Flames Season 3 Release Date: Hit Indian Show Returning?

flames season 3

Flames Season 3 Release Date: Flames, the nostalgia attached to the name reminds you of the school days when we used to write FLAMES in the back of our notebooks and check the future with our crush. There prevailed lots of love for chemistry in the classrooms the subject chemistry. The Flames web series is all about that. Brought to you by TVF, which you might be familiar with. TVF has made a reputation in the web series world with its effort in bringing the only high-standard dramas. All of the series brought by TVF are of high quality with talented actors and actresses.

After two successful seasons Flames season, 3 is on demand, and the makers have announced something to know for the fans now

Flames Season 3 Release Date

Flames Season 3 Release Date

The very first season of Flames was released on 15 Jan 2018 and the second season came on 15th October 2019 we can see a gap of 2 years between the alternative season according to the logic it is to be estimated that the flame season 3 might come in 2023. We can expect Flames Season 3 Release Date at the end of this year 2022.

Yes, season 3 will come as assured by the makers of the series. After the nailed performance of the two seasons, how can one not go for season 3? The makers had announced it while the promotion of season 2 only. So there is good news for the fans, that yes the show is coming with season 3 at some date.

Flames Season 3 Release Date has not been officially announced and we can expect a date after the show has been renewed!

UPDATED: As of 2022, the show has been officially renewed, but the directors still have not confirmed the original release of season 3. The directors once told in an interview that shooting was going on until 2020 until covid pandemic hit the country. Since that there have been no updates about the show. From our speculations, it might release sometime in 2023. 

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Flames Season 3 Story

The Flames web series is about the very common fact that is present in everyone who crosses the age of a teenager. It is very beautiful narrated with a sweet voice of a tuition teacher who knows every tic tacs of his students. It is best for the Indians as Indians always know how important IIT is in one’s life.

Almost 50% of students choose to prepare for IIT and only a few get selected. Though many web series like Kota factory have already discussed the problems of being an IIT aspirant.

Flames is a way different because it implicates the fact of childhood love. For the first time, you will see how chemistry can be taught by giving examples of the real reality of love that develops initially. Chemical reactions and the structure of atoms or molecules possess a lot of things to do with chemistry, but the experiment can also take place with the magical thing that happens in one’s life which is known as romance is only shown by this Flames web series.

The story of flames is about a young boy Rajat who is a class topper and also an aspirant of IIT. Rajat gets into a girl Ishita who recently joins in the same institution.

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Flames Season 2 Recap

Rajat is a studious boy who has a not-so-studious best friend Pandey. Rajat always talks about studies and tries to get higher marks. The two friends enjoy the life period when eating momos after tuition is the most important thing. Then a new girl named Ishita comes to the same tuition as Rajat. She is also very studious with the IIT dream. Rajat gets into that girl, she gets more marks than him in maths.

They are at the stage of life when sharing time with one’s crush is by helping them to solve homework. There develops an unfolding chemical reaction in terms of love as narrated by the background voiceover. This happens in season 1 and then it continues to season 2.

In Season 2, Rajat and Ishita go to the next step when they start dating each other. Here dating doesn’t mean hooking up with each other or anything as shown in other advanced shows. Here dating means the beautiful reality things that include sharing time and having momos in the streets of Delhi. It all takes you to the sweet first love kind of experience which has every bit of purity and innocence. But how can one forget about separation?

The separation takes place between them in the face of strict parents, study pressure, misunderstanding, and depression. On the other hand, Pandey and Anusha who barely likes to study science just because of their parent’s pressure continue with a good relationship.

 Flames Season 3 Cast

Ritwik Sahore as Rajat, Tanya Maniktala as Ishita, Sonakshi Grover as Anusha, Shivam Kakar as Gaurav Pandey, and Deepesh Saumitra as Pradeep Kaushal are the main characters that are compulsory in season 3. The show is available on MX player for the audience, you can binge-watch the first two seasons.

The page will be updated as soon as Flame’s Season 3 Release Date has been announced!

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