When Do The Makers Will Announce The Onward 2 Release Date?

Critics praised and gave excellent reviews to Pixar’s Onward, and viewers eagerly anticipate the sequel, Onward 2. Onward tells the tale of two young elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who temporarily attempt to cast a spell to bring their dead dad back to life. They can only see the lower half of their father’s body due to an incomplete period. Before the 24 hours are out, they must hurry to break the curse to see their father again. 

The book Onward describes the close ties between brothers, fathers, and sons and our unwavering devotion to our families. I would choose the term “heartwarming” if I were, to sum up, this animated film in one word. You’ll cry when Onward’s ending plays because it is so moving. Unsurprisingly, so many people adore this film and eagerly anticipate Onward 2. 

In March 2020, Pixar released Onward. It has received 65 nominations. It has been nominated for 65 awards, including the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Onward receives an audience approval rating of 95 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes and a critic approval rating of 88 per cent on IMDB. 

The mix of magic and love is moving forward. Fans are also eager to learn whether the lovely story will continue in Onward 2.

Onward 2 Release Date

Onward 2 Release Date

For its original storytelling, Pixar is renowned. The majority of the films lack a sequel and are stand-alone. Along with Wall-E, this also includes Up, Ratatouille, and Inside Out. With movies like The Incredibles, Toy Story, and Cars, Pixar defied convention. 

Onward 2 has a lot of promise because its creators are flexible. It’s unlikely that Onward 2 will be released very soon, even if it is made. Years after the initial film’s debut, Pixar releases its sequels. 1995 saw the release of Toy Story 1. In 1999, Toy Story 2 was released and following four years. Toy Story 3 was released in 2010—eleven years later. 2019 saw the release of Toy Story 4 after nine years.

There is a 14-year gap between The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. However, the time between Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is 13 years. The chance of an upcoming release of Onward 2 exists, but don’t hold your breath.

Name Of The ShowOnward
Season NumberSeason
GenreUrban Fantasy, Adventure
Onward Release Date6 March 2020
Onward 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Onward 2 Story

So, assuming there will be an Onward 2, what will the plot be? 

It isn’t easy to guess where the tale will lead in the edgy Onward universe. However, as Onward is full of conventional, magical, mythical characters like elves, mermaids, dwarfs, and gnomes, those beings could play a significant part in the plot of Onward 2. 

And as Ian Lightfoot is developing his magical talent in the first Onward movie, Onward 2 can see the continuation of Ian having this wizarding power. The focus of the following film can be on Ian’s ability to control the management or whether he will give up. 

Onward 2 can also depict Barley’s upbringing and the two brothers’ development (much like the Toy Story film series). Whatever it is, there is so much untapped promise in Onward. The following story will likely be based on the director Dan Scanlon’s real-life experiences since this film is based on his connection with his older brother.

Onward 2 Cast

The voice casts for Onward 2 will probably be the same as those for the first film when (and if) it is released. There are many renowned and talented actors and actresses in Onward. That includes Octavia Spencer as Corey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Laurel Lightfoot, Chris Pratt as Barley Lightfoot, and Tom Holland as Ian Lightfoot. 

Other supporting voice actors include Lena Waithe as Specter, Kyle Bornheimer and Wilden Lightfoot, Mel Rodriguez as Colt Bronco, and more. If you haven’t seen Onward, I strongly urge you to do so because, in my opinion, it’s the best Pixar animated movie. Watch it right away on Disney+.

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Onward Recap

Onward 2 Release Date

Ian and Barley, two teenage elf brothers, set off on a magical quest to spend one final day with their deceased father. Their voyage is rife with cryptic maps, impassable challenges, and unbelievable discoveries, just like any good adventure. However, when devoted Mom learns that her sons have vanished, she joins forces with the fabled manticore to bring her cherished sons back home.

It simply needs a little more dynamism, a touch more imagination, and a touch more magic, a unique spark to enhance the content. It’s not that there isn’t much to look at visually; the animators were imaginative. However, the narrative falls short of making the most of the particular other worlds that Onward inhabits. The movie doesn’t provoke enough laughter or subtle smirks even though there are plenty of opportunities to do so, including floating down a river on a gigantic Cheeto that was magically enlarged, the centaur boyfriend disclosing a hot secret, etc. 

Had the story’s emotional component been more fully realized, complex, and, well, Pixar-like.

You might move forward if you press on, but in which direction? Despite its strengths, the film never quite finds its focus. There is a quest, but it doesn’t quite feel magical. It’s not one of Pixar’s best films. On the other hand, even mediocre Pixar is worth watching.

Where To Watch Onward 2?

For the onward movie fans, The onward 2020 sequel is available for streaming on Disney +

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