25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes That Are Way Too Exciting!

To say that Demon Slayer is well-liked is an exaggeration. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s meteoric ascension has single-handedly transformed the business. Despite having a hackneyed premise similar to any other major shounen—a teen kid trains and trains to combat demons and preserve the world—achievement UFOtable’s completely shifted the outlook. Demon Slayer has some outstanding phrases and dialogues to keep you entertained in addition to top-notch animation and music. Let’s take a look at the top 25 demon slayer episodes, which are mentioned below.

“Sabito and Makomo”

Kimetsu No Yaiba featured many heartbreaking episodes, and this one is one of the best. Urokodaki gave Tanjiro an exam that he thought would be impossible for him to pass since he didn’t want to send him to the Demon Slayer Exam where he would be slain. When the souls of Sabito and Makoto came to his help, he was in despair, believing it was the end of the road for him. Of course, he had no idea at the time that his two new pals had already died. Sabito became his sparring partner, pushing him to his physical and mental limitations, while Makoto mentored him physically and emotionally. Tanjiro, who had never beaten Sabito before, was dealing the winning strike in their final bout. Instead of the youngster, it was the rock, the test, that he slashed in half, allowing him to take part in the exam.

“Something More Important Than Life”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

Tanjiro finally defeats the previous Lower Moon Six, Kyogai, and saves the children trapped there after a long and grueling battle. Zenitsu, on the other hand, is the true star of the show. When the mission in the Tsuzumi Mansion started, Inosuke detected the presence of a Demon (Nezuko) inside the box that Tanjiro had left in the care of the siblings.  Zenitsu, who was hell-bent on murdering it, was the one who stopped him while he was still conscious. The wild boar almost murdered the not-so-cowardly warrior while attempting to destroy the box, despite the fact that Demon Slayers have a rule that they must never injure one another under any circumstances. Zenitsu displayed incredible bravery. He didn’t throw a single punch and instead focused on guarding a box left by a man he had just met since he believed it contained something valuable to him. A good deed that will be acknowledged at the series’ conclusion.

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“Muzan Kibutsuji”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

Despite the fact that he is the major enemy, the Hashiras have never seen him before, and the newcomer accompanied by a demon was able to accomplish so.

Because Muzan’s fragrance was all over his family, Tanjiro was the only one who could find him. He picked up his scent and followed it, only to see the one and only Kibutsuji Muzan, the King of Demons, standing in front of him. The scoundrel was living with humans, the same species he despises, in plain sight. When he realized he’d been detected and then recognized Tanjiro as a threat, it was a terrifying moment. He even set a reward on Tanjiro’s head following their encounter.

“The Boar Bares Its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more thrilling than learning about a new ability. And, to our surprise, the one we believed was useless is actually rather capable. Who’d have guessed Zenitsu could be more powerful than Inosuke?! He passed out from fear, and I’m sure the kid who was with him assumed he was doomed. He did, however, claim the Demon’s head with lightning speed. Zenitsu turns out to be a practitioner of the Thunder Breathing technique, as well as possessing an awful sense of hearing. He’s a Nakama you can trust with your back because of his speed and ability to identify every enemy from far away. The second threat arises just when he is sleeping, otherwise, he would have been far gone.

 “Against Corps Rules”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

It’s the first of the suggestion list’s flashbacks. We’ve returned to Natagumo Mountain, where Giyu, the Water Hashira, has just decapitated Rui, the Lower Five of the Twelve Kizuki. Tanjiro, unlike the other Demon Slayers, does not regard demons as mere monsters. He acknowledges that they, too, were once human beings with feelings. That’s most likely due to his sister’s transformation. He witnessed snippets of his memories from his time as a human as he was sending Rui out in his final moments. A terrible account of a child who was born with an incurable illness. He didn’t get to live, but he could see the end coming. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a chance presented by Muzan? After all, death is a terrifying prospect. When he was hungry and couldn’t contain himself, he turned on his parents—parents he adored. He had been trying to fill the emptiness left in his heart by creating a new family for himself since that day, hence the Spider Family.

