Anime Releasing In August 2022: Are You Ready For The Journey?

2022 has been a great year for anime fans all over the world, we have seen many things that we never expected. Manga readers do know how things are going on changing and those will be soon what we are going to see in the animes. We have received some great work in the summer of 2022, and it will go on and on. However august has been one of those months when we aren’t getting many animes to start with. There are very few approximately 7 which we were able to find out. But that doesn’t mean they are not worth a watch. Some of them have been so good, that fans have been waiting for them for years, and especially if you are a One Piece fan, you do not forget what’s coming in august of 2022.

Animes are quite different from mangas, manga readers do rarely stop getting new chapters, there are sure breaks but they are mainly for a few months and new chapters keep dropping every week, whereas, for animes, only very few mangas end up being animated, and if we are lucky, we receive some animes, with very little break, or we receive animes, which we don’t know when will get renewed. However, anime fans never lose hope. Here we are going to list to you all the animes that will make it to us in august of 2022, and based on the reviews we have received we can assure you, that all of them are going to be worth a watch.

1. One Piece Movie Red

Anime Releasing In August 2022

There has been a long time since we have heard about this one and it would be an injustice if we don’t start the list with this one. We already know oda is going to start writing the greatest anime war arc in history after a few days and there have been many theories regarding what’s coming. Currently, in the anime, we see that the Wano arc is currently going on. Now coming to the movie, we are talking about right now, red is one of those movies which has got one of those lead characters, which has got one of the least show time in one piece, but no doubt he is one of the strongest and one of the most loved characters in this series. we have only had very few minutes of shanks till now and coming to the movie red, its actually not based on shanks’ story, but the story of shank having a daughter and if it’s one piece, there has to be one group in every arc and that is the Mugiwara crew.

The trailers for the show have been out a few months ago and the trailer has been a complete hit, Oda has been praised very much for what we have been shown in the trailer and the main thing is none knows the plot, because this movie isn’t based on any manga, and even if we will have the manga, it will be out after the movie make its release. Now coming to the main topic, this movie is going to be released in Japan firstly and the date it coming is the 6th august of 2022. Now for all those fans who have been waiting for the series all over the world, you would have to wait a little longer or search for other versions of the show. The movie will be available to people all over the world by the fall of 2022, but the dates haven’t been announced yet.

The series will be based on the story where we see that shanks have got a daughter, now none knew that shanks have got a daughter, and based on the trailer, we see that Luffy used to know about her. Now her name is princess uta, and she is a world-famous singer as we can make, and some form of doom falls on her and Luffy and Uta being childhood friends, Luffy makes sure his friends never get hurt. We do get to see shanks make a lot of moves in this movie, some that will affect the upcoming arc and along with that we will see a nostalgic flashback to the time when Luffy used to be a child and was friends with Uta. There will be lots of twists and turns, which we can never predict because the writer is the great oda himself, and the only thing we know is that you need to wait for a little longer and keep your hopes high regarding this movie.

Where to Watch This Movie: It is going to be available in your nearby theatres when it makes its release and soon it is expected to also be available on some worldwide streaming platform such as Netflix or something else.

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2. Fuuto Tantei

Anime Releasing In August 2022

Most manga readers are very common with this name, and yes, we are talking about the same manga series you all have loved for a long time, and this time it has been decided that it is going to be illustrated in the form of an anime. The Fuuto Tantei has been one of those manga series that has got quite a considerable fan base and it is being written by Riku Sanjo. Now, most of you think that the upcoming series has its roots in the Fuuto Tantei manga series, but the roots date back to 2009, many of us who follow Japanese drama series may have heard of the Kamen rider w television series, and yes, the roots lie right in that drama series where we have already seen two superheroes saving the city. The idea has been quite a bit modified now and Riku has made a great story based on what we have received in the past few years. The manga is still running and we have got many chapters available which means if the series is successful, the anime series won’t end with a single season and it will go on and on.

