Are The Makers Planning For Glitch Techs Season 3 Release Date?

Created by Eric Robles and Dan Milano, Glitch Techs is an American animated television series that got released under the direction of Chris Graham, Ian Graham, and Phil Allora. With the production of Nickelodeon and Animation Studio, the series revolves around how High Five and Miko prevent the city from the damage of the glitches by using their knowledge and logic of gaming.

Glitch Techs Season 3 Release Date

Glitch Techs Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 got premiered on February 21, 2020, with season 2 on August 17, 2020. With the positive reviews and ratings, the series is liked by the audience and the critics. The series is praised for the way it presents teamwork and how to tackle any problem.

The series has proved to be one of the best gaming series in the animation version. After having two such interesting seasons, the audience is now hoping to get the third instalment of the series. If you want to know the exact release date of season 3 then you are at the right place.

According to the reports till now, there is no information or news about the same. Although there has been news of the release date of season 3 to be in August that is not clarified or acknowledged by the makers. Season 3 can only get a greenlight if season 2 will do its best and will gan satisfying ratings and reviews. As it will take some time though, the audience has to wait till then.

Glitch Techs Season 1 Release DateFebruary 21, 2020
Glitch Techs Season 2 Release DateAugust 17, 2020
Glitch Techs Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Glitch Techs Season 3 Release Date

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Glitch Techs Season 3 Story

The plot of the story revolves around a huge gaming and tech company, Hinobi that produces video games in high demand but the twist here is that whenever there is any glitch in any of their games, the creatures of the game comes into the real world. This is the reason why the company sends Glitch Techs, a trained support team having deep knowledge and logic about the gaming industry who can cure this problem and send the creatures back into the game.

The techs must have removed any evidence if it was there, including the memories too. They not only save and protect the city but also work in the stores of the company to help and provide the services to the customer. The characters go crazy sometimes but always help the needy ones. Season 3 can also venture their more adventurous journey in season 3, if it gets renewed, but the audience has to wait till then.

Glitch Techs Season 3 Characters

Glitch Techs Season 3 Release Date

The previous seasons have Hector “High Five” Nieves and Miko Kubota as the main characters in the voice of Ricardo Hurtado and Monica Ray. Hi-5 is a gamer with confident issues who has learned gaming and computer skills from his father while Miko is another gamer and friend of Hi-5 who brings him and herself into the Glitch Techs.

The characters from Mitch squad are Mitch Williams, Zahra Rashid, Haneesh Jyoshi, and Adam Michael Nix in the voice of Luke Youngblood, Zehra Fazal, Sandeep Parikh, and Greg Nix. Scott Kreamer, Dan Milano, Josh Sussman, and Felicia Day voiced for Phil Altiere, BITT, Cecil “Bergy” Bergoch, and Emma Deveraux.

Well, there are many more characters who have been presented with glamour and intelligence, we hope that the same characters will reappear again in season 3 if it will get renewed.

Glitch Techs Season 3 Trailer

Ok so, as there is no trailer for season 3 yet, the viewers can go for the official trailer of season 1. The visuals and the authenticity of the characters have made it so specific and attractive that the audience has loved it. The audience has to wait for some time to get the official trailer of season 3 when the series will get renewed for the same.

Where To Watch Glitch Techs Season 3 Online?

The viewers can watch both the seasons of the series on Netflix and Nickelodeon. As season 3 is not renewed yet but the audience can still hope to watch it on the same platform though.

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