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“Final Selection”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

This is similar to an episode of The Hunger Games, however instead of pursuing each other, potential demon slayers are left in the woods to fight demons for their lives. It’s just as exciting as it sounds! Seeing all of the widely varied demons is one of the absolute thrills of Demon Slayer. And this is the first episode in which we encounter one that is truly horrifying. We also get to see Tanjiro put what he learned from his master, Urokodaki, to good use, as Urokodaki has a history with one of the other demons in the forest. As I already stated, it’s intense!


25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

Following Muzan’s transformation of random citizens into demons, Tanjiro immediately subdues the man before he can harm the innocent civilians. As Tanjiro holds the man down, he grows angry at Muzan’s indifference to the man’s life. He begs for assistance in order to save Muzan’s victim, and an unexpected ally steps up to assist him. While Tanjiro obtains assistance from Tamayo and Yushiro, Muzan dispatches some of his demons to end Tanjiro and Nezuko’s existence.

“Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

For a Shinobi, Uzui is the God of Flashiness, the God of Festivals, and he certainly isn’t the quiet sort, but that’s what makes him so unique. During the opening episode of the third season, an exceedingly eccentric figure made a splashy entrance. Sound Hashira, who was thought to have no care for other people’s lives, turned out to be a lot nicer than predicted.

The slap butt was one of the most unforgettable moments in the entire show, especially because it was delivered by the cold and stern Aoi. It was also the famed trio’s comeback. Following the events on the Mugen train, each of our three characters was assigned a job to perform. They returned when they generously resolved to stand in for the young girl and risk their lives in her place.

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25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

The episode’s star was Nezuko. Without a doubt! With her change, she left Daki frightened and wounded for life. Did you notice how Nezuko shatters Daki’s head with a single kick? That was a badass movie. Daki was already taken aback by Nezuko’s ability to cure her injuries so quickly, even though she had never eaten humans. When Nezuko sees an injured girl on the street, however, she loses control. Tanjiro, thankfully, is present to prevent his sister from committing the unimaginable. He lulls her to sleep by singing her a lullaby. All of this occurs as Tengen is in a fight with Daki. Gyutaro enters when Daki discloses that she is not alone. Gyutaro is Daki’s younger brother, and they both rank in the Upper Kizuki Six. From this point on, the combat becomes more intense! We’re not going to say anything else. You’re in for a wild ride, believe us! If you haven’t already, watch the episode.

“Set Your Heart Ablaze”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

If you didn’t tear your eyeballs out at the finale of that episode, you should go out and buy a heart. Rengoku died at the hands of that pitiful creature, and I can’t believe it. Tanjiro had best exact a severe vengeance on Akaza. When Rengoku offered them his last encouraging words, even Inosuke was brawling like a baby. What a gentleman! He did, in the end, keep his word. He claimed he wouldn’t let anyone die, and he didn’t let anyone die. He will be remembered for the rest of his life. His soul will continue to live on in the hearts of those he saved and those he left behind. He had a profound influence on everyone who came into contact with him.

“ New Mission”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

The demon hunter final season does an outstanding job of bringing the season to a close. Muzan begins by destroying the Lower Moons of the 12 Demon Moons. He believes they are weak and incapable of assisting him in his scheme, so he kills all but one of them. This heightens the tension because the audience can understand that Tanjiro will have to become even more powerful in order to beat the hostile forces. Tanjiro says his goodbyes and thanks yous as he prepares to go, and his time with Kanao was particularly touching. Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Nezuko board a train with the Hashira Kyojuro at the end of the season, with Enmu lurking in the background.

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“Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

Kanao was an orphaned child whose parents sold her as a slave. Shinobu’s older sister, Kanae Kocho, the former Flower Hashira, saved her.

She was handed a coin to flip each time she had to make a decision because she was emotionless and had no will of her own. Her heart was a block of ice, her eyes were bleak, and she appeared to be dead on the inside. When Tanjiro advised her to follow her heart, it was the first time she showed any emotion. Her eyes began to change the hue, and she was transformed from that point forward! She began to live for the first time.


