Is Turning Red 2 Release Date Has A Long Way To Go?

The likelihood of Turning Red’s second season is increased by the show’s popularity and strong critical reception. Turning Red, the first Pixar film with an all-female cast, has a lot more to reveal. Even though Turning Red is soon to be released, speculation is rampant over whether a sequel will be made. Additionally, given the film’s enormous popularity, fans are calling for a sequel to the same.

The setting for the animated film is Chinese culture. It tells the tale of Meilin Lee, also known as “Mei,” in popular culture. This part is played by Rosalie Chiang in the movie. In addition to being an obedient daughter, she is demonstrated to be a clever and responsible student.

Mei puts her family’s pleasure ahead of her own and owes them a great deal. But she wants to know where she stands when she leaves adolescence and starts her adult life. Mei is curious about who she is as a person and wants the chance to develop her own identity. She feels strong emotions whenever she has a disagreement as a result of these restrictions. She is endowed with a hereditary curse that causes her to transform into a huge Red panda whenever she has strong emotions. She finds it increasingly challenging to put herself before her family as time goes on. Additionally, she questions if she should listen to her emotions or mind.

Turning Red 2 Release Date

Turning Red 2 Release Date

The producer and director acknowledged that they are thinking about making a sequel in a formal interview. The Turning Red 2 Release Date, assuming it happens, would be 4-5 years after 2022. It’s because Turning Red’s production, filming, and distribution also took 4-5 years.

Disney was forced to postpone the theatrical debut of Turning Red due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Then it was made available for free on Disney Plus. It has garnered a positive response from the viewers and has quickly established a sizable fan base.

Aside from that, the story has spread like wildfire due to its favourable assessments. Practically speaking, Mei was able to cope with it, but her difficult years and future would present many obstacles for her to overcome. She will therefore find it difficult to accept the harsh reality.

The Turning Red 2 plotline might focus on Mei’s struggle to deal with her trying journey and forge her own identity. A coming-of-age fantasy-comedy movie called Turning Red 2 was created in the United States by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures, and it will be released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. This film serves as a sequel to Turning Red (2022). Ana Sani, who takes the place of Rosalie Chiang in the character of Meilin “Mei” Lee, Sandra Oh, Orion Lee, Ava Morse, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and Hyein Park all return in the sequel. New characters in the sequel are also voiced by John Ratzenberger, TBA.

Name Of The ShowTurning Red
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFantasy Comedy
Turning Red Release Date21 February, 2022
Turning Red 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Turning Red 2 Crew

Sandra Oh called for the creation of a follow-up movie in an interview with CinemaBlend: “We’d love to make a sequel in which we follow Mei in her panda through her college years, her foray into entrepreneurship, and perhaps even her arrival as a mother. It would be fantastic to explore Mei’s life journey in that way. We’ll have to wait till [Rosalie Chiang is] 19 years old.”

For her part, Chiang assured Oh that she would be interested in playing a lead role in another movie: “I’ll attend. I’ll attend.”

Producer Lindsey Collins and director Domee Shi discussed the potential for more in an interview with She told: “That we are also honest, we did not discuss it yet. However, the request for additional stories is made in the conclusion. Meanwhile, Collins added: “Ideally, by the time a movie is over, you’ve become emotionally attached to the characters and find it difficult to let them go. I mean, I feel that way as the filmmakers and not even as the viewer.

“I adore these individuals. I was never bored with them. I would go hang out with those characters again, I would always say. I wish to see their activities. Thus, yes. The future?”

Turning Red 2 Developments

Turning Red 2 Release Date

Chiang was employed by Pixar in 2017 to contribute scratch vocals to aid in the production of the movie. Chiang, who was just 12 at the time, was chosen in part because Fremont, which is only 35 miles (56 km) from Pixar’s Emeryville headquarters, has a convenient child actor who could be situated there. Shi and Collins decided the movie was “strong” enough to start auditioning professional voice actors after two years of production. The two realised they had already fallen in love with Chiang’s scratch vocals and could not picture anyone else playing Mei despite listening to many auditions. They took the matter to Pixar’s chief creative officer Pete Doctor, who formally authorised Chiang’s selection for the leading role.

