22 Best Episodes Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

There has been a lot of drama in Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ 263 episodes to date. We have witnessed numerous fights, marriages, and births throughout the years. The best parts can be difficult to select. Fortunately, SlotsUp, which has combed IMDB to identify which show is the best-rated episode in each series, helped us put together this helpful list for you. Despite all the international headlines the family has generated with a myriad of various tales, it appears that the drama between the sisters is what people love to talk about the most.

The most popular episode of all time is Season 18, Episode 2, which features a now-famous physical altercation between Kourtney and Kim. Enjoy the best episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians from each season by going back in time (we can’t stop staring at baby Kylie). Furthermore, we would strongly encourage you to use this information to host an Ultimate KUWTK viewing party if you were considering doing so.

22. “Birthday Suit” (Season 1, Episode 4)

Early on in the first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, one of the most iconic events in television history—nay, in all of pop culture history—occurs. As her mother/manager, Kris Jenner, proudly watches, Kim Kardashian—who was then only known for her friendship with Paris Hilton and her sex tape—poses for Playboy. As Kim, still relatively fresh as a sex symbol before she eventually became established as the sex symbol, poses nude, famed sleazeball Hugh Hefner looks on as Kris comments that Kim is “doing wonderful, honey.” Despite being entirely entrenched in the year 2007, this episode undoubtedly has a legacy that has persisted.

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21. “Blame It On The Alcohol” (Season 4, Episode 100)

Liv offers a police officer a false account of how she found Lowell’s dead body as the episode begins. The body of Lowell is taken into the morgue. Liv is the prime suspect, according to Clive, and Major needs to be brought down from his ledge. Suzuki exonerates Liv despite the fact that she must have been present at the crime scene, and Suzuki is fully aware of this. Concerns regarding Suzuki’s friendship with Blaine are raised by this.

Major rants to Ravi about the altercation with Julien at their home. Liv is obviously sad and has dreams about Lowell’s passing. She needs a refresher while she’s still in PTSD mode. Rebecca, the journalist Major was collaborating with, is this week’s brain food. When Rebecca, a lush, stopped a house invasion, she got her head beaten in.

When Clive sees Julien at the gym, he becomes convinced that Major is insane. Liv is persuaded by Ravi that the only way to stop the zombie virus from spreading is to burn Lowell’s body. The memory of Rebecca’s murder suddenly flashes through Clive’s mind as he sniffs Liv’s brain food. The murderer wanted Rebecca’s fingerprint in order to access anything on her phone.

To celebrate Kim’s birthday and go to a crucial business conference, the family travels to Las Vegas. Scott gets excessively drunk and is forced to sober up in the hotel room, but to the astonishment of the Kardashian family, Scott arrives at dinner reservations being disorderly. Scott and the waiter get into a violent disagreement, and Scott shoves a $100 bill into the waiter’s mouth. Kourtney breaks up with Scott due to his behavior, and the drama keeps getting worse.

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20. “Kardashian Civil War” (Season 2, Episode 7)

Let’s fast-forward to Season 2, okay? So, Kim purchases a Bentley, which bothers her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé. Their anger with Kim’s attitude leads to them gossiping about her behind her back, which Kim overhears. We now have another classic meme thanks to Kim, who comes through the door while swinging her huge purse around. Now, the first few seasons really emphasized the “Kim is a diva” theme, even going so far as to give one of the episodes that title. Kim frequently played the villain in the first few seasons because she was the family’s ticket to fame. Later seasons would see Kourt assume that responsibility for herself, but we’ll get to do that.

19. Non-Bon Voyage, (Season 2, Episode 6)

To escape their problems, the family travels to St. Barts, but drama seems to follow them there. Kendall is disappointed when younger sister Kylie invites boyfriend Tyga on the trip, while Kourtney receives distressing news regarding Scott. Kris strives to repair bridges with Khloe and Kim despite maintaining contact with Lamar following the breakup. Just your typical family vacation.