25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

The power of an Upper Kizuki Demon was exposed in this episode. When Tanjiro and Inosuke finally defeat Enmu, another, far more powerful foe arises. Upper Kizuki Three—Akaza is this foe. Rengoku was to be turned into a demon by Akaza. Rengoku, of course, saw the offer as an insult and politely declined. After that, the demon and Flame Hashira exchange fists. Rengoku’s survival in the conflict is left out in the air at the end of the episode. The episode was dramatic and action-packed in general.

“You Must Master A Single Thing”

25 Best Demon Slayer Episodes

Tanjiro regrets his helplessness to save the Demon Slayer Corps’ deceased members as he stands over the body of the spider demon. Zenitsu is wandering around aimlessly in another part of the jungle when he comes across a spider demon. When he realizes this, he tries but fails to flee. The rest of the program tells the narrative of Zenitsu’s beginnings. This was particularly fascinating to observe because the viewer gets to see him develop the thunder breathing method that he utilizes to defeat the spider demon later on. To further deepen Zenitsu’s persona, the episode also explains his darkest anxieties.

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“Defeating an Upper-Rank Demon”

With each new release, the episodes have improved immensely. A few recollections of Tengen with his wives were used to lighten the mood of the next conflict in the Entertainment District. We really loved how well-balanced this episode was. We didn’t like how Gyutaro wounded Inosuke while attempting to flee with Daki’s head, preventing her from reattaching it. When Tanjiro saw that, he was not pleased. Then there was the Obi monster, who was relentless in his attacks on Tanjiro and Zenitsu. The fact that these episodes always ended on a suspenseful cliffhanger piqued our interest. It was a little irritating, but it kept us wanting more. Ufotable Studios made a wonderful strategic decision, we must say.

“Hashira Meeting”

During one tense conference, all of the most powerful characters gathered in one area. A conversation that resulted in the most famous head-butt in anime history. Sanemi, the Wind Hashira, stabbed the helpless Nezuko without hesitation, knowing well well that her older brother would get him back in a big way. For someone with the rank of all-powerful Hashira, this is a wonderful humiliation. Let’s not forget their expressions when they realized Tanjiro was the first person to see Muzan. They had gone insane! It was ideal! On a more emotional note, we discovered that Giyu and Urokodaki risked their lives by voicing support for Nezuko’s safety.

They swore in the letter to Oyakata-sama that if she ever harms a human, they would both do seppuku to atone for it. When Tanjiro heard the contents of the letter, he burst into tears! For the first time, we saw the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. He possesses a unique power known as Soothing Voice. His speech has a soothing tone and rhythm that puts everyone at ease.

“Move Forward!”

A courageous fight is still going on! Tanjiro and Inosuke are battling the Lower Moon One, while the rest of the squad is defending the train’s passengers. Tanjiro has been trapped inside a dream at least 50 times and has taken his own life just as many times. He was on the verge of going insane when he thought he was still asleep and hacked his head off. Inosuke was the one who woke him up and cleared a path for him to have a clear shot on the demon’s neck, which had been merged with the train. He inhaled deeply, activated the Sun breathing method, and beheaded Enmu with a shattering wheel of flames, putting an end to the Mugen Train’s terror.

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Tangiro’s blade is promptly broken by Rui’s enhanced demon thread once he moves in for the kill. Rui focuses his attention on Nezuko and manages to catch her in his lethal thread as Tanjiro continues to struggle in the fight. Zenitsu is currently receiving specialist medical care from Shinobu, who has found an antidote to stop the poison from spreading throughout Zenitsu’s system. Following that, Tanjiro and Nezuko fight Rui in one of the most spectacular battles in the series. The siblings draw on their love for one another in an emotional scene, and the show appears to end with their win. This episode was fantastic, with the siblings’ closeness assisting them in their win, fitting in nicely with Demon Slayer’s theme of family ties.

