Where To Watch Andante Online? Read To Know!

Andante is a South Korean drama series that has been very famous for its different and unique story. It is often considered to be one of those Korean drama series, which will change one’s perspective towards life, and thus suggested by many of the top critics. The reviews for this show have been quite nice, however, the IMDb ratings of the show aren’t that good, it’s just a mere 6.7 out of 10 which can be considered moderate. However, the critic’s reviews of the show have been mostly positive, and thus many people still suggest watching the show among various other upcoming series from the particular genre. The show has had only a single season and that’s why it won’t be very tough for any audience to watch it. Just a few episodes and maybe it will be finished in a single day or two. This show has been created by Park Sun Ja and Kwon ki Kyun who have been very much praised for their creation and is directed by the famous park ki ho, whose work has been quite famous and praiseworthy, and maybe that’s one of the reasons this show hasn’t been at all disappointing.

For those of you who don’t know anything about what goes on in this show, it is about a gamer boy who has been very obsessed with his gaming life but has been ignorant of his personal studies, his mother was unaware and when she came to know about this, she decided to move the entire family to a countryside, so that the boy can learn how life works and how it is even great without games.

The main question regarding this series has been about the availability of the series online and we have listed some of the places where you can watch the series. We have also given you some more facts about the series which will brief you a bit before you watch the show.

Where To Watch Andante Online?

Where To Watch Andante Online?

The show Andante made its release or more particularly was telecasted on the KBS1 channel in September 2017 and with only a single season with 16 episodes it made its end in 2018 only. After that, there has been a lot of searches but the show wasn’t available on any renowned platform. We have come to the news that the show is currently available on the Amazon Prime platform only. There are many other renowned platforms but none seemed to have the show and many other k drama streaming platforms were said to have had this show, but for some reason, many of them have taken it off. Now the show is available only to people who are premium subscribers to the amazon prime platform only.

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Where To Watch Andante For Free?

We have searched many platforms to have this show available for the audience for free on any platform, but unfortunately, we have been unable to find any legal platform online which provides the entire show for free. It has to be amazon prime or some illegal platform which is absolutely not preferable.

What Is Andante All About?

As we have seen the entire story on which andante is based, is about the change of environment or where a person lives, now this may seem very casual to some, but actually, it is. Many things affect a person when he goes through such changes and that is what this show is all about. We see a gamer boy in this show and his family who have their own natural traits. The boy is very much obsessed with his games and he often bunks his studies and school to play his games, now the mother isn’t aware of how his grades have been going down, and when she comes to know she decides that the entire family will be moving to a countryside. Initially, it may have been difficult for the entire family but they soon started to slowly get used to the change and then we also see how the boy falls in love with his new life and a great part in that is played by his girlfriend, with whom unknowingly only he falls in love. A great story with great actors for sure.

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