Finding Nemo 3 Release Date: Is It arriving Soon On Disney Plus?

Finding Nemo is an American family adventure animation film that was released on May 30, 2003, created and directed by Andrew Stanton. Kids were very fond of this film when it came out and it eventually became the 13th highest-grossing animation film even the sequel finding Dory which was released on June 17, 2016, did even better than the first one at the box office. It was ranked at the 9 spots in the highest-grossing animation list it made a box office collection of $1,028,570,889. So the conclusion is that both the films are extremely popular but sadly the last part was released 6 years ago so the kids of today’s generation did not get to watch the films in the theatre. These two films are quite special for gen-z who grew up watching these 2 animation films and it is sort of part of their childhood now that they are all grown up they all also look forward to such adorable films to relive their childhood self. Not only that do you think these films were able to earn this much just because they are made for a particular age group then you are wrong even adults and old age people love these films so it is time for Andrew Stanton to come back with the 3 part of Nemo franchise.

Finding Nemo 3 Release Date

Finding Nemo 3 Release Date

According to some sources, Finding Nemo 3 will be called Finding Marlin which will be a sequel to Finding Dory which came out 6 years ago. It has been created by the same creator and director of the previous 2 parts Andrew Stanton, the film is currently in making according to some sources it is scheduled to be released on July 24, 2026. So viewers have to wait for 4 more years to see the film animation films generally take a lot of time like the first part when Finding Nemo was released it took about 13 years for Andrew Stanton to make Finding Dory well not the whole process took 13 years it’s more like it took him some years to prepare the script some to finalize it some years to actually make it what we want to say is it’s not easy to make an animation film so fans have to be really patient in case of animation films because they never know when will it actually come out.

Finding Nemo 1 Release DateMay 30, 2003
Finding Nemo 2 Release DateJune 17, 2016
Finding Nemo 3 Release DateJuly 24, 2026
Finding Nemo 3 Release Date

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Finding Nemo Franchise Movies

Filmmaker and creator of the Nemo franchise Andrew Stanton have not officially announced how many Nemo films will be there in the franchise. But during an interview, he did open up about his plans to make a 3D Finding Nemo film which is now scheduled to be released on July 24, 2026, after the release of the third film we are not sure if Stanton will release more films from the franchise. The future of the Finding Nemo franchise is still in the dark fans have come up with many theories but none of them has been proven true until now. Creator Andrew Stanton is tight lip about his future plans for this franchise currently pretty packed up with his next 2 future projects Revolver and Chairman Spaceman so we are not sure whether he is planning to keep continue working on the Nemo franchise.

Is Finding Nemo Based On A True Story?

Finding Nemo is a story that everyone adores so if you ever wondered if the film is based on a true story then it’s totally reasonable. However, the film is not based on any true story the story is a work of fiction created by filmmaker Andrew Stanton in the past fans came up with many theories to prove some points in the story but none of them was addressed by the creator himself so there is no proof if any of them are true or not. But none of that matters since everyone perceives the movie in their own way and they can come up with any theory that they find relatable. It is such an amazing film that even after 13 years of its release the craze of the film is still there and we come across many stuff related to the astonishing film.

What Is The True Meaning Of Nemo In Finding Nemo?

Finding Nemo 3 Release Date

Nemo’s name’s true meaning is nobody in Latin so many fans came up with this theory that in the movie Nemo is never excited instead it was Marlin’s delusion after losing his wife and the eggs after the tragic accident he made up this story in his head. This might seems pretty tragic that’s what we thought too but fans are speculating that this might be true and everything that was shown in the film is actually a story from the point of view of Marlin to cope with the loss. The film was released 13 years ago but fans are not shutting up their theories to date finding Nemo is one of the most iconic and amazing animation films to date so there is no way that people will just keep mum until part 3 is released. If we take a look at the news surrounding finding Nemo 3 it seems pretty much in the dark the creator is already busy with his future projects so chances of finding Nemo 3 happening before 2026 seem impossible.

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How Old is Nemo in Finding Nemo?

Nemo is 6 years old finding Nemo on the first day of his school, he gets himself into trouble after fighting with his father. He is a very curious and excited kid he always wants to explore the places around him however his overprotective father Marlin does not let him go out with his other friends. When Nemo does not get to do things in his own way he gets into a fight with his father which leads to him getting caught in a fisherman’s fishing net. After losing his wife Coral and the eggs Marlin vows that no matter what he will protect Nemo from every kind of trouble however things go the other way when Nemo gets captured by the fisherman right in front of his eyes he could not do anything.

Finding Nemo Story

The film follows the story of two fish Marlin and Coral who relocated to a new place to begin their new life. They were expecting their baby Carol name the baby Nemo all of a sudden a barracuda attacks the couple after the attack Marlin faints when he wakes up he finds out that Carol has gone missing or died during the attack. After a while, a clownfish comes out of the egg and Marlin names him Nemo a very small clownfish he lives with his father at the Great Barrier Reef. Marlin gets very protective of his son Nemo gets curious to know more about his surroundings and explore the ocean but Marlin does not let him go out because he still has not recovered from the loss of his wife Coral and the eggs. Nemo goes to school for the first time Marlin goes with Nemo to drop him at school, Marlin meets his old friends who make fun of him for not coming out of his home often. Nemo plays with his friends at school but Marlin follows him along when Nemo goes out with his classmates for a trip Marlin stops him and shouts at him Nemo gets annoyed with his father’s behaviour and he gets caught in a fisherman’s net. Marlin panics after seeing his son get caught in the net but he could not manage to free him and the rest of the story follows Marlin and his journey to find his son along with his other acquaintances.

Finding Nemo 3 Characters

Finding Nemo 3 Release Date

The characters of Finding Nemo 3 have not yet been confirmed, but the cast of Finding Nemo is as follows. Some of these characters also reprised their roles in the sequel Finding Dory, so there is a chance that some of the characters from the first two parts will reprise their roles for part three. Albert Brooks provided the voice for Marlin, Ellen DeGeneres provided the voice for Dory, and Alexander Gould provided the voice for Nemo. Willem Dafoe provided the voice for the character Gill, Allison Janney provided the voice for the character Peach, and Vicki Lewis provided the voice for the characters Deb and Flo. Andrew Stanton provided the voice for the character Crush, Bob Peterson for Mr Ray, and Barry Humphries provided the voice for Bruce. Bruce Spence provided the voice for Chum, Bill Hunter provided the voice for Philip Sherman, and LuLu Ebeling provided the voice for Darla.

Where To Watch Finding Nemo 3?

Finding Nemo is currently streaming on Disney+hostar along with Finding Dory. If part 3 is released in the future then it will also stream on the same platform however the release date of finding Nemo has not been released.

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