Chet Hanks Net Worth 2022 Details Is All Finally Here!

Chester Marlon Hanks is an American actor and musician. He is popularly known as Chet Hanks. He is the son of famous actors tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Hanks also has two siblings who are younger than him. He also has a stepbrother Colin Hanks who is also a famous actor in Hollywood.

The actor was born on August 4, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is famous for his roles in Empire and Shameless. Hanks debuted as an actor in 2007 and as a musician in 2011. He has been successful in both fields. Chet Hanks loves music and travelling. Due to his interest in music, he decided to enter the music industry in 2011. He is also a fitness enthusiast who has a very well-maintained body and runs his own fitness program which he named as HanxFit. During high school, he used to struggle a lot. He was not able to adjust to the new environment of the high school and after completing his graduation he started learning acting in a theatre School where he started developing an interest in acting and wanted to become an actor since then.

Chet Hanks Net Worth

Chet Hanks Net Worth

This American actor and musician have a net worth of $ 3 million dollars as of 2022. Chet Hanks is not only a nice actor but also a great name in the music industry. Even after establishing his name as an actor, he has released several albums of his own which were loved by his fans and became a hit. His annual income is about $500,000. Chet Hanks major sources of income include music hits and his acting projects.

The actor has recently made his YouTube channel if the channel goes well then there are good chances that his YouTube channel will also be included in the list of his major sources of income.

Chet Hanks Career

Chester Marlon Hanks debuted as an actor in the 2007 film Bratz as Dexter. By 2010 check used to play small roles in the television industry but soon his career started to accelerate. From 2016 to 2018 Hanks appeared in the show shameless where he played the role of a father. One of his most famous works as an actor is in the hip-hop drama Empire in which he played the role of Blake. He has also worked in films like Greyhound and the showtime courtroom mini-series Your Honour.

He started his career in the music industry in 2011 when he was a student at Northwestern University. He recorded his song ” White and Purple” which was a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” In 2018 he released his two single albums ‘Models’ and ‘Nowhere Lands’. Hanks and Drew Arthur formed a musical duo in 2016. The duo has released two of their tracks in 2020 ‘Harley’ and ‘Ticket Out of My Head’.

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Chet Hanks Dating Life

Chet Hanks Net Worth

Chet Hanks dated Tiffany Miles, the relationship was one of the first serious relationships of Hanks known to the media. The couple made a lot of headlines when they started dating. The relationship was very intense and they were a very serious couple. Both of them also welcomed their daughter in 2016 and named her Michaia.

After he broke up with Tiffany Miles Hanks started dating Kiana Parker who is a businesswoman and a famous social media personality. Both of them also ended up after some time. However, things turned out to be ugly after his breakup. As Kiana Parker sued Chet Hanks for $1 million and claimed that Chet Hanks used to abuse her physically and verbally when they were in a relationship. Kiana Parker’s lawyers also said that Chet Hanks continuously abused their client throughout their relationship after which they decided to break up.

Hanks has always been very private about his relationships and never gave any statement regarding this case. Even during his relationships he has never shared anything from his relationship, life, or girlfriends in the media and chose to keep his private life and professional life separate.

Coming from a strong acting background Chet Hanks had a lot of expectations tied to him. After watching his amazing performances as an actor and as a musician it would be right to say that it’s not just his background but also his amazing talent that has helped him in getting successful and establishing his name in the industry. He has been a young talent in the industry in his early years when he established his name by working in side roles initially. After this, he started getting bigger roles, once he started doing bigger roles he made his place in the audience’s hearts and his fan base kept increasing with each passing year.

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