Engage Kiss Episode 3 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Engage Kiss though being a very recent anime, can be considered one of the masterpieces that are being delivered to us in 2022. This anime series however hasn’t been adapted from any manga series and is directly being written illustrated and animated and then delivered to fans. This anime series has got a unique story along with the setting is too good. The animators of the show are surely having a great budget because the number of details they are maintaining in every scene is just amazing. This anime series though a new one is one of the best releases of 2022. Another interesting fact about this anime series is that it is also known as project engage and the show is actually adapted from a very popular game sharing the same title as this series. We haven’t received many episodes of this show yet, however still with the trailer and the first episode of the show which we received a few days back, there hasn’t been any disappointment, the critic’s reviews have been quite good about the anime along with the ratings of the show on all popular anime rating sites.

Now for those who know nothing about this anime series, this is not a very unique anime but the story is still good, the animation is extremely nice, there are demons and there are people who own companies that deal with demons, now our protagonist has got a demon fell in love with him and they two together help support those companies, there have been also some kind of contract between them which grows strong with a kiss. Now we know that after the first episode is quite successful there have been a lot of questions regarding the second and the third episodes of the show. And to know those answers do continue reading this article

Engage Kiss Episode 3 Release Date

Engage Kiss Episode 3 Release Date

The anime series has been in making for quite some time now. The anime was announced to us nearly in April months of 2022 and it has been in the production stage since 2021 according to our sources the first episode of the show made its release on the third of July 2022 and the second episode of the show will make it to us on the 10th of July 2022. If the same pattern is followed, we can guess that the third episode will make it to us by the 17th of July 2022 and that will be the pattern being followed for the upcoming episode. We still don’t know how many episodes there will be in the first season but with the success, it has achieved, we can assume that this anime is surely going to continue for quite some time. Each episode of the anime series has an approximate runtime of 21 minutes.

Name Of The ShowEngage Kiss
Episode NumberEpisode 3
Engage Kiss Episode 1 Release DateJuly 3, 2022
Engage Kiss Episode 3 Release DateJuly 17, 2022

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Engage Kiss Episode 3 Story

As of now, we haven’t been able to find out anything about the story that is going to be followed in the third episode of the show. The only thing that we can assume is that in this episode we will get to know a little about Shu’s father whom we heard about in the first episode but nothing was explained. There is probably going to be another case on which Shu will go on with Kisara and maybe there will be some changes in the story, mainly on Kisara’s part because we already know how strong a demon she is; thus, she is prone to being one of the main characters possessing a lot of danger to the other demons.

Engage Kiss Episode 2 Recap

Engage Kiss Episode 3 Release Date

The second episode of the show obviously gives us a lot better understanding of how the scene in the anime is, what relation he has got with Kisara, why are demons on this island always and why were they being dealt with in such a secretive manner. Many questions were left unanswered in the first episode of the show and those are the ones being answered in episode 2.

Engage Kiss Episode 3 Characters

Shu and Kisara are surely going to be in the third episode and almost all episodes of the show, other than that we may get to know about Shu’s father and Ayano who is also in love with Shu and that could be early understood from the first episode.

Where Can We Watch Engage Kiss Episode 3?

The show is currently available on almost all online anime streaming platforms and for the earliest updates, you should keep an eye on the Crunchyroll platform.

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