Is The Longest Night Based On A True Story?

The Longest Night is a Spanish crime and thriller series available on Netflix. The series is also known as ‘La Noche Más Larga in the Spanish language. The show is about a serial killer imprisoned in a psychiatric jail and blackmailing the entire police department to set him free if they don’t want any further damage. What makes the show an amazing thriller is how dangerous and scary the serial killer is, the character will make you bite your nails. It is one of the most thrilling series you will ever watch, the series is focusing on some real-world issues as well.

The show is originally made in the Spanish language and has six episodes in total. It is a short yet very thrilling drama directed by Óscar Pedraza and Moisés Ramos starring Alberto Ammann, Luis Callejo, and Bárbara Goenaga. As the show was seen by the viewers there have been a lot of speculations that the story of the serial killer shown in the series is based on true events and people are really excited to know the real story behind the concept of this story. So here we have some information on the plot of this Spanish series that confirms if it is actually based on a true event or not.

Is The Longest Night Based On A True Story?

Is The Longest Night Based On A True Story

The Longest Night is not based on a true story however the characters and the main idea of the series may be inspired by true events. The crime show is written by Xosé Morais and Víctor Sierra, the most talented Spanish writers. Both of them have given the best output in the screenplay of this crime and thrill series and involved some real elements to make it look more relatable for the viewers, which is why many of the viewers are convinced that The Longest Night is based on a true event.

Unlike all other crime series, this series is different as it shows how having a mental illness or mental health problem can influence a person to commit the worst crimes in the world even if he doesn’t want to do it. It also shows how people locked up in psychiatric jails are not treated with any sensitivity towards their mental illness. The series put a light on how even in the 21st-century people are unaware of mental conditions and fail to give victims the treatment that should be given even if it is in jail. The series shows us how poorly managed the jail system in the world is without having any sensitivity toward the jailers.

The Longest Night is not the only show that has discussed these topics, some previous series like Prison Break and Breakout also revolves around the same thoughts and beliefs. The topics discussed in the series are very much realistic and relatable to the real world. But the show is purely based on the imagination and narrative of the writers. It must be possible that they were inspired to make the series by looking at some criminal news or case study. So we can conclude that the story depicted in The Longest Night is the work of the writers but the main focus of the storyline can be something inspired by a real-life event.

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The Longest Night Cast

Is The Longest Night Based On A True Story

Alberto Ammann will be playing the role of Warden Hugo Roca. He is a courageous warden who decides to protect his prison from the assailants who are demanding the release of Simón. The antagonist Simón Lago is played by Luis Callejo, he is a very dangerous serial killer with some serious mental illness and he commits heinous and violent crimes. Bárbara Goenaga is playing the role of Elisa Montero, according to the trailer of The Longest Night, Elisa Montero is an ally of Hugo Roca and knows a lot about Simón Lago’s past and serial killing history. The famous supporting actor José Luis García-Pérez will play the role of Lennon in the series. Daniel Albaladejo will be seen as Cherokee, one of the team members from the department who tries to take advantage of the messy situation and tries to take the laws into his hands. Cecilia Freire is known to play the role of Manuela.

The Longest Night Story

The story is about a psychotic serial killer Simón Lago who is the most brutal killer. He is always finding new victims, he gives them the most brutal death and then buries their bodies. He has been given the name “The Alligator”. It is Christmas night, the psycho killer just slit the throat of a cashier and he returned to his home where he gets a phone call warning him that police are soon going to arrive at his house and arrest him. While the police are on their way, the news is all over the city. All the news channels are covering the arrest of ” The Alligator”. Simón Lago on the other hand is preparing to escape from the police, he deletes all his records of being a serial killer. Simón has killed more than twenty people and mutilated their bodies.

The police take Simón into custody and soon there is a call from the higher official to shift Simón Lago to an old psychiatric jail in Baruca. To follow the orders the department calls warden Hugo who was attending his family party on Christmas with his three children. As he gets the call he asks his children to accompany him at the work. His eldest daughter turns down the offer and leaves the place to visit her divorce mother on Christmas. So, Hugo along with his two children, a teenage daughter Alicia and a son Guilla heads toward the Baruca jail. As Hugo reaches the jail he is said that he just has to hold Simón in the prison for one night after which he will be handed over to the officials the next morning itself. While Hugo is being introduced to his team, something unusual happens. Simón calls him by his name, it’s unusual because prisoners are not allowed to know the name of the officers. Soon a videotape is shown to Hugo where his eldest daughter Laura, who went to meet her mother is kidnapped by Simón’s men. As soon as this happens big cars filled with masked men arrive and demand Hugo release Simón before the morning. As Hugo is now in a difficult situation where he has to save his daughter as well as follow his duty. As Hugo is one brave warden he chooses not to let the serial killer just go away and fight with his team against Simón. As the name suggests ‘The Longest Night’ thus night is full of thrill as the whole team of Warden Hugo is against the most psycho serial killer in the city.

The Longest Night Reviews

Is The Longest Night Based On A True Story

The show is about a thrilling Christmas night where the entire police department is under pressure to hold on to the most dangerous killer Simón Lago. If you are someone who loves thrillers, action, and crime series then you must give this series a try. If you are not that much into a thriller series, you should still have this series on your watchlist as it is not only a crime series but also a show that puts light on the reality of the criminal world and how it works. According to the reviews, the show is a heart-pounding thriller and if you blink an eye while watching this show, you might miss a lot.

Where To Watch The Longest Night?

As the show is a Netflix original, you can watch it on Netflix itself. The series is originally in the Spanish language but the English dubbed version and subtitles are available on Netflix so you can easily watch it there.

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