Date A Live Season 4 Episode 12 Release Date Details Are Now Out!

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 12

Date A Live is an anime series directed by Jun Nakagawa and produced by Geek Toys. Tsunako and Keshi Tachibana worked together on the Japanese light novel series Date A Live. You can visualize sci-fi, romance, and comedy in this one anime. This Japanese anime series was written by Hideki Shirane while the script of the fourth season was written by Fumihiko Shimo and Go Sakabe returns to create the series’ music, with Naoto Nakamura creating the characters. It depicts Shido Itsuka’s encounters with the Spirits, otherworldly female creatures who have fallen in love with him. The previous 3 seasons of this series Date A Live were already aired and it gains an immense amount of fan following. Recently season 4 episode 11 was released, and after that fans are very much excited to watch its light in its next episode. So go through this article to know when it is going to be aired.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 12 Release Date

Crunchyroll streamed the first 11 seasons internationally, and we can expect the upcoming season to be shown there as well. Fans have only seen eleven seasons of the show so far, and are eagerly anticipating the series’ twelfth instalment. As we know that the prior episodes hit the show. Then Crunchyroll announced that the 12th episode of Date A Live Season 4 will come on 24th June 2022 followed by its Episode 11 on June 17 of the same year. So take out some precious time from your busy schedule to watch this splendid upcoming episode of this anime.

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Date A Live Season 4 Characters

This sci-fi and romantic Japanese anime series depict the characters like  Shido Itsuka, Marina Inoue plays Tohka Yatogami, Nobunaga Shimazaki plays, Asami Sanada plays Kurumi Tokisaki, Misuzu Togashi plays  Origami Tobiichi, Ayana Taketatsu plays  Kotori Itsuka, Minori Chihara plays  Miku Izayoi, Maaya Uchida plays  Kaguya Yamai, Sarah Emi Bridcutt pays  Yuzuru Yamai, while Iori Nomizu portrays as Yoshino. Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, Nia Honjou, and Mukuro Hoshimiya are among the new performers joining the ensemble of Date A Live Season 4 to play new characters.

Date A Live Season 4 Story

At the opening of the story, Shido Itsuka is awoken by his sister Kotori. Shido is a typical attractive young man who is coveted by all females. He was tense since many people were being killed by space quakes. After a scary incident, Shido realizes that Kotori is the head of an intelligence unit. Shido discovered that every space quake attack is orchestrated by powerful women known as Spirits. A military group known as AST exists to combat these ghosts. Kotori aspires to be able to control spirits by making them love her brother.

Shido was guided by love gurus in controlling the spirits. Tohka is Shido’s first spirit companion. To secure her power, Kotori urges Shido to kiss her. Tohka’s ability was then disabled. Shido’s new life’s ambition was to seal the talents of spirits by kissing them. We later discovered that Kotori was also a spirit. The turn of events will surprise you. Shido has the ability to govern the spirits he has sealed. The ghost of a singing idol emerged, and she turned out to be a lesbian. In order to combat the spirit, Shido was also converted into a girl.

They grow close and decide to help Tohka. She was kidnapped by the WET gang. They were putting her to the test like a guinea pig. Shido rescued her when they changed her into a demon king. As the tale progresses, Shido encounters and seals a variety of ghosts. Some people have more influence than others. If you enjoy harem anime with some story and romance, this anime is a must-see. The anime also contains some comedic punches. You’ll be left wondering whether Shido will be able to finish his quest. Overall, if you’re looking for a light romance anime to watch, this is a great choice.

Where To Watch Date A Live Season 4 Online?

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 12

Crunchyroll offers the most recent episodes of Date A Live Season 4 available for anybody in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, as previously stated. The episodes will be accessible to watch online on Tokyo MX, MBS NTV, and BS NTV’s local network channels within the next 1-2 hours.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 12 Trailer

As of now, there is no official trailer available for the upcoming episode. But you can watch its speculated trailer by fans on YouTube easily. For sure this fantastic Japanese anime will steal your heart. 

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