18. “Free Khloé” (Season 3, Episode 1)

Khloé’s trip to jail following her DUI is humorously staged, making for some excellent moments. Kim is using a digital camera to take selfies while Khloé, Kim, and Kris are seated together in the backseat. Another famous comment from Kris as she corrects her daughter: “Kim, will you quit snapping pictures of yourself? Your sister is being arrested. A brief recap of this season’s debut: Khloé got her DUI back in Season 1, and was put on probation as a result. When she breaks her parole, she gets a brief jail sentence. After that, a comically melodramatic Kris compares her daughter’s DUI to her involvement in the O.J. Simpson trial.

17. “Getting To Know You” (Season 6, Episode 11)

Yes, another episode pretty much defined by its most meme-able moment: “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” While visiting Bora Bora with the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kim brings her then-fiancé Kris Humphries, who doesn’t quite click with the family right away. Given that his marriage to Kim infamously only lasted 72 days, it was ultimately not such a huge deal. Kris’s “unique” sense of humor finds him dumping Kim into the waves, leading her to lose one of her diamond earrings. Kim goes into hysterics over this, and the ever-calm Kourtney gives her iconic quote in her usual deadpan manner.

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16. “Aftershock” (Season 16, Episode 12)

Khloe is taken on vacation by Kim, Kourtney, and Malika in the wake of Tristan’s startling betrayal to help her process the information. When Khloe finds out that Jordyn is discussing what occurred in public, her rage erupts to the point where she attacks. Regarding the future of her friendship with her best friend, Kylie must make a choice.

The 16th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming to a close. The official r/KUWTK re-watch will begin next Sunday, July 7, thus this does not mark the final Kardashian Sunday for the sub. On that Sunday, more would follow. (Since it won’t be a live event, feel free to stop by any time the following week.)

Khloé Kardashian’s awful relationship history had long been known to viewers, but in Season 16, things only got worse for her. Her first marriage to Lamar Odom, which she ultimately divorced after she suffered from his drug use and infidelity, was prominently covered in earlier seasons. With Tristan Thompson, with whom she shares a daughter named True, Khloé rekindled her romance. Just before she gave birth, Tristan had an open affair with her. She forgave him, and after becoming parents, they made up. Prior to another scandal that managed to surpass the first, things between them appeared to be going well. Jordan Woods, Tristan’s younger sister, was the object of his latest cheating.

15. “The End, Part 2” (Season 20, Episode 12)

After declaring that the twentieth season of the show would be the final, everything instantly became geared towards offering closure to the viewers, while also giving a glance at what the future looked like for America’s most loved and despised family. The ending delivers on what it should, with the family burying a time capsule and reminiscing on the last couple of decades. After dating Scott intermittently for years, Kourtney finally considers if she really wants to remain with him. Khloé mulls over the future of her relationship with Tristan Thompson, with whom she had made peace following the latter’s major betrayal in Season 16. Fans are aware of how each of these romances turned out, of course. Still, there’s enough sweet to mingle with the bitter in the series finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

14. MILFs Gone Wild (Season 14, Episode 2)

For Kourtney’s birthday, Kim, Kourtney, and several friends travel to Mexico, but the trip goes horribly wrong when Kim’s unfavorable photos appear in the media. Scott is envious of Kourtney’s girl’s getaway, which causes the tension to develop.

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13. Who’s Your Daddy? (Season 1, Episode 7)

Psyched To learn the truth about his biological father, Tidda runs to his middle-class but coldest father of “Dilli,” Soggy. Then Soggy tells the most hilarious story of “Who’s his Daddy,” which is full of amusing sex escapes from his past.

It’s just terrible. Each episode of the web series I watched is a complete failure. Harsh YouTube videos and dialogue are much superior to this series’ dialogue and story combined. Mr. Harsh, I watched this series because of you, but it’s really terrible, especially after Soty 2 and now this disaster. Please stop doing this or choose your scripts wisely.

