Is Darlings Based On A True Story? Is It A Fictional Or A Real Concept?

Darling is the new Bollywood-based movie that marks the debut of Alia Bhatt on an OTT platform. This is going to be her first work that isn’t coming in theatres first and the director of the movie too makes her debut into the industry for the first time, and from the trailer, we have received till now, we can come to the conclusion that she has indeed made a banger when it comes to her debut work. We see a great line of casts, some actors who haven’t given us any content for quite some time now. Just with the teaser trailer of the film, there has been a lot of hype among the fans regarding the movie and along with that too, there come a lot of questions regarding the movie. The movies as of now have been described as comedy-based movies however there is a lot of usage of dark humour according to most critics and from the teaser that we received just a few days back. The movie overall seems very nice but still, there have been many questions regarding the movie that go unanswered.

The movie has been made to make its release on the Netflix platform and it also marks the debut movie of Alia khan as a producer, she has done it with the partnership with Gauri khan, who is very well known for the films she makes, and though we haven’t received any reviews we can guarantee you that this movie will be worth a watch. Now the main question that we have received till now, is whether the movie is based on a true story? The answer hasn’t been provided by the makers yet, however, we have used some of our sources and come to an assumption, to know more you should continue reading this article.

Is Darlings Based On A True Story?

Is Darlings Based On A True Story

Now as we have said there hasn’t been any news regarding whether the story is based on a true story and based on our sources and what we have made from the teaser, we can assume that it is a completely fictional-based story. The story may have had some inspiration from a murder case in the past, but surely not a very eminent one, because otherwise, the news would have been out by now. The movie is supposed to be humourous and we will find a great deal of dark humor usage while we see an excellent mother-daughter duo involved in a murder case, which is supposed of the boy with whom Alia falls in love in the movie and that role is being played by none other than Vijay Varma.

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Darlings Release Date

This movie has been in making for quite some time now, approximately a year, the movie made its announcement in March 2021 and it is set to make its release on the Netflix OTT platform on the 5th of August 2022. The teaser of the show made it to us on the 5th of July 2022 and it is expected that within one month we will also receive the trailer of the show, which is going to bring more hype to this movie. This movie is expected to have a runtime of approximately 2 hours 13 minutes and will be available to a very large audience all over the world because that’s the positive thing when a movie makes its release on an OTT platform than in theatres.

Darlings Cast

Is Darlings Based On A True Story

The movie has got a great set of casts and that has been also one of the reasons that many people are very excited about the movie. The mother duo combo that everyone has been talking about is played by Alia Bhatt (Badru Qureshi) and Shefali Shah (Ruqhsar Qureshi). The boy who falls in love with Alia Bhatt in the movie is played by none other than Vijay Varma (Gaurav Mathur) and there is an eminent role played by Badru Qureshi’s best friend in the movie and that is played by Roshan Mathew (Akash Sharma). There are many more eminent names in the movie who have contributed a lot to delivering such a masterpiece, and this movie is surely going to be a unique and completely different movie than any of us have seen in the past.

Where Can We Watch Darlings?

This movie is not going to make its release in the theatres and it will make its release only on the Netflix platform, as of now.

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