Love Hard 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, And Other Updates!

Love Hard is a contemporary love story about Natalie Nina Dobrev, a dating writer whose latest online dating adventure resulted in her being catfished. She decides to meet her long-time sweetheart and flies from Los Angeles to Lake Placid to surprise him for Christmas, but she soon discovers that he is not the man she expected.

Love Hard 2 Release Date

Love Hard 2 Release Date

At this time, it’s unclear whether Netflix will approve a Love Hard sequel. The streamer has a history of turning holiday romantic comedies into franchises, with two sequels to A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch.

Love Hard 2 has a lot of potential because the characters are all interesting and the central love story has only just begun by the time the movie ends. Is the full-circle ending, however, enough to justify a sequel?

This Christmas, Netflix has a jam-packed movie lineup, and there are already plans in the works for 2022, with Lindsay Lohan’s holiday rom-com and others leading the way. It’s possible that a sequel will be released in 2022, but it’s more likely to happen in 2023.

Love Hard Release DateNovember 5, 2021
Love Hard 2 Release DateNot Announced
Love Hard 2 Release Date

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Love Hard 2 Story

We can expect more embarrassing love stories and family drama in Love Hard 2. In the Love Hard sequel, Natalie and Josh may have to deal with Natalie’s family, or the sequel could be a Tag-centric offshoot. If and when Netflix orders a sequel, we’ll learn more about the plot, but we can expect more awkward love stories and family drama. Perhaps Natalie and Josh will have to deal with Natalie’s family in the next film, or the sequel could be a Tag spinoff.

Even though Natalie was initially angry with Josh for catfishing her with Tag’s photos, there’s no denying that throughout the entire movie, the unlikely pair forge a deep bond.

Natalie’s attempt to track down Tag is ultimately futile because They don’t have enough in common to make their superficial attraction work. Instead, Natalie realizes she has fallen in love with Josh and, inspired by Love Actually, expresses her feelings for him. Whatever the plot of the sequel is, we’re confident that fans of Love Hard would adore a continuation of this hilarious holiday romantic comedy.

Love Hard 2 Trailer

Natalie Bauer is a dating columnist based in Los Angeles who chronicles her disastrous dates with people she meets on a dating app. After deciding to broaden the app’s search radius, Natalie matches with a man named Josh Lin, and the two form a strong bond over many long phone calls. She decides to surprise him for Christmas in his hometown of Lake Placid, New York, promising her boss that this will be the end of her dating disasters. She soon discovers, however, that she has been catfished by Josh, who has used the photographs of another man. Natalie is enraged until she learns that the photographer Josh used, Tag Abbott, is a childhood friend of Josh’s who lives in the same town. If she agrees, Josh offers to set them up.

Natalie agrees to spend the holidays with the Lin family after pretending to be his girlfriend.

Natalie sees Josh’s new profile on the dating app, which highlights the real him while waiting at the lodge overnight before her morning flight. She realizes she’s in love with Josh and goes back to his house to kiss him.

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Love Hard 2 Cast

Love Hard 2 Release Date

Natalie, played by Nina Dobrev, is a relationship writer whose latest foray into online dating transports her from Los Angeles to Lake Placid to surprise her long-distance beau. Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, and Charles Melton will star in the film, which will be directed by Hernán Jiménez and released in August 2020. In October 2020, it was revealed that Melton had been replaced by Darren Barnet due to scheduling conflicts with the TV series Riverdale. The cast was also expanded to include Harry Shum Jr., James Saito, Mikaela Hoover, and Heather McMahan.

 She discovers she’s been catfished when she arrives and sets out to find the guy she thought she was dating. By the end of the film, Natalie and Josh’s love story appears to have come to a happy conclusion, but there’s always the possibility of more misadventures for the couple. Natalie is played by Nina Dobrev. Josh is played by Jimmy O. Yang.

Tag is played by Darren Barnet, and Owen is played by Harry Shum Jr.

Where To Watch Love Hard Season 2

Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnet, and Jimmy O. Yang star in the film. If you enjoyed the first film, you’re probably curious if Love Hard 2 will be released on Netflix. A sequel could be rushed out in 2022, but it’s more likely that Love Hard 2 will be released on Netflix in late 2023.

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