Is Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date Revealed?

Space Patrol Luluco is a 2016 action comedy science fiction television anime series. The anime is directed and written by Hiroyuki Imaishi, produced by Yoshiki Usa, and is a work of Studio Trigger. The series currently has one season and a total of 13 episodes, released on 1st April, 2016 and has an approximate average runtime of 8 minutes. Yes, 8 minutes! This means one can easily complete the series in a span of 2 hours with ease. The show is filled with various embarrassing and comic-funny elements, at which you can’t help but laugh. The series is the perfect choice for short breaks during breaks or even a decent binge watch, as you can return and watch whenever you wish. The series is loved by many and is really popular. The animation in the series is well synchronized with the main essence of the plot, bringing lots and lots of comic sequels. The fast pace and absurd relation to the episode will leave you confused and speechless to the point you crack up. The protagonist being sarcastic, embarrassed, disgusted, and arrested, is definitely going to be your next guilty pleasure, as nothing can go wrong with this super-ultra mini-series. 

Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date

As of now, the creators or Studio Trigger have not released any information regarding the next season of the series. It’s been silent for the past six years. Nevertheless, we are provided with a few hints here and there which give us hope for a new season. According to the character appearances in the anime, the timeline and the universe, we can expect at least a few crossovers if not a full season. As of now, there’s no official announcement. 

Space Patrol Luluco Season 1 Release DateApril 1, 2016
Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Release Date

Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Story

The anime takes place in an alternate world where Japan sells Ogikubo to aliens. So, the area gets colonised by alien citizens, who coexist with the humans who reside there. Luluco is a girl who wishes to live the most normal life possible. She lives with her divorced dad and does all the house chores and prepares meals. Her dad works in the Space Patrol Division and is often busy with his work, which is the sole reason for his divorce. One day while having breakfast, he accidently eats the stuff he confiscated from aliens, while he was distracted, having a conversation with Ogikubo. He freezes and Ogikubo rushes to the Space Patrol Division to ask for help. The Division Chief, Over Justice, tells her to work as a Space Patrol Officer in order to pay for her father’s defreezing and curing him. This marks the end of her perfectly normal life. She is sent on daily missions to capture criminals, interrogate them, confiscate illegal substances, etc. She is joined by two partners, her crush Alpha Omega or Nova, and their mutual classmate and her love rival, Midori. She takes on difficult adventures, which are obviously as guessed, absurd and nonsensical(but we like this stuff and can never get enough of it). During her journeys she meets more interesting characters, including her mom, who saves her. 

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Space Patrol Luluco Season 2 Characters 

The characters include:

Luluko (voiced by M.A.O and Brittney Karbowskey)- A 13-year-old girl who has to work with SPD instead of her father, to afford her clumsy father’s treatment

Alpha Omega Nova (voiced by Junya Enoki and Justin Briner)- Luluko’s 1st partner, a transfer student classmate and her crush. 

Midori (voiced by Mayumi Shintani and Jamie Marchi)- Luluco and Nova’s classmate and Luluco’s love rival, who is caught by them for operating an illegal sort of app and offers to work with SPD in order to nullify her punishment. 

General Manager Over Justice (voiced by Tetsu Inada and Bob Carter)- The head of SPD, Ogikubo branch and Luluco’s boss, who gives her difficult and weird missions without proper training or information

Secretary (voiced by Mitsuo Iwata and Brett Weaver)- Over Justices’ personal secretary and one of the very few normal characters in the anime. 

Keiji (Voiced by Mitsuo Iwata and Brett Weaver)- Luluko’s clumsy and workaholic father who accidentally freezes himself. 

Lalaco Godspeed (voiced by Yōko Honna and Monica Rail)- Luluko’s mother and a space pirate, who is strong enough to challenge the SPD and wishes to take over Ogikubo. 

Where To Watch Space Patrol Luluco?

Space Patrol Luluco is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. It is also available to stream, rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video. YouTube also has the anime, although we are not sure about how long, but you can search for it as it is available for now. You can also view the series by using VPN on your favorite sites. The series waits for your attention

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