Huge In France Season 2 Release Date And Who Will Return?

Netflix has always been providing us some quality and top-notch content in different genres with original and unique storylines that made us stick to our screens without getting bored. When it comes to making web shows in diverse genres, this OTT giant has no match. And a category of comedy is no exception.  Besides being incredibly popular, those comedy series define eras, set trends, and constantly create giggles and make us laugh. Not too long ago, Netflix once again served one such comedy series called ‘Huge In France’ which is not your ordinary and regular type series. it stars Gad Elmaleh who is France’s most famous successful and adored comedian. He mimicked his success in this laughable comedy series which is a must-watch. But those who have already gone through this show are not found themselves not satisfied with only one season and want to see more. Here we have delivered every aspect and update of Huge In France Season 2 that you need to know so far.

Not only featuring as the lead character in the series, but Glad Elmaleh is also the co-creator of the show along with Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul.

Huge In France Season 2 Release Date

Huge In France Season 2: Renewal Status 

The show first appeared on April 12, 2019, consisting of a total of eight episodes. All the episodes are of duration 28-34 minutes accessible to stream on Netflix in both English and French. the show performed well and garnered a rating of 6.8 out of 10 based on the 2,594-user voting on IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes also has a weighted audience score of 76% which seems not bad.

Huge In France Season 1 Release Date April 12, 2019
Huge In France Season 2 Release Date Not announced

About the renewal status of season 2, everything is unclear yet. Judging from the fact that the first season ended with a cliff-hanger, it looks like season 2 has a more than high possibility to happen. 

Will There Ever Be Huge In France Season 2?

In an interview with MEA Worldwide (MEAWW), Jordan Ver Hoeve, who plays Luke on the show, said that a subsequent season is conceivable, and he would totally cherish it. The story can without a very remarkable stretch continue, yet everything’s in the ownership of Netflix at the present time,” he added Netflix has not yet reported season two, although Gad Elmaleh likewise said that it has a prospect.

However, there is no information revealed related to the release date, but if Netflix allows it, then the renewal season might come out on our screens sometime in 2022 also considering the pandemic situation which is affecting the production work of most of the web series and movies. 

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Huge In France Season 2 Cast

Huge In France Season 2 Cast and Crew

The show’s direction is done by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul, written by Gad Elmaleh, Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul, and Sascha Rothchild. It features stars like Gad Elmaleh as himself who also known as ‘The Seinfeld of France’ after the well-known American comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Apart from the main protagonist, we also have Jordan Ver Hoeve as Luke who is Gad’s lost son also a modeler in the US, Erinn Hayes as Vivian who is Gad’s ex-girlfriend, Scott Keiji Takeda as Brian Kurihara who is Luke’s loyal assistant, and Matthew Del Negro as Jason Alan Ross who is Luke’s surrogate father, also Luke’s mentor.

For the recurring roles, there is Austin Fryberger as Zene, Keana Marie as James, Brittany Ross as Heather, André Tardieu as Adrian, Chris D’Elia as himself, and lastly Jerry Seinfeld as himself.

There is not much heard and talked about the cast members of the second installment. If we have to predict it, there will definitely be Gad Elmaleh and his reel son Luke making a comeback in season 2. Additionally, it’s most likely that most of the actors will reappear and reprise their respective roles and characters in renewal season. We could witness some new and unfamiliar faces of actors with some new and fresh characters.

Fans And Critic’s Reaction

There is no doubt that Huge In France season 1 has created a huge fanbase for itself. Not only in their country, but the show has reached everywhere and is loved by millions. The critics also gave good stars to the show.

So, there’s no doubt that the show isn’t Amazing! And that’s the most important reason why there can be Huge In France season 2. In addition to this, any show is renewed for a new season only if it has created a fanbase in season one. And this show stands for it.

So there’s no doubt you won’t see season 2. But we still have to wait for official confirmation from the maker’s side.

Huge In France Season 2 Story

Huge In France Season 2 Plot Summary

This eight-part Netflix series is partially autobiographical and based on the real experience of Gad Elmaleh. He has left behind his distinction and celeb status in France and is attempting to make things work for him in Los Angeles to reconnect with his son Luke. While Luke thinks about Jason as his dad, Gad makes a decent attempt to win his love, plotting against Jason with the assistance of his colleague Brian.

Luke is a 16-year-old aspiring model and goes through his days working out under the direction of Alan Ross, who surrendered his horrendous acting vocation at the consolation of Vivian and is a stay-at-home father for Luke. The primary struggle in the story bases on Luke’s forthcoming pectoral inserts, where he needs to improve his chest while keeping his arms lean so he could stroll at New York Fashion Week. Stray and Alan Ross go into a race for Luke’s kind gestures, as Gad gradually discovers what advantages he loses from not being renowned any longer.

The finale of the series is certainly demanding continuation and if everything goes well, Netflix won’t hesitate to give the second chance to this wonderful series.

Huge In France Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer or any kind of clips presented anywhere related to the second season. Stay tuned and for the time being, satisfy yourselves with the trailer of season 1 at the moment.

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