The series is being illustrated by Masaki Sato, and we have received a lot of appreciation from the critics based on the stories it has been following. The manga series not only has a fan base in Japan, but all over the world, and the fans have been waiting a long time for the release of this series. the trailer has been out for a long time and now for the previous few months, there has been a lot of talk regarding how this series will do. Most of us who have been following the manga series, do know how good the storyline is and even though anime fans will need some time to know about this series, sooner or later they will love it. there are many more updates regarding the show and we surely assure you that it is going to be a good choice for an anime series. this series will make it to us on the 1st of August 2022.

For those who don’t know anything about this series. this series belongs to the thriller and supernatural genre and follows the lives of two detectives in the city of Fuuto who have taken the solemn pledge to protect what happens. Another setting of the story that we see is that there are many USB devices which are known as Gaia memories and they can be used to transform into monsters or many heroic forms, and though the production of Gaia memories has stopped, the previous ones still exist in are used by criminals to hurt the city. The two detectives have their own Gaia memories and use them to transfer to Kamen riders and save the city.

Where to Watch: It is going to be available on almost all online anime streaming platforms and the trailer for this show is currently available on YouTube.

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3. Yoru Wa Neko To Issho

Many of us know this series by the name nights with a cat. For those who assume this is something that is going to have any ecchi relations, this is not one of those animes, that we can guarantee you. Yoru Wa Neko To Issho is originally a manga series that has been loved by many manga readers but also hasn’t gained much name, however, it is still being adapted into an anime series, and from what we have seen ti9ll now, the animations aren’t like of modern animes, and it is a bit dated towards the 2010 animes.

However, when we come to the story you are going to be delighted. It is a slice-of-life anime series and the manga series may have begun in 2019 and is still running which means there is a lot of content we are going to get if the anime series is successful. The anime series has been illustrated by the studio Puyukai and the writer of the manga series has been Kyuryu z. the fans of the manga series have been waiting for this for quite a long time, and maybe this is the right decision. Now for all those who know nothing about the series, it is the story of a cat, as we see in the title it is the same. The series hasn’t got many characters, there three main characters, who live in a home, a boy his sister and their pet cat, now you all will be thinking what this series comprises of more, this series hasn’t got anything more, we see how the boy loves his cat and how much he likes spending time with her. We will get to know a lot about what a house cat is when her master isn’t home or whenever she has no one to play with. A very observant watch by the makers for sure and we do believe this anime belonging to the slice of life genre, will be quite a good watch.

The trailer for the show is currently available on the YouTube platform and the manga is available on many manga reading platforms. The anime series will be out by the 4th of august and we do insist you watch the show because it’s quite peaceful and a relaxing one, which will make you happy for sure.

Where to Watch: This show hasn’t yet announced on which platform it will make its release, but it is assumed that it will be available on the Crunchyroll platform, just like any other anime and if it is not, it will surely be available on most other renowned online anime streaming platforms.

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4. Kakegurui Twin

Many of you already know, that this anime will be released in August 2022 and for those who don’t know and, think you have heard of this anime name, yes you are thinking right, this is a part of the Kakegurui series, the gambling den school, most of us have loved this series for sure and went expecting anything more from this series and the story which has been shown, however the makers know how much we love this series and that’s why we have received a new series which is based some years before the setting of the original series. for those of you who don’t know kakegurui is an anime series that has been running for quite a time now and if you love gambling-related shows, this is made for you. The new series will make it to us by the 4th of august 2022. And the Mappa studios are continuing to produce this new series after the previous or the main one as we may say. The series is created by Homura Kawamoto.

Now for those who don’t know anything about the anime series, it is based on a school of rich and elite citizens where the students have no merit based on academics and other stuff. The only thing that rules the school is the art of gambling. The people who end up winning gain power, and the ones who fail end up being in debt and at the same time serve as servants. in the main series we see a new student named Yumeko enter the school, and with her gambling skills she soon gains popularity and ends up pairing up with student council head kirari we also see both of them facing some big players out there. Now in this season, we will see the story of a year back since Yumeko arrived and how the school was working while another girl became the prey to gambling, a character many of us know well. ‘

Where to Watch The Show: It is currently available on various online anime streaming platforms and to watch the new series, you will need to stay tuned to Crunchyroll.

