Aleah James Best Friend: Whom She Finds Precious?

Aleah James was born on October 10, 1998, and is a British professional wrestler currently under the NXT UK brand with a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). James previously wrestled in a mixed tag match between Hellmer Lo Guennec and Team FAWK members Claudia Bradstone and Nelson Pereira at the Portuguese promotion Centro De Treinos De Wrestling on January 19, 2019. She spent her rookie wrestling in the UK for promotions such as Pro-Wrestling EVE, Schadenfreude & Friends, Frontline Wrestling, London Lucha League, Attack, and more! Aleah James is her real name. With over 14000 followers, Aleah James has an Instagram account with the name @thealeahjames. At the time of writing this article, she is following 756. She dreamed of becoming one of the women in the ring. “I was sketching the gear I wanted to wear and making a small slideshow showing what my gig would look like,” Aleah told Radio1 Newsbeat. At the age of only 23, Aleah James played more than 25 games, and later, she said that she is unaware that whether she is from England or not. And now she is signed by WWE.

Aleah James Best Friend

Aleah James Best Friend

Her best friend and neighbour’s name: is Gypsy Rose. Aleah James is a well-known British professional wrestler who is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is active under the NXT UK brand. Aleah James belonged to WWE and had a reasonable contract. Aleah James is currently in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, whose name is not yet known. She has successfully kept details about her private life from her public place. Aleah says that social media is “really powerful” to support her career and helps people in other countries see her work and get her attention to the major organizations in the wrestling industry. It means that you can do it. Aleah is currently contracting with WWE’s NXT UK, a UK affiliate of a company that broadcasts matches on BT Sport, and she has already fought for them and her position as part of the women’s address book. Has been established. When the coronavirus restriction was lifted, she was “excited to see what her life was like.” I’m nervous. Even before the blockade. I had little experience. I was used to it. She gained many more fans by playing WWE and has many audiences who always come to see her match at the stadium on the day she plays the match.

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Aleah James Career

James made his debut in the November 5th episode of NXT UK in a match that Jinny won. She concludes her debut year with the December 3rd episode of NXT UK, which was won by Aoife Valkyrie. On January 23, 2021, it was reported that WWE officially signed James under the NXT UK brand. She returned to television in the February 18th episode of NXT UK in a match against Dani Luna. The following month, she returned to the match against Isla Dawn in the March 25th episode of NXT UK. Aleah James started his career and made his first wrestling on January 19, 2019, at the Portuguese promotion Centro De Treinos De. She teamed up with Hellmer Lo Guennec to play against Team FAWK members Claudia Bradstone and Nelson Pereira.

Aleah James Early Life

Aleah James Best Friend

 On October 10, 1998, Aleah James was born in Romford, Essex, England. She lived with her Irish father, her mother in the Caribbean, and her sisters. She also has one brother, all older than her. Aleah James, who is still educating herself, enrolled in the London School of Lucha Libre and Knucklocks Gym and received her training. She has also completed several training courses at other schools. Aleah James is 1.55m or 155cm tall. Her weight is about 54 kg. Aleah James is ready to seize the opportunity.

Aleah James Net Worth

Aleah James’s net worth is estimated at $ 1 million. Her contract with WWE has been very well paid to her and has been her main source of income ever since. Aleah James is also an actress and she is also known for WWE: NXT UK (2018) and RevPro Epic Encounters 3 which was released in the year 2020.

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