we have seen Gabi performing with Vivo in the city with a small crowd and maybe the makers will pick up the story with a time skip and take us on a new journey where we will see Gabi and Vivo getting much closer as friends. There can be many other ways the story can be continued, and as it is an animated fictional story, we can’t predict the story yet, as there are many ways the makers can turn the story. The only thing that we can confirm is that, if the movie happens, it will have a lot of songs as we have seen in the previous movie and it will be worth a watch.

Vivo 2 Characters

Some of the characters that we are sure to find in the new movie, are Vivo himself, then as we have known he has decided to live in the city of Florida with Gabi and Rosa so they two are also going to be there. Marta may be a part of the new movie, but nothing has been confirmed yet. There will be the introduction of many new characters as we predict there won’t be a continuation of the previous story.

Vivo 2 Trailer

Vivo 2 Release Date

As we have already told Vivo 2 hasn’t received a green flag yet, thus we also haven’t received a trailer yet, however, the trailer for the previous movie is available on YouTube currently.

Where Can We Watch Vivo 2?

Vivo 2 will supposedly make its release in some selected theatres all over the world and other than that it will be available on the Netflix streaming platform.

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