“Never Give Up”

The Entertainment District Arc was drawing to a conclusion, but the Hashira was on the verge of death. Inosuke had been stabbed in the heart, Zenitsu had been trapped in an explosion, and Tanjiro’s survival was a miracle. That group, on the other hand, isn’t going down without a fight! They were able to get back up! They battled, synchronized, and triumphed! After that, I collapsed, but that’s not the point. DETERMINATION, willpower, and the ability to never give up, to never lose hope. Tanjiro trusted his pals and knew he wasn’t alone yet, and he was correct. They were able to slay an Upper Rank and combat him on an equal footing. They’ve matured and are no longer the burdens they once were. What had occurred to Rengoku would not happen again. They were no longer slackers; they had become heroes!

 “Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku”

Every time a new Kakkoii character is introduced, a lit episode is released to mark the occasion. When Rengoku’s opportunity to shine arrived, they didn’t squander it. His never-fading smile, overpowering and confident, bursting with energy and positivity, was enough to make us happy as well. He also brought with him a fresh amazing plot, a new season, and a new challenging but fascinating villain. From the beginning, we were able to observe him in action. Fire is a fantastic power to have! Uzui is also said to be flamboyant.


This episode outperforms the last. After Nezuko almost loses control, Monjiro makes her fall asleep. Meanwhile, Tengen is caught in a bind when Gyutaro emerges out of nowhere. Even after being poisoned with his blood, he is startled to see Tengen standing, much to the demon’s dismay. Tengen’s terrible past is also revealed, which enrages Gyutaro more than anything else. A fight erupts, and Tanjiro and his men, mercifully, arrive in time. Tengen confronts Gyutaro, while Daki takes on the three. The entire arc is already quite demanding, so it’s no wonder that this episode made the cut.

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“No Matter How Many Lives”

This is the final episode of one of the most epic Demon Slayer anime arcs. It did not let us down in the least. Our demon slayer crew destroyed the Demon twins Daki and Gyutaro after a grueling sequence of battles. Gyutaro’s blood demon art is defeated by Nezuko, who saves everyone. Thankfully, our boys are all alive, but in a less-than-optimal condition. The demons who have been beheaded end up berating themselves. Monjiro is blind to this and tells them that they are the only ones who care about each other. Because of the melancholy flashback, the episode was quite upsetting. It brings back memories for Gyutaro and Daki of their previous lives as humans.


The most crucial episode of a series is always the first one. It has the critical role of hooking you and making you want more. We can all agree that “Cruelty” did an excellent job in this capacity. One survivor transformed into a vicious monster, a brother who returned to a dreadful frightening sight. His breathing young sister, whom a Demon Slayer, and a Hashira no less, is currently attempting to kill, is his anchor to sanity. A miracle occurred at the last possible moment. To save her loved one, a starved demon repressed her need for blood. Muzan’s control was removed from a demon who was born with all of her senses intact. The Hashira, seeing hope in the two brothers, saved Nezuko’s life and even sent Tanjiro to study as a Demon Slayer under his previous master.

“Things Are Gonna Get Real Flashy”

It was a lot of pleasure to see this episode. Our favorite part of the episode was Inosuke. In any case, he’s always amusing to watch. We saw the Boar-headed Demon Slayer break all of his bones and enter a tunnel beneath in Orochimaru mode. I’m not kidding. For the goal of getting into the cave, he transformed into a snake. When he reaches the cave, we witness a large number of ladies trapped inside the Obi demon that Daki summoned. Inosuke, on the other hand, was not pleased with what he witnessed.


Inosuke utilizes his beast inhaling techniques to determine the enemy’s location, and then he and Tanjiro run to the location of the demon. And meanwhile, a panicked Zenitsu wanders through the forest, looking for Nezuko. The enemy fought with the bodies of the fallen Demon Slayers by employing spiderweb-like cords. Tanjiro can’t bear the thought of harming them and begs Inosuke to spare them from death. Tanjiro defeats one of the spider demons towards the end of the episode.

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