Deputy Season 2 Release Date Cancelled Or Confirmed?

Deputy is a 2020 American crime drama and police procedural series. The series is created by Will Beall, and is produced by Carcharodon Films and Fox Entertainment. The series has one season consisting of 13 episodes, each of approximately 44 minutes. The series premiered on 2nd January and wrapped up on 26th March 2020. The series was later cancelled on April 3rd, 2020 after the release of only one season. The series features the story of Bill Hollister, who works as an acting deputy in L.A. County, after the death of his predecessor and is in charge of 10,000 Deputies. 

Deputy Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned earlier in the article, Fox has refused to sign another contract for season 2 of the series as announced on 3rd April 2020, and for a reasonable cause. Deputy proved to be an average show with a 0.58 rating in the 18-49 demographic with a mere 3.67 million viewers, although they were provided with a star cast. The series had stopped its pilots due to the corona pandemic and Fox decided to cancel the production as a whole since it wouldn’t bring the desired results based on the low ratings. Deputy ranked second lowest rated drama series, ahead of Almost Family, whose contract was not renewed, along with the Deputy franchise. Still, Deputy is definitely worth a watch and was just unlucky to be released at a bad time, which didn’t suit the viewer’s taste.

Deputy Season 1 Release DateJanuary 2, 2020
Deputy Season 2 Release DateCancelled
Deputy Season 2 Release Date

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Deputy Season 2 Cast

The cast of Deputy includes:

Main Cast

  • Stephen Dorff as Deputy Sergeant/Sheriff Bill Hollister- Bill Hollister becomes the Los Angeles County Sheriff after the previous Sheriff dies of a heart attack. He is a headstrong person and believes in the honour of the position. He doesn’t regret doing things his way and breaking the rules of the system. He wants to bring back the spirit of real officers among his comrades. 
  • Yara Martinez as Dr Paula Reyes- Paula Reyes is Bill Hollister’s supportive wife and a trauma surgeon. 
  • Brian Van Holt as Deputy Cade Ward- Cade is a former Marine stationed in Afghanistan and works under Bill Hollister. He suffers from having a difficult childhood. 
  • Bex Taylor- Klaus as Deputy Brianna Bishop- Brianna is a brilliant and hard-working investigator who works with Bill, and thinks he is the best candidate for changing things in their profession, despite him breaking the official rules as he pleases. 
  • Siena Goines as Deputy Rachel Delgado- Rachel is Cade Ward’s partner who leaves after getting shot during her work.
  • Shane Paul McGhie as Deputy Joseph Harris- Harris is Bill Hollister’s God son and the son of his late partner. He joins in as a Rookie Deputy to work instead of his father and bring honour. 
  • Mark Moses as Undersheriff Jerry London- Jerry is Bill Hollister’s comadre and second in command, who doesn’t agree with Bill for his habit of doing things as he thinks fit and likes to do things by the book, following things in a systematic and legal manner. 
  • Danielle Moné Truitt as Deputy Charlie Minnick- Charlie is a professional Deputy who is in a relationship with Deputy Gabriel Luna, her superior at work. She replaces Luna’s position and trains Joseph Harris. 

Supporting Recurring Characters

  • Natalia Cigliuti as Teresa Ward- Teresa is Cade Ward’s wife and a lawyer by profession.
  • Valeria Jauregui as Maggie Hollister- Maggie is Bill Hollister’s teenage daughter. 
  • Danny Soto as Bobby Perez. 
  • Gianna Gallegos as Camilla. 
  • Sarah Minnich as Deputy Sara Book
  • Josh Helman as Deputy Carter- Carter is Joseph Harris’ friend. 
  • Jenny Gago as Anjelica Reyes- Anjelica is Paula Reyes’ mother and Maggie Hollister’s grandmother. 
  • Jaime Ray Newman as Carol Riley- Riley is a DA who becomes a candidate for sheriff but is asked to forcefully resign after one of her helpers releases the information about her secret investigation into Bill Hollister. The release leads to several people’s unfair deaths. 
  • Micheal Harney as William Hollister- William is a retired LASD and Bill Hollister’s widowed dad, who possibly suffers from dementia

Guest Cast

  • Bobby Naderi as Deputy Gabriel Luna- Gabriel is a training officer who trains Joseph Harris along with the class of rookie Deputies and is in a secret relationship with Charlie Minnick. He was killed in a convenience store shooting. 
  • Karrueche Tran as Genevieve- Genevieve is in a relationship with Bishop. 
  • Jason Wiles as David Browder- Browder is an inmate who is in the late stages of cancer. 
  • Meg Smith as Taylor- Taylor is Maggie Hollister’s friend
  • Lex Lotito as Suki- Suki is also Maggie’s friend. 

Where to Watch Deputy Season 2?

Deputy is available to stream on Hulu. It is also available to watch, rent or buy from Amazon Prime Video. 

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