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5. Tsurune: Hajimari No Issha

Many people already know that this movie will be dropping soon and that will be in the month of August only. All the fans of Tsurune are already very excited for the movie to release and this will belong exactly to the Tsurune franchise. The Tsurune show has already been very famous over the past few years and though we have received a single season of the show, the anime series is very highly praised and loved by all, the series has shown one of the oldest martial arts in Japan in such a form that it upholds the culture the place has been carrying on for years. It’s truly a great show and the fan following of the show just speaks about itself, the anime series has got fans all over the world and the critic’s comments on this show have been almost all positive which is a very rare case. This will authentically fall in the sports anime genre, which has been a very famous genre in the last few years, and the movie will be a continuation or partly based on the anime show which you have seen till now. The show was actually based on two light novels, which depicted the actual story and were written by Kotoko Ayano, we have already known him very well for his previous works, and from the trailer that we have received for this movie, the creators and the animators have just outdone themselves. The graphics look extremely serene and the soundtracks have also been selected very nicely for this movie.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Tsurune, it’s actually a light novel series that has got a huge fan base, and previously it has been adapted into an anime and now a movie. This movie is based on the story of Minato Narumiya, who is a middle school student at first and is very interested in the sport of kyudo, for those of you who don’t know what kyudo is, it is a type of archery-based martial arts that have been continuing in  Japan for hundreds of years, Minato now is a member of the kyudo club in school and for certain circumstances he leaves the sport but after meeting a mysterious man, and some other reasons, he has again joined the kyudo club of his high school this times, and he faces quite a great competition and proves how much he is worth it. we also see his high school getting into a tournament with other schools and there are many other great kyudo players there who challenge Minato, the graphics of the movie are just beyond words and thus everyone should give it a try for sure.  this movie according to the trailer and other sources will make it to us by 19th august 2022.

Where to Watch: This movie will be released in theatres in Japan and along with that it will be available on many online anime streaming sites. However, the date for release in theatres in other countries may be different or may not be available in theatres for some.

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6. Gundam: G No Reconguista Movie V- Shisen Wo Koete

Anime Releasing In August 2022

Many fans have been waiting a long time for the fifth movie of the franchise Gundam: g no Reconquista and here we are with it. it has been many months back that the fifth movie will drop in august of 2022 and here we are just a month and then we will be having a movie, now many people who don’t know anything about this movie franchise must be wondering what this is about. This anime movie franchise hasn’t ever been available to us in the form of a series and the fifth movie is the final part of this franchise, that is why there has been a lot of hype regarding this for a long time. The fan base for this movie series is very well spread all over the world and the previous movies from the same franchise have been very successful, the critic comment on this movie has also been very nice and positive, and thus if you haven’t watched the previous movie yet, do complete them by the 5th of August 2022, because that’s the day when the fifth movie will release in your nearby theatre halls though only in Japan.

The story on which this movie is based on how a warrior or a guard named Bellri Zenam, who is in charge of protecting the capital tower using which we can travel from earth to space and while doing so he finds a suit which selects him and very few can use this suit. There are a lot of twists and turns in the platform. There are various villains that we see over the 5 movies and we do remember the pirate corps if we have seen the first few movies. Overall, this is the last movie according to our sources and all the mysteries and questions that have been left unanswered will be answered in this movie if you have been a fan for a long time, you should not miss this movie in any case.

There have also been many questions regarding whether this movie will be worth the hype, it has received because the fourth movie wasn’t as good as the fifth one, but we actually don’t have the choice, to understand the entire scenario and the challenges that we have been facing for the last five movies, we need to watch this one. The entire story of this movie is created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, who is also very renowned for his works, and we can hope that this movie will be listed as one of his great works.

Where to Watch: This movie will be available on various anime online streaming platforms for some days since the release of the show and in Japan, it will be available in theatres on the set date of release only.

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