Due to rumors that Khloe’s father was not Robert Kardashian, Kris chooses to conduct a DNA test to establish Khloe’s paternity. Kim chooses to take over moving DASH, which leads to a furious disagreement between Kourtney and Kim because that isn’t enough family drama for one episode.

12. Loving And Letting Go (Season 9, Episode 1)

Caitlyn and Kris talk about their problems together and decide against divorcing. The Kardashian-Jenner kids start to wonder what kind of an effect it will have on Kendall and Kylie. The bond between Khloe and Lamar keeps breaking down.

11. “Chicago Loyalty” (Season 16, Episode 1)

This one is for those interested in learning more about Kim’s marriage to ex-husband Kanye West, with whom she has recently been the subject of a lot of online turmoil.The handling of a feud between Kanye and Rhymefest is the subject of a disagreement between the two in this episode, which is ultimately resolved by the gift of a crystal. Stay for the crystal; come for Kanye.

10. A New York Family Affair, (Season 12, Episode 2)

When Yeezy Season 3 debuts in New York, Kayne extends an invitation to the entire family. Lamar makes his first public appearance at the show after his fatal accident, where he is greeted by applause from the audience. Caitlyn and Khloe begin to develop a connection.

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9. Paris,(Season 12, Episode 2)

To see Kendall walk the runway for the first time, Kourtney and Kim travel to Paris Fashion Week. However, their trip takes a dark turn when Kim is robbed at gunpoint while staying alone in her hotel room.

8. Kim’s House Party,(Season 5, Episode 1)

Kim buys a new home after separating from Reggie Bush. Kris decides to host a house party in order to break into Kim’s house because she believes Kim is overly protective of it. Kim and Kourtney disagree about whether Scott is allowed in Khloe and Lamar’s home in light of the erupt events from last season.

7. Kris The Cheerleader (Season 2, Episode 4)

With assistance from older sisters Kim and Kourtney, Khloe has a one-on-one conversation with younger sisters Kendall and Kylie. At her previous school, Kris attends an audition to join the cheerleading squad.

6.  Kendall’s Sweet 16 (season 6, episode 16)

Kendall’s sixteenth birthday is lavishly celebrated by the Kardashian-Jenner family. In addition to getting a fancy new Range Rover, rapper Tyga makes a guest appearance.

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5. We’re Having A Baby!,(season 8, episode 1)

The honeymoon of Monica and Chandler is about to begin. When Rachel says she’s ready to tell Ross she’s expecting his child today, it turns out the others already know. When they tell Chandler, he is so astonished that his voice gets a little squeaky.

Another honeymooning couple is always first in line, getting upgraded to first class, the honeymoon suite, etc. while Monica and Chandler are about to board their flight. They become angry as a result of the latter, and Monica and Chandler confront them.

Chandler and Monica are welcome to all of that items as far as the couple is concerned because they swear they don’t need it and only want to celebrate their love for one another. Despite the honeymoon suite being at odds with their own love, Chandler and Monica accept and take the free stuff.

Joey and Phoebe discover that Monica and Chandler have removed the apartment’s keys. Joey informs Mr. Treeger, the superintendent, that there is a gas leak because they want to enter. To make up for the error, Joey and Phoebe must contact Monica and Chandler and claim to be the ones breaking down after Treeger has a fireman smash the door with an ax.

Ross is sure that Rachel wants to have another sexual encounter with him after Joey and Phoebe tell him that she has to talk to him about something crucial. Ross gives a lengthy speech about why they should not get back together when he finds Rachel waiting for him when he gets home, confusing Rachel. When Rachel eventually lets him know she is pregnant, Ross temporarily loses his memory. They used a condom, thus Rachel responds that condoms only function 97 percent of the time when Ross shows bewilderment about the pregnancy after he recovers (after Rachel scans through a magazine). When Ross hears this, he flips out and instead of speaking with Rachel, calls the condom company’s complaint line.

Kim tells her family and friends that she is expecting a child with Kanye West, but the couple experiences unneeded stress due to Kim’s ongoing divorce from Kris Humphries. Kim and Kayne start looking for a new house in the meanwhile.

