My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Release Date And Other Updates!

My hero academia or Boku no hiro academia, has been one of the most popular manga series from the last decade and based on the reviews we have received, the critic reaction has been mostly positive. The manga was so successful that it was soon adapted into an anime, and no worries on part of the makers, as the anime became a super hit too. Now most of us have been following the anime, and believe if you are one of those only anime watchers, you are missing many things or you have great control over your curious minds because the manga has been doing excessively great and the storyline goes on being complicated and dramatic with each chapter that comes out. The manga series has been running for many years now, and it is not going to come to an end any soon. The story of Midoriya and his journey to become the greatest of all heroes, the sheer dedication, and the number of obstacles he clears in his paths while helping all his friends out, is just praiseworthy and quite inspiring for many people out there. However, if you are not into the superhero anime genre or are more of a slice-of-life anime guy, you wouldn’t enjoy this anime that much.

Now coming to the main question that has flooded the entire internet and there hasn’t been any definite answer to it, is regarding the chapter 358 of the show, and it’s true, the storyline isn’t very predictable, and neither there have been any leaks regarding the upcoming storyline, still we have got some information regarding and regarding the release date, it’s in July 2022 only and the schedule for the manga chapter release is being followed and there hasn’t been any delay.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Release Date

The manga series is originally written by Kohei Horikoshi and it first came out in the year 2014, and since then it has never looked back, till now we have received a total of 34 volumes which is quite impressive and according to many sources, by the end of this year or early 2023, this manga may finally come to an end, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The final arc of the series began with chapter 306 in may 2022, and now coming to the main question, as we know the manga series, updates us with weekly chapters and that has been the case for a year, mainly it comes out on Fridays, and this time too after the release of 357th chapter, we are all ready to receive chapter 358 which is scheduled for the 1st of July 2022. The 359 chapter will make its release the following week and that will be on the 7th of July 2022.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 358 story

As we have already known this is the final arc of the series and the search or the fight for all for one goes on between the heroes and the villains, as we have seen in the previous chapter, Endeavor has got some serious glow up and he has changed quite a bit while fighting this battle, and at the same time the other heroes are giving their all in the battles, there isn’t going to be any plot twist according to our sources, and the chapter will mainly concentrate on the ongoing fights and maybe some of the heroes will gain a big upper hand in those, nothing more has been revealed yet. Thus, we will have to wait a little longer to know more about the series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Characters

Some of the chapters who are surely going to be there in chapter 358 till now are endeavour, Jiro, Tokoyami, and hawks who have been shown in the previous chapters, along with them the evils against whom they are fighting will also be there. There may be some other characters whom we may catch a glimpse of, however, nothing has been confirmed yet, thus the only thing we can do now is to wait.

Where Can We Read My Hero Academia Chapter 358?

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Release Date

The manga of the series will be available in hardcopy, but as we know, most of our readers, read manga online and like most other series, the manga of this anime goes on being updated on various anime reading sites such as and

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