25 Romantic Chinese Drama That Will Make Your Day!

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 

Romance is a genre that we all want to see. In drama series especially that air on television, the romantic drama is the most popular genre. Of all types of romantic drama series, one very popular form is Chinese romantic drama. In China, a number of dramas are created every year. And these drama series are liked by the audience of the whole world. Among, various genres of drama series, China is also well known for its romantic drama series. There are various romantic drama series made in China and are loved in every corner of the world. This proves that whatever the cultural differences among the people of the world, love, and romance are something that is not bounded by borders and cultures. Hence, today we want to tell some of the best Chinese romantic dramas. 

These romantic dramas are very popular in China and out of the country. The stories range from modern-day love stories to heavenly love stories. You will witness the struggles and love through this series. Hence, if you want to watch some of the best love stories in the world, you can undoubtedly refer to Chinese romantic drama. Here is a list of 25 romantic Chinese dramas that you should just give a try. Read the full article to know the briefings of all the 25 best Chinese romantic dramas- 

1. My Unicorn Girl

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
My Unicorn Girl

My Unicorn Girl is a popular 2020 release Chinese drama series that you should must watch. The story of My Unicorn Girl is about a young girl Sang Tian, who recently passed school and all set to join university. She wanted to get admitted to the same university where her mother studied. Sang Tian was pretty confident about her admission to the university as she was an excellent figure skating player. She wanted to join the university as a skating player. However, unexpectedly she fails in the entrance exam and could not make it to the skating team.

Soon, Sang Tian finds another way to enter the university. She chopped her hair and participated in Men’s Ice Hockey Team test and impressed everyone with her performance. In this way, she got selected for the university. But soon she found that Wen Bing, her ex-boyfriend is also part of the same hockey team and she has to share her room at the university with him. Now, this has to be seen in the drama, that how the above circumstances took Sang Tian and Ben Wing. Notably, this drama directed by Jong-jong Yu could be watched on NeRakuten and Wiki iQIYI. 

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2. Ashes Of Love

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Ashes Of Love

Ashes of Love is a 2018 released Chinese drama. The Drama is based on Xian’s novel. Directed by Zhu Ruibin, this drama is filled with romance, thrill, battles, and end number of struggles. The love story in the Ashes of Love is about the daughter of a Flower deity Jin MI played by Yang Zi and the son of a heaven king Xu Fung played by Deng Lun. They both fell in love in the prison of Shui Jing. 

It was destined for Jin MI that she will be in the prison of Shui Jing. While Xu Fung is captured by enemies after falling into a trap. With time, the closeness between these two increases, and they fell in love. However, there are various struggles and challenges through which their love story has to pass on. This popular Chinese Drama has 63 episodes and is available on Netflix. 

3. Begin Again

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Begin Again

Begin Again is a beautiful romantic drama aired on Hunan TV. It depicts a usual story of marriages in which with time love develops among couples after marriage. In the story, lead actress Lu Fanning played by Zhou Yutong is a CEO of a company. While opposite her is Gong Jun as Ling Rui, who is a reputed surgeon. Lu Fanning was under a huge family pressure of getting married when she met Ling Rui. The same was the situation with Rui. Hence, eventually, they end up marrying each other. But as the story progresses, the couple started feeling attachment and attraction toward each other. They see a new aspect of life with each other. But even after falling in love with each other, living in a marriage is not so easy. There are so many challenges through which the couple has to pass. Written by Chen Li Wen and Jiang Yue Hua, the romantic drama series is available on iQIYI. 

4. Love O2O

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Love O2O

Love O2O is 2016 popular romantic drama series aired on Dragon TV. The story of this drama series is adapted from the web novel A Slight Smile is Very Charming. Directed by Lin Yufe, in Love O2O you will see the love story of a couple that formed and roam around a multiplayer video game. Xiao Nai is a popular web player and game company president at the university. He falls in love with pretty Bei Wei Wei at first sight by looking at her excellent gaming skills and command during online multiplayer. Xiao Nai decides to impress the girl with his gaming skills and other qualities in the university. This really excites the audience about the romantic drama. Eventually, you will see a beautiful love story of this beautiful couple. There are only 30 episodes in this popular romantic drama series that you can find on Netflix and Viki. 