4.Caitlyn Jenner (season 10, episode 11)

The Kardashian-Jenner family and Caitlyn Jenner discuss Caitlyn’s transition to womanhood and the effects it will have on one another. The daughters start to assist her, particularly Kim, who helps her update her attire.

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3. The Art Of The Prank,(season 15, episode 2)

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians included more conflict among the three Kardashian sisters. There were certainly enough jokes about art to be had. Discover precisely everything that happened on the most recent KUWTK episode by reading on.

Kim Kardashian is getting ready to appear on The Late Late Show with James Corden as the episode opens. She recalls her continuing conflict with Kourtney Kardashian when the host comes in to welcome her. Kim believes that either Kourtney’s therapist or her new (now-ex) boyfriend is having a detrimental impact on her. That’s a very serious charge to level against a therapist, don’t you think?

In this episode, Kendall Jenner is all about growing up. She goes to her new home. But before she can move in, a lot of work still needs to be done on it. She tells Kim later that she sold her old home and is currently looking for a new place to live. In the interim, Kim suggests that she relocate with her. As Kendall mentioned, she is incredibly fortunate to have so many family members to turn to in difficult situations.

Khloe and Scott come up with a complex strategy to disprove Kris’ claim to be an expert in the field of art. A major dispute breaks out between the sisters as Kim and Khloe attempt to figure out what is causing Kourtney’s negative attitude.

2. The Show Must Go On (Season 17, Episode 11)

In tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe notices a pimple on Kourtney’s neck. The sisters try to ask her about it, but Kourtney won’t reveal who it came from. Later, Khloe tries to FaceTime Kourtney but she doesn’t respond to her calls or texts and pretends to be with her kids when in reality, they are at Khloe.

Kim and her lawyer read through a stack of letters from ex-offenders asking for her assistance; she chooses one from a man named Paul who asks for help in getting his face tattoos removed so he may get a job. Paul tells Kim that he wants to be taken seriously and acquire a decent career so that he can support his family as she and Kanye travel to meet him and his wife for lunch.

He informs her that in order to support his family, he needs to be taken seriously and land a solid job. Dr. Ourian will erase the face tattoos in four sessions, according to Kim, who will be bringing him there.

Khloe felt Kourtney was acting suspiciously when she abruptly left the restaurant in the middle of lunch to answer a text, so Kim and Khole decided to follow her. However, Kourtney drove too recklessly and ended up losing her sisters in traffic. The sisters decide to follow Kourtney again, and this time they catch up with her. When they arrive in an unknown residential neighborhood, Kourtney gets out, greets a man at the door, and enters.

When Kim and Khloe try to get rid of Kourtney from the program because she is withholding details of her life from the cameras, it leads to a fight between the sisters. Kim assists a young man who just got out of jail.

1. Fights, Friendships, And Fashion Week, Part 2 (Season 18 Episode 2)

As Kim and Khloe confront Kourtney about her current attitude, tensions rise, setting off a violent altercation between Kim and Kylie. To baptize their children, Kourtney and Kim travel to tense Armenia.

Following their argument, Kourtney and Kim part ways but soon find themselves in the same space as Khloé and Kendall. They keep screaming and fighting. Kourtney is treated rudely by her, according to Kim. Kourtney is tired of the situation and is tired of getting horrible treatment. Kim orders her to go. Khloé can’t believe how quickly things got out of hand. Kourtney adjourns. After her altercation with Kourtney, Kim is still bleeding, and Kendall assists her.

Later, Kim and Khloé speak with Kris in Paris, who appears to be intoxicated. Khloé doesn’t believe her mother recognizes the gravity of the situation.

Visits from Malika and Khadijah are made to Kourtney. They want to see how she is. She begins to sob. She is at her wits’ end. She is aware that she shouldn’t have reacted so violently, but it was all the rage she had been holding inside. The girls advise Kourtney to talk to her sisters, fix their relationships, and accept their apologies. Kim and Kourtney are scheduled to travel for business. They could use a vacation.

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