Rachel Bernard Net Worth 2022 And Biography!

Rachel Bernard is an ex-adult actress, famous with the names Ava Taylor and Kate Thompson. She started her career early as an adult actress and has featured in many series and movies. She even has roles in Short films, Netflix series and Netflix Original movies. Her works have brought her a lot of recognition and awards. She has left the adult industry for good and works in movies. Although she left the field, she is still popular and can be easily recognised by people who enjoyed the adult genre or are die-hard fans. Her most famous and well-known movies are, Hot Girls Wanted, Brothers & Sisters 2, Alex Dreaming, and Barely Legal 144.

She was born on 14th June 1995 and is a Gemini. She is a strong and independent girl, who had the guts to record herself stripping in front of a camera and going to extreme lengths to make her works entertain people. She has a remarkable appearance and an unforgettable aura, which makes the viewers intrigued to the interesting cool and gutsy actors’ works. Rachel lives a silent and mysterious life with not much information about her released to the public. She first joined the job thinking of it as a good choice for her career and an easy way to rise in fame, later she felt motivated by the perks and came to find interest in her job, but shortly quit during her peak years, disheartening a lot of viewers and fans. But we are expected to have a lot of questions and queries answered in the near future as the actress is doing well and her popularity just keeps on increasing. In this article, we will provide you with all the available news about Rachel Bernard which are released and known as of yet, her favourite things, food, actors, colours, her hobbies, dreams, net worth, Biography and a bit of insight on the popular ex-adult actresses life and career. 

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Rachel Bernard Biography

Rachel Bernard was born on 14th June 1995 and is a 27-year-old Gemini as of 2022. Her birthplace and hometown is Illinois in the United States and she belongs to an American nationality, with her ethnicity being Caucasian. She completed her education in her hometown and is yet to release her major. We will update the section as soon as we receive any new updates. She later moved to Miami for her career and came back after she quitted. Her height is a bit above average being 5’6 in feet and inches, 1.68 in metres and 168 in centimetres. She is healthy and takes really good care of her body, but is underweight weighing around 50 kgs and 110 lbs in pounds, which is normal for actresses. She has an ideal, beautiful and envy-to-many body measurement of 32-25-32. She has beautiful and captivating brown eyes with long, black and well-maintained luxurious thick hair. She has beautiful features and fair skin which makes her an eye-pleaser.

Her favourite actors are Johnny Sins and Danny D, favourite actresses are Katrina Jade and Susy Gala. She likes the colour Red and it is also her favourite colour. She has classy hobbies like reading, learning, travelling and photography. Rachel’s favourite singer is Madison Beer. She is yet to release further information about her likes and dislikes. To everyone’s disappointment, there is little information available regarding her social profiles and we will take responsibility and edit the part as soon as she releases one. She has a Facebook profile as of now and you can search her name and follow or view her account.

Rachel Bernard Net Worth 2022

She has an approximate net worth of $2 million and makes an annual income of $300k, which she mostly earns via filming. Due to her profession as an adult actress, she hasn’t released news about her parents and siblings, but we are soon to get updates as the actress has left the profession, unless she decides to stay lowkey. She is currently single and we know nothing of her past relationships as there is not much revealed by her, and she lives a silent life. Regardless, this section will also be filled by us on updates. Further information about her habits stays mysterious and no new information has been updated as of yet. We still don’t know whether she smokes or drinks or has any other bad habits of such sort. 

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Rachel Bernard Career

As she started her career in her late teens, she worked in a lot of series and movies before announcing her leave. Rachel became popular after her role in the Netflix 2015 American documentary movie, Hot Girls Wanted. Being a part of a series streamed in Netflix, is a big achievement in itself. The series gave her the name Ava Taylor and she has been connected to it ever since. Another one of her big breaks was a 2014 movie, Brothers and Sisters 2, which again brought her a lot of fame and provided her with the contracts for her other popular releases. She ended her career early and chose to pursue her profession as a photographer and is doing good in the field. 

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Rachel Bernard History

As we all know the actress was an adult-actress and ended her career shortly during her peak years, this part of the article will give you all the drama you wish to know about the actress. As we mentioned above, she started her career early, at the age of 19. She was originally looking for a job which would help her out of her small town and enter the big world, where she could get tons of attention, and recognition and could get her skills tested. She accidentally joined ‘Hot Girls’, one of her most popular works, after she came across a Hussie Models’ Craigslist ad and applied to be a part of the cast. She initially thought the ad and job requirement was for modelling which would grant her Miami work trips if she were to succeed and do well.

After learning the truth about the job she still insisted on staying, thinking the job would help her in her future career and could be her only big-shot chance to get famous and gain attention quickly. Rachel was really young as she was in her late teens, with tons of ambitions and the job offered rewards one can’t possibly deny. She was awarded with a good figure paycheck, better and quick connections, world tours and challenges which pushed her overall skills to the next level. She then relocated to Miami and pursued her career as an adult film actress, with the popular stage name, Ava Taylor. 

Thinking that the job was perfect for earning more money, fame, and connections by doing a few hours job, which was comparatively advantageous while looking from the front, Sarah realised her thoughts about the job were false after she realised the job had emotionally and mentally drained her, leaving her struggling. She later revealed her journey in the ‘Hot Girls Wanted Documentary’, revealing her benefits, which she used to think were extravagant, barely kept her motivated. The job of an adult actress required a huge amount of body care, buying necessary products for the job, paying her agents, living expenses and other necessary bills, and barely left her with anything. Along with the financial blow, the actress also felt that the job affected her physical and mental health, draining her spirits and energy by working artificially on a daily basis. After getting a hold of herself, she made the big decision of leaving the industry for good.

She works as an advocate and guides teenagers, explaining to them why the profession of adult film actors/actresses is dangerous and toxic. Teenagers are given special attention to divert their minds from the adult film business and are motivated to choose another stream or profession. During her job as an adult actress, she earned enough savings to buy a good professional camera, which she couldn’t buy earlier due to her financial conditions. Now, she pursues her hobby as a photographer as one of her professions and is passionate about filmography. She showed her artistic skills in a Chicago-based mini-documentary featuring underground hip-hop artists in her hometown. She also likes to capture normal and special day to-day-lives of average people and takes huge pride in her profession. 

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