5. Eternal Love

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Eternal Love

The popular romantic drama series Eternal Love is one of the best romantic drama series in China. In this story, the love of Bai Qian and Ye Hua took three lifetimes to reach their ultimate destination. Bai Qian is a student of Mo Yuan, who is the God of war. 

She meets Ye Hua for the first time on a remote mountain where she saves the life of the prince. However, both of them were unaware of their past lives in heaven and their pure and incomplete love. In this story, you will witness three different periods and wonder how a beautiful couple’s love completes. This popular drama is based on the famous novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Eternal love aired on ZJTV in 2017. Currently, all of its 58 episodes are available on Netflix.  

6. Here To Heart

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Here To Heart

Here to Heart is another very popular Chinese romantic drama series that aired on Hunan TV in 2018. In this series, you will witness passionate love, betrayal, hate, and revenge. Zhan Nanxian played by Hans Zhang and Wen Nuan played by Janine Chang is the beautiful young couple in the story. However, one day suddenly Wen Nuan lefts Zhan and move away. Years later when both of them are settled in their respective lives, they met again. This brings lots of drama to the story and drastic changes in the lives of Wen and Zhan. After so many years, there are seeds of love in both of them for each other. But there are also questions, hate, and other emotions. Hence, it has to see amid all these situations where the eternal love takes the couple. Notably, this drama is based on An Ning’s novel The Warm Chord. You can watch it only on Netflix. 

7. My Amazing Boyfriend

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
My Amazing Boyfriend

Hunan TV has given us many best Chinese romantic dramas. My Amazing Boyfriend is also one of them. The 2016 drama series is about a superhuman and an aspiring actress who met by fate. Xue Ling Qiao is a superhuman who is immortal. Even after spending years on the earth, he has not died or aged. One day, an accident by Tian Jing Zhi woke him from his years-long sleep by crashing a car. Later, circumstances formed that forced the two to live under the same roof. However, this was not a choice of any of them and they both wanted to get rid of each other. However, as they spent time with each other, they fell in deep love. But, the story of a normal girl and superhuman is not as easy and the story is not so simple. There are various challenges, traps, and obstacles between the two. Notably, this series is based on Shui Qian Mo’s novel of the same name. You can watch it only on Netflix.

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8. The Endless Love

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
The Endless Love

The Endless Love is another famous and loved Chinese romantic drama released in 2017. Aired on Hunan TV, The Endless Love is a heart-melting love story of Gu Ye Bai played by Chen Ruo Xuan, and Lu Yon Yan played by An Yue Xi. Gu Ye is an excellent painter, but he lost his eyesight due to some psychological disturbances just before a major competition. For disheartened Gu Ye, Lu Yon came as a ray of hope. She helped him in getting over all obstacles and submitting an entry for the competition. The love just started blossoming between the two when Lu Yon got an offer to move to Paris. In this situation, how the love of two beautiful souls rides and reaches their destination. Currently, you can watch this popular series on Rakuten Viki. 

9. Bloody Romance

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Bloody Romance

Bloody romance is a story of a couple that develops feelings for each other while training themselves as assassins. However, their love has to face various traps and betrayal. Wan Mei played by Yitong Li was forcefully brought to the brothel from where she managed to run away and reaches a village of assassins. Here while taking training, she and Chand An played by Chuxiao Qu fell in love with each other. But their love is not acceptable to many others in the training camps and they started planning against the couple. This popular Chinese drama aired on Youku. Now it is available only on Rakuten Viki and Amazon Prime Video.

