When To Expect Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Release Date?

Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2
Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2

Ya Boy Kongming! (Paripi Koumei in Japanese) earned lots of love from fans. Music anime series are not so common among animes. Even, when you think about musical anime, only a few names like Tari Tari, Your Lie in April, and some other series only come into our mind. Normally makers do not make anime on musical themes. Hence, after a long time, a good musical anime came into the industry and received a good response. However, the anime series is based on the manga of Yuto Yotsuba which started publishing in 2019. The fans of Ya Boy Kongming! Started demanding for its season 2, even before the end of season 1. After a long time, anime fans got good musical content and they want more of it. However, in 12 episodes the story of Ya Boy Kongming! Reached an expected climax. But it will be too early to say that it was all about Ya Boy Kongming!. And a season 2 will not come. Looking at the popularity of season 1, and the demand of fans, a season 2 of Paripi Koumei has to come very soon.

Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Release Date

Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2
Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Release Date

The 12th and final episode of Ya Boy Kongming! season 1 was released on 21st June 2022 only. hence, it will be too early to predict the release date of season 2. Secondly, from the side of the makers as well there is no announcement about a season 2 has made yet. But thinking about the time required in creating an animated TV series, various websites are predicting that, Ya Boy Kongming! season 2 may release in late 2023 or early 2024. However, it is not official information.

Ya Boy Kongming! Season 1 Release DateJune 21, 2022
Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Release Date

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Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Story

The story of Ya Boy Kongming!  season 1 has reached a good climax in episode 12. But still, there are many possibilities of twists and turns for season 2. The makers can continue the same story of Eiko and Zhuge with certain variations. Secondly, the manga series Ya Boy Kongming! is still publishing. So, there is the availability of further storylines for Ya Boy Kongming!  season 2.

Notably, in the TV series Ya Boy Kongming! season 1, the main character is a singer Eiko Tsukimi. She is a struggling singer and songwriter but her journey to become a famous and established musician is not easy. In such a situation, Zhuge Kongming came into her life. It was shown in the series that he is the reincarnation of a known military strategist Zhuge Liang Kongming who now wants to live a peaceful life. He helps Eiko strategically to become an established and recognized singer in the country. They together pass through various obstacles in this journey. However, in the end, Eiko reached her goal. While according to Zhuge he also found the purpose of his life.

Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Characters

Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2
Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2 Release Date

The cast of Ya Boy Kongming! season 2 is not announced yet. However, if the makers will carry forward the same story, they will probably continue with the season 1 cast. However, there could be some additions as well.

In season 1 the lead character of Shu Honma’s anime TV series is the singer Eiko Tsukimi. She is a struggling singer who lives with her mother. She is voiced by Kaede Hondo. While in the series 96neko sang for her. The male lead in the TV series is Zhuge Kongming. he is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu. Apart from these two, you will see Kabetaijin, a young rapper voiced by Shoya Chiba; Nanami Koun who was really affected by Eiko’s singing. She is voiced by Hibiku Yamamura. Another major character in the series is Owen Kobayashi voiced by Fukushima.

Where To Watch Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2?

The makers of Paripi Koumei aka Ya Boy Kongming! Licensed the series to Sentai Filmworks. All 12 episodes of the series were telecasted on Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS NTV channels between April 5th, 2022, and 21st June 2022. Hence, it is expected looking at the reach of the series through these channels, that season 2 will also air on the same platform.

Notably, the makers of Ya Boy Kongming! Streamed the series digitally on HIDIVE and Netflix. Hence, for season 2 as well the makers will want to capture the international audience through these two digital streaming platforms. Currently, if you have not watched all the episodes of season 1 on TV, then you can refer to Netflix or HIDIVE to watch Ya Boy Kongming! Season 1.

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