Is The Man From Toronto Based On A True Story?

The Man from Toronto is a 2022 American action comedy film starring amazing actors like Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson. What is a comedic masterpiece without Kevin Hart!? This movie was directed by Patrick Hughes and produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch. Robbie Fox and Jason Blumenthal wrote the story and the movie is approximately 112 minutes long. The movie received mixed reactions, mostly negative by critics, even though it had a budget of $75 million. The movie got 25% positive reviews according to Rotten Tomatoes with an average IMDb rating of 5.7/10. Although the movie didn’t fare well from the critics’ aspect, it sure accomplished its job of entertaining viewers. Apart from the negative reviews, many fans took the opportunity to talk about the movie. Some claim the movie is a masterpiece and a must-watch for people who are lovers of the genre.

The comedic chemistry between the two leading actors made everyone laugh and helped them come out of difficult times by lifting their moods. They also claimed the movie has scope for more entertainment and plot-rich development for future sequels and they are desperately waiting for a comeback by the actors and characters in a new movie. Director Patrick Hughes revealed that he wishes for The Hitman’s Bodyguard to lie in the same universe as The Man From Toronto, and is planning to reach the associated film studios to work on a project combining the characters from both franchises. This means that, if luck has it, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel. L. Jackson, Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson will appear in the same movie, acting alongside each other. This alone is great news for fans of Agent movies who are wishing for a collaboration between the actors. In this article, we will discuss the movie and a little more information based on your queries and interests. 

Is The Man From Toronto Based On A True Story?

The Man From Toronto is partly based on a real-life incident following producer Jason Blumenthal, who got involved in an Airbnb mix-up during his trip to Denver. He had rented an Airbnb for his family to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the location was a side-by-side duplex with a modern farmhouse which he claimed to be beautiful with a door on the left and right sides. The set-up made everyone believe that there were two different units inside. Everyone from his family started showing up and while waiting for an hour, they realised Kent and Lyla, Jason’s in-laws, were yet to arrive and had been running too late. Turns out, the in-laws had been unpacking in the wrong house after mistaking it for the destined location. The door was open and they dropped in all of their stuff when they looked around, they found a completely different family sitting in the living room.

The family had a hearty laugh and the two families enjoyed themselves together. The In-Laws entered the wrong place at the wrong time and what seemed like a silly mistake by relatives, became the producers’ idea, which made him think, what if the family Kent and Lyla came across, weren’t the hospitable kind, as they were, but someone more dangerous, doing things normal people wouldn’t dare witness and would get in trouble for getting involved? After the fateful incident, Jason hired screenwriter Robbie Fox, who has an interesting portfolio of great works, to execute the idea of the desired screenplay based on the small incident and this is how the movie came into existence. This means ‘The Man From Toronto’ isn’t a story based on a true story where a person turns up to a place where people are in the middle of a dangerous and brutal interrogation by assassins, but a simple incident where some people entered the wrong Airbnb, which resulted in week-long laughter for the family. Similarly, there were no true incidents where an individual gets misunderstood as an assassin and is given a deadly mission to save someone influential, nor is there any incident concerning a top assassin who has someone else impersonating him. The movie is original from the writer’s imagination and the producer’s not-so-serious accidental encounter. 

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The Man From Toronto Story

The plot focuses on a civilian, Teddy, who is mistaken to be an assassin named ‘The Man From Toronto’, Randy, and the actual Randy. The duo decide to complete a tough mission together. 

Teddy is a struggling internet athletic instructor who tries hard to sell his idea of non-contact boxing to a gym owner named Marty. Marty despises his idea and rejects it, claiming Teddy to be a big failure for having thought of such a stupid idea of promoting a marketing brochure. His overall idea and design make Teddy incompetent in Marty’s eyes. Lori, Teddy’s wife, is nearing her birthday and Teddy decides to take her for a spa session followed by a luxurious two-hour pampering by him. He goes to a secluded cabin to continue his preparation for the rest of the surprise. The printer he used to print the directions was low on toner and the print had the cabin’s number faded. Teddy, following the faulty address, arrives at the wrong location at the wrong time. Two men are waiting for a third man named ‘The Man From Toronto’. On Teddy’s arrival, they mistake him for the man they are waiting for and encourage him to do the job of interrogating a man they have captured. ‘The Man From Toronto’ is a talented assassin who’s speciality is his brutal interrogation. Being mistaken as the assassin, Teddy starts his interrogation and manages to gain the required information, despite being scared and clueless.

The cabin gets raided by the FBI and the two agents, Lawrence and Davis, inform Teddy of the situation and convince him to cooperate with them, having taken the identity of the assassin. They are on a mission to catch Venezuelan Colonel Marin, an exiled criminal, who will be arriving in Washington DC and is directly involved in a plan to assassinate the President of Venezuela at the new Venezuelan Embassy. They are short in time and Teddy is helping the FBI. Agent Satoro is sent to protect Lori and act as a butler to help Lori and her friend Anne have a fun day shopping and enjoying themselves. Teddy meets the Colonel’s wife, who informs him of the successful ‘phase one of their mission and they have to move forward with ‘phase two, which includes travelling to Puerto Rico. Teddy, along with four of Marin’s men, is travelling by plane, where they are ambushed by the real ‘The Man From Toronto’, Randy. Randy goes forward and kills everyone except for Teddy before crash-landing on a secluded island. The duo move to San Juan after Randy’s talk with his handler and the duo agrees to complete the mission together.

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The Man From Toronto Cast

Is The Man From Toronto Based On A True Story

The cast for ‘The Man From Toronto’ consists of a well-known star cast. Everyone in the film has a good acting career and is filled with professionalism. The film is highly popular amongst the audience and the casting can be said to play the biggest role, as the stars in the movie made sure to do their best, relating with the audience, and hitting their humour whenever required. The comic acting by the cast is also noteworthy for praise, following the action sequences. The main cast for the movie are as follows: 

  • Kevin Hart as Teddy;
  • Woody Harrelson as Randy, The Man From Toronto;
  • Kaley Cuoco as Anne;
  • Jasmine Mathews as Lori; 
  • Lela Loren as Daniela Marin;
  • Pierson Fodé as The Man From Miami;
  • Jencarlos Canela as Agent Santoro; 
  • Ellen Barkin as The Handler, and
  • Martin Roach as Marty. 

Where To Watch The Man From Toronto?

The film was released on June 24th by Netflix. Netflix bought the movie from Sony and is currently the only platform available to watch the movie. The movie is quite popular and has the attention of a large audience, who are excited about future sequels and the possible projects with other popular agent movies. Hence, the movie is expected to soon be released on other popular, and your favourite platforms. The future movies of the franchise are also expected to be produced by Sony and be available on platforms that buy the streaming rights. As of now, Netflix is the only available platform to stream the movie and we will quickly update the article in case of further official news. 

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