10. The Fox’s Summer

The Fox’s Summer
The Fox’s Summer

The Fox’s Summer is another interesting love story created by fate. In this romantic drama, you will see Gu Cheng Ze, who is the CEO of Gu Mall. However, as he is the adopted son of the family, Mrs. Gu wanted to make Gu Chin Yu the heir of their business. Cheng was assigned to train Chin Yu for the role. Hence, he appointed Chun Yu’s ex-girlfriend Lin Yan Shu to the company to motivate Chun Yu to work. But Mrs. Gu did not like the idea which eventually brought Lin Yan Shu and Gu Cheng Ze closer and their love story developed. You can watch this drama series on Rakuten Viki.

11. A Love So Beautiful

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
A Love So Beautiful

A Love So Beautiful is a story of friendship, love, and separation. In this drama, you will see a school-going girl Chen Xiaoxi and her admiration for her classmate, friend, and neighbor Jiang Chen. You will see a love angle between them. But some circumstances led to their separation. However, years later, the two meet again and it has to see how their love progresses from here. Apart from the love story, you will also see the friendships of the couple and their friends in the school. This beautiful love story is available on Netflix.

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12. The King’s Woman

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
The King’s Woman

The King’s Woman is a kind of love triangle between the first kind of China Ying Zheng, daughter of a military commander Sun Li, and her childhood lover Jing Ke. When the troops of Zheng attacked the city, Sun Li and Jing Ke has to run along with others. But Sun Li’s beauty attracted the kind Zheng and he decides to marry her. To save Jing, Sun Li married Zheng. But soon she realizes that she is pregnant with Jing’s child. While Zheng thinks that it’s his child and takes care of Sun Li. In the meanwhile, Sun Li also develops feelings for the King. But the drama comes into the story when Jing Ke returns. Notably, you can watch this romantic drama on Rakuten Viki.

13. Diamond Lover

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Diamond Lover

Diamond Lover is another love triangle in the list of 25 Chinese romantic dramas. In this drama, Mi Duo works in Xiao Liang’s jewelry company. But she is a very underconfident girl due to her body weight. Mi Duo falls in love with Liang. But before she confesses her feelings to him, Mi Duo is met with a life-threatening accident. Because of the accident, her childhood friend Lei Yi Ming perform various surgeries including cosmetic surgery which made Mi Duo slim and attractive. She again joins the company and impresses everyone including Xiao Ling with the confidence Yi Ming gave her. However, he also likes Mi Duo and proposes to her. You can see the drama of this love triangle only on Netflix.

14. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is a romantic drama aired on Tencent Video in 2019. The story of this drama focuses on Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi. They came across various incidences but never knew what destiny has written for the. Directed by Zhu Dongning, in this story, you will see the development of romantic feelings between them when they started living with each other. You can watch this drama only on Netflix.

15. Stay With Me

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Stay With Me

Stay With Me is a very lovable romantic drama of 2016. In this drama, Li Weiwei losses her 7-years memory in an accident. In her memories, her boyfriend was Chen Yidu with whom she broke up now. And currently, she is engaged with Huo Xiao about who she does not remember anything. Destressed from the situation, Weiwei was still stuck on Chen Yidu. Whereas Huo Xiao wants to make Weiwei believe in his love for her. He wants Weiwei to stay with her. This emotional love story is available on Rakuten Viki.

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16. Sweet Dreams

25 Romantic Chinese Drama 
Sweet Dreams

Sweat Dream is a beautiful Chinese romantic drama that got its destination via a technical glitch. Ling Ling Qi, an employer of Bo Hai is never able to tell her feeling for Bo Hai. But one day, when a dream technology company came into their organization and had an experiment. However, during this process, some glitch occurs because of which Ling Ling’s thoughts started to transform into Bo Hai’s dreams. Via dreams, their conversation started in real life as well and chemistry develop between the two. You can watch this series on Rakuten Viki.

