Is The Split Season 4 Release Date Cancelled?

Split is a British legal drama television series written and created by Abi Morgan and first aired in the UK on April 24, 2018, on BBC One. The first series commissioned in August 2016 follows the life of the Defoe family, who work in divorce law under family law, except her sister Hannah (Nicola Walker), who works at rival family law firm Noble & Hale. The youngest daughter is a childminder. Starring in the series is Stephen Manganese, Fiona Button, Annabel Scholey, and Barry Atsma. In Series 2, Defoe Family returned to the newly merged law firm Noble Hale Defoe, where most of the original cast was confirmed. The third and final series premiered on April 4, 2022.

The Split Season 4 Release Date

The Split Season 4 Release Date
The Split

You might hope they last forever, but all the great dramas have to end in the end and sadly, last year it was confirmed that there was no split season 4. Instead, Season 3 was intended to be the last hurrah for the Defoe family, with the regret of many fans. It wasn’t an easy decision, but Split creator, writer, and director Abi Morgan revealed that he intended the show to always have a natural ending, rather than extending it to Split Season 4. Abi, who opened the door to the BBC, revealed that “the structure of the three arcs” was the key to the split, especially when it came to the story of Hannah Defoe.

The Split Season 1 Release DateApril 24, 2018
The Split Season 2 Release DateFebruary 11, 2020
The Split Season 3 Release DateApril 4, 2022
The Split Season 4 Release DateCancelled
The Split Season 4 Release Date

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The Split Season 3 Recap

When the dissolution begins, Ruth (Deborah Findlay) talks about her podcast and wonders if there is a good divorce. She suggests that some divorces are not a failure, as marriages can be finite. Ruth doesn’t understand why she attaches so much importance to the fact that many things are permanent. She argues that making a successful relationship is brave enough to know when it’s over and to call for time. She goes on to say that a good divorce is a divorce in which the children are carried in a storm and the two are successful, with their memories untouched. Ruth tells the client to be brave and not afraid. Ruth wonders what they can find on the other side. After the intro, Nina (Annabel Scholey) tells Rose (Fiona Button) that she’s fine and doesn’t need to stay. Nina is grateful for pushing her out, but she suggests that Rose do the same. James’s heart is still beating, so she encourages her to meet her family. In her office, Ruth tells Hannah (Nicola Walker) that Goldie is there to meet her. Hannah explains that Goldie (Meera Syal) is back in the next round as she is married to a boxing promoter half her age of her. Goldie shows off her ring when Hannah joins her. Hannah tried to protect her with her solid prenuptial agreement, but Mr. Mukherjee is loading her. He is 29 years old and is facing his third marriage.

The Split Season 4 Cast

Nicola Walker as Hannah Stern, a divorce lawyer working for Noble & Hale, Stephen Mangan as Natham Stern, Hannah’s husband, a barrister, Fiona Button as Rose Defoe, Hannah’s youngest sister, Annabel Scholey as Nina Defoe, Hannah’s sister, a fellow divorce lawyer for Defoe’s, the family practice, Barry Atsma as Christie Carmichael, Hannah’s former boyfriend who also works for Noble & Hale, Stephen Tompkinson as Davey McKenzie, a millionaire divorcing his wife, Meera Syal as Goldie McKenzie, Davey’s wife and his company’s secretary, Anthony Head as Oscar Defoe, Hannah’s mother, the director of the family firm, Rudi Dharmalingam as James Cutler, Rose’s fiancé, later husband, Donna Air as Fi Hansen, a famous presenter divorcing her husband, Ben Bailey Smith as Richie Hansen, Fi’s husband, Damien Molony as Tyler Donaghue, Zander’s fiancé later husband, Ian McElhinney as Prof Ronnie, a friend and later love interest of Ruth Defoe, Lara Pulver as Kate Pencastle, a child psychologist and Nathan’s new partner.

The Split Season 4 Trailer

The Split Season 4 Release Date
The Split

As per the official news, Season 4 of The Split is not going to release as its director and writer Abi Morgan says “Show should always end with its natural ending”, do not extend it to spoil. The fans are very sad about it, but you can watch The Split from season 1, which comes with a beautiful story.

Where To Watch The Split Season 4?

The Split Season 1 to 3 are available on the Amazon Prime Video and Hulu so, you can watch and enjoy the 3 seasons of The Split.

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