Dandadan Chapter 65 Release Date: When It Will Be Made Available?

Dandadan is surely taking some new twists and turns with the approaching chapters, and chapter 65 is one of the most hyped chapters in the history of the Dandadan series, which hints at the starting of a new arc. Now previously those who have been following the Dandadan series, already know about Jin and his encounter with the evil eye, which has been a turning point for everything, now we also know that the last chapter has been quite a funny chapter however towards the ending of the episode we have received a big hint from the writers of the manga series which is the golden ball. Now to know more about the Dandadan chapter 65, we will have to read more of the article because we have brought everything, we could know from all our sources, to quench your thirst regarding all those different questions.

Now for those who don’t know anything about the Dandadan manga series, it is a manga series that is being written by Yuki Nobu Tatsu, a great name in the manga world. The manga series follows quite a unique story, which has got both ghosts and aliens and the basic starting of the series is because two girls doubted the existence of both but soon came to know that both of them actually exist and slowly deal with all of them. To date, we have received 5 volumes of the manga series and no anime adaption updates have reached us yet. the ratings of the manga series are quite high and the fanbase of this series is spread all over the world. Now, we couldn’t find out any spoilers for chapter 65 yet, and thus based on what we have seen till now, we have made a certain assumption that may be true for the upcoming chapter, and to know more about the release dates and story do continue reading the article.

Dandadan Chapter 65 Release Date

Dandadan Chapter 64 Release Date

The Dandadan series made its first release in the year 2021 and in the month of April. The series generally gives us weekly releases and till now we have received a total of 5 volumes, all of which have been quite great. Now the main question that has been running for quite some time now, is regarding the release date of chapter 65. Based on the schedule that the manga series has been following for quite some time, the 65th chapter will make its release on the 18th of July 2022. The timings for the release of the chapter will be completely different in different countries. In Japan, it may be available by midnight but in India and some other countries, it will be available by the early morning of 11th July.

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Dandadan Chapter 65 Story

As of now, there hasn’t been any spoiler out yet, and thus we haven’t been able to find out anything about what we are going to see in the upcoming chapter, however, based on our assumption, this chapter will mark the starting of a new arc, because we have sighted the golden ball in the previous chapter and every time there is an encounter with some alien or ghost, we generally enter a new arc. Other than that, we will continue seeing Momo trying to tame Jin’s evil eye while they are in public and suddenly Jin transforms into an evil. The upcoming episode will tell us how the story will continue and is surely going to be an important episode of the series.

Dandadan Chapter 64 Recap

In the previous episode of Dandadan, we have seen Jin defeating the evil eye and turning into an evil eye as a result. We also see the destruction Jin has caused while dealing with the evil eye, and though now everything is calm and okay, Momo faces a lot of struggles while Jin suddenly transforms into the evil eye, who is enjoying himself completely in a new body. Momo goes on trying to tame it but it’s quite difficult and towards the end of the chapter we do sight the golden ball which may indicate the starting of a new arc.

Where Can We Read Dandadan Chapter 65?

Dandadan Chapter 64 Release Date

The new chapter of Dandadan will be available on many online manga reading platforms, and the hard copies of the chapter will also soon be available in manga bookstores and other manga shopping websites.

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