Masoom Season 2 Release Date: Is It Arriving By 2023?

Masoom is an Indian Thriller Crime web series consisting of 6 episodes, each with an approximate runtime being 24 – 41 minutes. The series is directed by Mihir Desai and stars some popular television actors, like Boman Irani, Upasana Singh, Manu Rishi Chadda, etc. Namit Sharma is the producer for the series and Ginny Diwan is the Story and Screenplay writer. The thriller web series is a remake of the 2018 Irish drama, Blood. The plot follows the events in Palauli village in Punjab and features the story of Sana Kapoor, who is devastated, shocked and heartbroken after her mother, Balwant Kapoor sudden death. As the youngest daughter who doesn’t accept the sudden death of her mother, she takes it upon herself to uncover the mystery behind her mother’s death. She has a difficult and complex relationship with her father, Dr Balraj Kapoor, who is against the idea of her uncovering the mysteries of his wife’s death. As she moves forward with her investigation, she comes across various secrets and mysteries within her family.

The story is rated 16 plus and is available in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali dubs. This series is currently under fire for being Boman Irani’s debut on the OTT platform, although he has a good reputation for making hundreds of Bollywood films. The series, based on a twisted family and the undiscovered mysteries of Balwant Kapoor’s death, is a perfect opening for him to shine in the OTT world. 

Masoom Season 2 Release Date

Masoom has recently been released on 17th June on Disney + Hotstar and is currently enjoying its prime time, thanks to the audience’s attention and the positive reviews. The makers of the series have already been asked for a season 2 and they are planning to take the project. As of now, if the production moves forward at a fast pace, we might be able to see season 2 by the end of 2023. The finale of season 1 left many people speechless and craving more content featuring the Kapoor clan. If luck has it, the story will pick up from where it has ended, following more mysteries and surprises from the family or feature a completely new family, with a different cast and characters. As of now, we highly expect the next season will follow more mysteries of the Kapoor family as the series has left us with quite the suspense ending. The series is a popular pick among the audience and will most likely appear on Disney+ Hotstar following its release. We will be able to see the thriller and suspense indulged in mysterious facts about the Kapoor family with the same members and expect a new cast to make their appearance. 

Masoom Season 1 Release DateJune 17, 2022
Masoom Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Masoom Season 2 Release Date

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Masoom Trailer

The trailer was released on 8th June and has already gotten itself 19M+ views. The trailer starts with Sana Kapoor crying. The trailer moves forward, showing her mother’s dead body and her father being violent with someone. The police have a conversation with the family after seeing their luxurious house and we see Balwant Kapoor’s after-death ceremonies. Sana is seen to inquire about her mother’s sudden demise with her family. We are then followed up with a few sequence shots showing the game of nerves between the family members and Balraj Kapoor claiming Sana’s lies to be the reason their family was about to break up in the past. 

Masoom Season 2 Cast

Boman Irani, Samara Tijori, Upasana Singh, Manjari Fadnnis, Veer Rajwant Singh, Manu Rishi Chadda, Akashdeep Arora, Sarika Singh, Sukhpal Singh and Nikhil Nair, are playing the lead role in the Series. 

Where To Watch Masoom?

The Masoom web series is available on Disney+ Hotstar. Since the series is yet to receive popularity and attention from the audience, the series is yet to be available on other big platforms. As of now, the series is available on Disney+ Hotstar and other small platforms in India. If you live in places where the series is not available, we suggest you use VPN to change your location and access the series. VPN is a good and cheap buy which allows you to gain access to rare and location-based series which are unavailable in your location. In future, we expect the series to be available on the same platform unless some other big platforms get interested in the show and buy the streaming rights. 

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