Shi unexpectedly offered Chiang the part during a recording session in the beginning of 2020 while reading from an additional script page in the character Ming. This was their final in-person meeting, which took place just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. Pixar sent Chiang a massive amount of pro audio gear to keep the production rolling, and Chiang converted one of her parent’s rooms into a temporary recording studio.

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Turning Red 2 Story

Several years ago, it felt like every Pixar film was a sequel. Considering all the creative concepts we’ve recently seen from the company, that moment is most definitely not right now. The animation company appears to be taking a vacation from franchises, with Onward to Soul, Luca, and the recently released Turning Red serving as the newest examples. Nevertheless, we would still like to see some of these storylines continued in some way in the future. Sandra Oh has a very fantastic theory on how Turning Red 2 might take place.

Sandra Oh and Rosalie Chiang, who play mother-daughter combo Ming and Mei in the film Turning Red, expressed their eagerness to portray these characters in other stories after the film’s moving conclusion. See what they had to say:

Sandra Oh: We’d love to do a sequel in which we follow Mei in her panda through her college years, her foray into entrepreneurship, and perhaps even her arrival as a mother. It would be fantastic to explore Mei’s life journey in that way. (To Rosalie Chiang) We’ll need to wait until you’re 19 years old.

Rosalie Chiang: I intend to attend. I’ll attend.

Hey, Sandra Oh it has really been thought about this thing, and it’s a beautiful idea! It would be intriguing to catch up with Mei as an adult, similar to how audiences followed Andy as a child through the Toy Story films before watching him leave for college and part with his priceless toy collection.

Perhaps she leaves her home in Toronto to attend college far away, where she discovers that she is once more unable to control her panda. Don’t you think she would need the help of her mother and friends to get through it? Or maybe Mei gets back together with them all to watch 4*Town play a reunion concert years after the band disbands. They’d probably want to hold off until Rosalie Chiang reaches adulthood, which may be five years from now, give or take, as Oh revealed in the interview.

I’d think that’s a very successful method for Pixar to approach its plot lines as someone who grew up during the release of Toy Story and then saw an all-grown-up Andy in Toy Story 3 as I was bidding goodbye to my own childhood. Young boys and girls of this generation can now watch Turning Red and afterwards revisit these characters at a later time in their life.

Turning Red Recap

Turning Red 2 Release Date

13-year-old Meilin “Mei” Lee, who resides with her parents Ming and Jin in Toronto in 2002, tries to uphold Ming’s honour by helping to maintain the family’s temple honouring their ancestor Sun Yee. She keeps her personal interests hidden from Ming, including her love of the boy band 4*Town, which she shares with her three best friends Miriam Mendelsohn, Priya Mangal, and Abby Park. One evening, Mei’s harsh overprotective mother Ming learns that she has a crush on Devon, the manager of the neighbourhood convenience store, and unintentionally humiliates Mei in front of everyone.

Mei later had a frightening nightmare about red pandas. That morning when she awakens, she has changed into a sizable red panda. While her hair remains red, forcing her to wear a beanie to school, she hides from her parents and learns that she only transforms when she is experiencing intense emotion. Ming initially thinks Mei is having her first period but discovers the reality after arguing with the school security guard, which prompts Mei to change and flee home in fear.

Ming and Jin explain that Sun Yee was given this metamorphosis in order to protect her two daughters, and ever since then, every female member of the family has undergone this transformation once they reached adulthood. The red panda spirit must be sealed in a talisman by a ritual on the night of the Red Moon; the following one is in a month because doing so has become difficult and dangerous in modern times. Mei discovers that focusing on her friends helps her control the red panda inside of her after they learn about her metamorphosis, although they seem to like it.

Where to Watch Turning Red?

Pixar’s Turning Red is finally available to watch on the Disney+ streaming platform and Turning Red 2 will also be available on the same platform.

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