17. Accidently In Love

Accidently In Love
Accidently In Love

Accidently in Love is one of those love stories which starts with hate for each other. Chen Qing Qing, a girl from a reputed wealthy family runs from the house on her wedding day and joins the college where her parents studied. In college, she met a famous singer Situ Feng. The encounters between both of them were never good but destiny made them bench partners. Amid the constant fights and Chen’s secret, their love develops. The series is available on Netflix.

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18. The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love

The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love
The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love

The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love is the story of love, sacrifice, and a curse. A girl Guan Pipi is unaware of the impact of an ancient curse on her which is the cause of all her miseries. Because of the curse, she has suffered in all her births. He Lan Jing Ting is shown opposite her in the story with whom her love never completes due to the curse. It has to see in the series, whether Jing Ting flees Pipi from the curse. You can watch this romantic drama only on Rakuten Viki.

19. Sweet Combat

Sweet Combat
Sweet Combat

In Sweet Combat you can enjoy romance and sports altogether. In the movie, Fang Yu trains Ming Tian, a poor boy who wants to become a sportsman to get a sports scholarship. While Fang Yu is an heir of a wealthy family who has to carry forward the business. But she chose martial arts against her family. In the process of achieving their individual goals, the two fell for each other. You can watch this series of Rakuten Viki.

20. Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden is another story about love and friendship that you will love to watch. In this romantic drama, an ordinary girl Shan Chai admitted into a very prestigious school in the city. And soon, she fought with a famous F4 group of boys. However, later in the story Shan Chai befriend the boys and a romantic angle also comes into the story. You will see a love triangle in this series as well between Daoming Si, Hauze Lei, and Shan Chai. You can watch this teenage romance on Netflix.

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21. Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy
Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy is another series on the list of 25 romantic Chinese dramas. In this series, you will witness the lives, careers, and relationships of five different women who live in the same apartment on a building’s 22nd floor. All these women are from different backgrounds, different types of families, and had a different upbringings. Hence, you will see five different perspectives of love and five different love stories in the Ode to Joy. The name of the series is Ode to Joy because the name of the apartment is Ode to Joy. You can watch this drama on Netflix.

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22. My Huckleberry Friends

My Huckleberry Friends
My Huckleberry Friends

My Huckleberry Friends is a love story that starts with the childhood of Yu Zhou Zhou and Lin Yang. They both are a kind of inseparable couple. Yang Li helped Zhou Zhou when she came new in the primary school from where their friendship began. However, certain situations created problems between them. And Zhou Zhou leaves the school and went to another school for higher studies but there also she finds Yang Li. Now, how the chemistry of these two proceeds could be seen on Netflix.

23. Love Lost In Time

Love Lost In Time
Love Lost In Time

This Chinese drama series is a love story of a witch and prince. Witch Qincheng saves the life of Wei’s prince Yuang Ling. Later they fell in deep love with each other. But an alliance between a prince and a witch is not acceptable in society. In the romantic drama, you will see a challenging love story of this couple. The drama is available on Netflix.

24. Cinderella Chef

Cinderella Chef
Cinderella Chef

Cinderella Chef is a story of Ye Jia Hao who finds her love in the past. Jia Hao travels to the past and meets a boy, Xia Chun Yu. Circumstances occur in such a way that they both fell in love with each other. But to stay with Chun Yu, Jia Hao has to sacrifice her present life and stay in past. This drama series could be watched on Rakuten Viki.

25. When A Snail Falls In Love

When A Snail Falls In Love
When A Snail Falls In Love

When a Snail Falls in Love is a romantic drama in which detective Ji Bai trains a girl XuXu the art of spying and other tactics. However, the start of training was difficult for both as Xuxu was hardworking but very slow physically. That is why the name of the drama is When a Snail Falls in love as a snail is a very slow creature. However, later this pair fell in love with each other. You can watch the drama on Rakuten Viki.

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