Kokkoku Season 2 Release Date And Story Updates!

Kokkoku: Moment by moment is an anime series that has been dramatically talked about for its extraordinary story, making many fans fall in love with the anime. It is actually adopted from a manga series which was also greatly appreciated and had made excellent sales. This anime series was expected to be so successful, that it was even adopted by amazon prime. The manga series came out with a total of 8 volumes, which means there is a lot of content to be shown and the anime series has got just 12 episodes. now according to most reviews, the anime didn’t do that well because of the ending of the anime, and those who have actually watched the first season of the show, yes, we all had expected a better ending to the first season, Subaru was expected to be a much terrifying character that it is shown.

Now another thing that we all know after seeing the first season of the anime, is that most of our answers haven’t been answered yet and the story hasn’t been finished, there are many a mystery of the stasis which need to be unveiled and for that, we do need a second season. With all our sources, we have come to know about the current status of the anime and all other updates regarding it, and to know about those you will need to scroll down a bit more.

Kokkoku Season 2 Release Date

Kokkoku Season 2 Release Date

As we know the anime series Kokkoku, is adopted from a manga series which came out in the year 2005 and came to an end in 2015 after which the manga was taken up for adaption into an anime by the Geno studios and soon we receive a 12 episodes season of the show which made it to us by 2018 only.

However, as we know the reviews of the show have been completely mixed, we have received both positive as well as negative reviews and this was just because of the ending of the show. Fans did expect something better towards the end and based on that and the viewer’s count, this anime wasn’t picked by the studios for renewal. now things don’t stop here, though there has been news that the anime has been discontinued, we should always remember that often different studios end up buying the rights to the anime and soon they bring to us a completely new season for the anime which ends up to be a complete banger, thus we still have a lot of time to wait for any more updates.

Kokkoku Season 1 Release Date7 January 2018
Kokkoku Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Kokkoku Season 2 Release Date

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Kokkoku Season 2 Story

 As we have seen towards the ending of season 2 of the show, Subaru has already gotten his hand over the stone from the Yukawa family and is also able to get hold of Jury’s grandfather’s blood over the stone, now towards the final moments of the season 1 we have a mystery regarding an unknown character who suddenly comes and end up saving Makato, we know nothing about that character and that is what everyone is looking forward for, Subaru changing into a child too has brought many questions in the mind of the viewers. So, we will also see what happens to Subaru and what ulterior motive Subaru has and how the stasis world goes on, and even if Juri is able to get out of it somehow.

Kokkoku Season 2 Characters

If the second season of the show, is made, we are surely going to see some of the characters from the previous season of the show and that will include the baby version of Subaru, without whom the show wouldn’t even survive, we will have Juri, her elder brother, her grandfather, her father and along with that, it is also expected that Makato will be a part of season 2. Along with that we also have a mysterious character who is going to join us for season 2, who ended up saving Makato and we know nothing about him.

Kokkoku Season 2 Trailer

As we know there are very less chances that this show will be renewed for season 2 and thus, we haven’t received a trailer yet for season2. only The trailer for the first season of the show is available on the YouTube platform currently.

Where Can We Watch Kokkoku Season 2?

As we know the show was available on Amazon Prime, but we also know that the show has been discontinued on the Amazon Prime platform, thus if it gets renewed, we have to keep an eye on Crunchyroll and other free anime streaming platforms.

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