Incredibles 3 Release Date Is Already Revealed Or Not?

After the release of Incredibles, Pixar fans are now eagerly waiting for the third part of Incredibles to be released. The sequel of Incredibles was loved by the audience and it is even said that the audience loved the sequel more than the original movie. Incredibles 2 made a huge collection of $1.24 billion worldwide at the box office. The movie was a huge success.

After getting the amazing response for the Incredibles sequel producer John Walker said that he is planning a third part of the movie. After this statement from the producer, fans are waiting for the release of Incredibles 3 with a lot of excitement.

Incredibles 3 Release Date

Incredibles 3 Release Date

The second part of Incredibles was released after 14 years but we are expecting that we don’t have to wait for that long for the third part to be released. Until now, it’s not clear when will the movie be released but writer and director Brad Bird did give us some hints in his recent interview with The Deadline about the third part of the movie.

When Brad Bird was asked about his plans for Incredibles 3 the director said that he does have plans for making another part of the movie but that is not going to happen anytime soon. He added that he has been working on Incredibles 2 for a very long and right now he wants to take a break from Incredibles and focus on other things to freshen up his mind. He also mentioned that audience has to wait to see what the future has in store for Incredibles 3.

Incredibles 2 was released three years after its announcement of renewal. So we can assure you that you cannot expect the movie to be released anytime soon. We can say that the movie will arrive somewhere in 2025 or 2026 at the earliest. Brad Bird is the soul of Incredibles and the makers are not willing to renew the movie for its third part until and unless Brad Bird is on board. Breadboard didn’t deny making the third part of the movie but the new third part of the movie completely depends on the decision he makes in the future.

Name Of The ShowIncredibles
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreFamily, Adventure
Incredibles Release Date17 December 2004
Incredibles 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Incredibles 3 Cast

In the third part of the movie, we can expect all our favourite stars to appear in the next part as well. From Craig T Nelson as Bob, Holly Hunter as Helen, Sarah Vowell as Violet, to Huck Milner as Dash, we are expecting all of them to be a part of Incredibles 3.

If the third part takes a lot of time then it can be possible that Brad Bird may cast some new faces. The Director/writer mentioned earlier that he is planning to recast one or two new faces if part three happens. It is expected that the role of Edna Mode will be reprised and Samuel L Jackson would be back as Frozone. Sophia Bush has expressed her willingness to return for Incredibles 3 as the aspiring superhero Voyd. She said that she will be grateful to play her role in the third part as well and would love to join the cast. So we can also expect Sophia Bush to appear in Incredibles 3.

Incredibles 3 Story

Incredibles 3 Release Date

For the plot of Incredibles 3, we are expecting a time jump with baby Jack who will get older and inclined to the dark side. Bird is definitely going to give us some Star Wars vibes in the movie as he is good at this stuff. So we can expect that there will be an Evil family member craving salvation.

There are high chances that Incredibles 3 will mark the return of the Underminer. The villain was a part of both the movies so there is a potential that the underminer will be back and incredible 3 as well. Bird also revealed that he had a lot of ideas that the team wanted to use in the Incredibles sequel but due to tight schedules and less time they couldn’t do so. We can expect Bird will use these ideas in the next part of the movie.

He also mentioned that the team created a lot of new characters who were pretty cool and funny but the execution was not possible in Incredibles part two so there is a possibility that he will use those ideas and characters in the future. This also gives us a hint that new characters might be added in Incredibles part three.

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