Will Mortel Season 3 Release Date: Will Face A Cancellation?

There is no doubt that Netflix has made exploring foreign series very easy. Earlier the audience was only limited to their national cinema but today, the scenario has completely changed, and now they are shifting towards several foreign series, especially the non-English. While talking about these shows, it is obvious that the people to come up with some French series. 

Who does not dreams of visiting the Eiffel Tower once in his life? Well, we all do have. But, the country, France is not only famous for this tourist place only but has established its own identity in the entertainment industry. After, Emily in Paris, Lupin, and Black Spot, the craze for French drama shows have already marked a significant increase. The spectators are now curious about such dramas. So, we decided to come up with a French series titled Mortel.

Created by Frédéric Garcia and directed by Edouard Salier and Simon Astier, Mortel is a supernatural fiction drama that is also regarded as a teen drama series. With a total of 12 episodes and two seasons, the fans are concerned about the series’ future. If you are one of them who is anxious to know about Mortel season 3 and its release date, don’t skip this post.

Mortel Season 3 Release Date

The first season was dropped on Netflix on 21st November 2019. In January 2020 the show was officially revived for season 2 but even after an official announcement, the streaming partner, Netflix canceled the plan of bringing Mortel season 2. It was the time when everybody believed that there won’t be any installment in the future. But to everyone’s surprise, the trailer was launched in May 2021 confirming the arrival of the second edition. Ultimately, season 2 was released on 2nd July 2021 on Netflix itself. Both the seasons consisted of the same number of parts contributing to a total of 12 episodes. 

Mortel Season 3 Release Date

Mortel did a satisfactory job in terms of the reception and critics provided mixed reviews to the show. It has an IMDb rating of 6.6 out of 10 and this shows that it was not very successful in convincing the audience because of which it suffered at the box office. Some of the people stated Mortel to be boring and it was difficult for them to continue watching the series.

Mortel Season 1 Release Date21 November 2019
Mortel Season 2 Release Date2 July 2021
Mortel Season 3 Release DateNo official announcement

With context to Mortel season 3, there has been no statement from the side of creators and Netflix officials yet. The chances for the renewal of the drama are quite less as it has already faced many complications during its second season. It is highly expected that once again, we can hear about the cancellation. But no one exactly knows what could be the scene in the coming time. Therefore, Mortel season 3 is yet to get a green flag. If it happens soon, we expect it to release by 2022. We are also looking forward to a miracle somewhat similar to the situations that arose when the Mortel season 2 was in the process.

Mortel Season 3 Story

The story is about two teenagers who are trying their best to solve a murder mystery. Sofiane and Victor want to know the truth behind Reda’s (brother of Sofiane) murder. With the help of the powers given by the voodoo god Obé, both the teenagers start their investigation. Victor has the ability to read others’ minds while Sofiane can easily manipulate people. They need to be present together to exercise their respective powers.

The story in the third season can start from the point where Mortel season 2 left off. There’s a major cliffhanger left behind by the creators and we hope to get an answer to it in the future. 

The first season of the show consisted of 6 episodes in total, which included Hot-Hot-hot, Superbad, Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic, Nothing Nudes Under the Moon, The Puppets’ Tears, and La Solitudine. While on the other hand, season 2 also had 6 episodes in total, titled, Impossible To Leave,  Super Good, Entwined With You, Qumran, The Marriage of Obe, and  Aprezan nou lyanne.

Mortel Season 3 Cast

Carl Malapa is in the series as one of the leading roles, Sofiane Kada. The second prominent character, Victor Wanderwelt has been played by Némo Schiffman. Manon Bresch, Corentin Fila, and Anaïs Thomas appeared as Luisa Manjimbe, Obé, and Audrey Jourdant, respectively. Sami Outabali is playing the role of Reda Kada while Raphaëlle Agogué is in the shoes of Celine Wanderwelt. Mortel season 3 can probably have the same main cast with some new characters and faces.

Overall, there has been no official confirmation made regarding the season 3 of the show, you can expect the show to release sometime in 2023.

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