Uncle From Another World Episode 3 Release Date And Story Details!

Uncle from Another World is a Japanese manga series with illustrations written by Shishiru. Kadokawa Shoten’s Comic Walker serialization began in June 2018. As of February 2022, 7 volumes have been published. Adaptation of the anime TV series by AtelierPontdarc premiered in July 2022. In modern Japan, college student Takafumi Takaoka picks up his uncle who recently awoke from a coma for 17 years after being hit by a truck. The uncle shows his ability to use spells and explains that he was sent to another world. Takafumi takes his uncle and spends his days with Takafumi’s childhood friend Sumika Fujimiya, observing memories of another world and helping his uncle adapt to modern society.

Uncle From Another World Episode 3 Release Date

Uncle From Another World Episode 3 Release Date

Uncle from Another World is one of the most popular Japanese anime TV series first released on July 6, 2022. The series gained great popularity after just a few episodes of its premiere and is now entering a new season. Yes! Season 1 is finally revealed, and several episodes of Uncle from Another World have been aired. Fans are amazed at the series and want to know when the next episode will be released after the previous episode premiered. This is the release date of Uncle from Another World’s Season 1 Episode 3. When will the next episode, Episode 3, come out? By the way, Uncle from Another World’s Episode 3 will be released on July 20, 2022. The countdown runs in just 09 days. Uncle from Another World Season 1 is currently one of the most popular series as episodes are released one after another.

Name Of The ShowUncle From Another World
Episode NumberEpisode 3
Uncle From Another World Episode 1 Release DateJuly 6, 2022
Uncle From Another World Episode 3 Release DateJuly 20, 2022

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Uncle From Another World Characters

Takafumi Takaoka is voiced by Jun Fukuyama, Uncle/ Yosuke Shibazaki is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, Sumika Fujimiya is voiced by Mikako Komatsu, and Mabel Laybelle is voiced by Aoi Yuki.

Uncle From Another World Episode 3 Story Predictions

This series was written and illustrated by Hotondoshindeiru. Kadokawa Bookstore’s manga app website “Comic Walker” will be serialized on June 29, 2018. To commemorate the release of Volume 1, a character popularity vote was held and the winning character was posted in the bonus segment at the end of the volume. As of February 2022, 7 volumes of books are on sale. In November 2020, Yen Press announced that it had licensed the English version of the series.

Takafumi is informed that his 34-year-old uncle, Yosuke, who spent 17 years in a coma, has finally awakened. Yosuke claims to have been in another world called Gran Bahamal and surprisingly shows that he has the magical abilities he has learned in Gran Bahamal. Takafumi decided to accept him so that he could use his power to make money on Youtube. Yosuke suffers from modern technology, especially the Internet. Yosuke Takafumi talks about his life in Gran Bahamas and the memories of a female elf named Elf who saved him, but for some reason, he was treated badly every day. Takafumi would never have noticed that Erga was in love with him, as Yosuke had never heard of Tsundere.

Uncle From Another World Episode 3 Trailer

Uncle From Another World Episode 3 Release Date

At Netflix’s Otaku Week in early June, viewers were treated to a surge in animated news and previews during a virtual fan event featuring numerous first-time images of their long-awaited alien-world uncle. As the anime is set to be released worldwide later this month, viewers will have the opportunity to learn more with the release of the second official trailer. Shigeki Kawai runs the Pondark Studio, Kenta Ihara (a cautious hero: the hero is overwhelmed but overly cautious, full dive, evil Tanya Saga, Mirko-Chan) directs and writes the script and Kazuhiro Ota (Natsu) Storm! Negima)! Pani Poni Dash!), Uncle From Another World, who is in charge of character design, is a remodelled version of Hotondoshindeiru’s manga (IseKai Ojisan). Mikako Komatsu is Fujimiya, Haruka Tomatsu is an elf, Yuki Aoi is Mabel, and Aki Toyosaki is Alicia.

Where To Cast Uncle From Another World?

Watch the Uncle From Another World on Netflix.

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