Is Iron Fist Season 3 Release Date Confirmed? Know Here

Iron Fist Season 3 release date

Iron Fist Season 3 Release Date: For Netflix this American TV series created by Scott Buck. Iron Fist is based on the Marvel comics character, Iron Fist. Sharing the continuation with the franchise’s film this series set in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Iron Fist is the fourth television series from the Marvel Studio and led to The Defenders across all the ministries of Marvel.

As we all know that Marvel has a huge fan base and fans get crazy for Marvel’s comics, series, and movies. And this is one of them, Iron Fist was first launched on 17 March 2017 with thirteen episodes and the second season was released on 7 September 2018 containing ten episodes. So, here we told much more important facts and information about Iron Fist Season 3.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 Story

Marvel’s Iron Fist is an action, martial arts, and superhero drama similar to its previous shows of Marvel. This follows the story of a boy, named Danny Rand who returned to New York City to reclaim his family legacy, a company. He was assumed to be dead and he returned after fifteen years. His family company was held by Harold Meachum and his children Ward Meachum, Danny wanted to take it back.

As the threat arises, there were two choices in front of Danny between his family business and his duty as the Iron Fist. After The Defenders events, finally, Danny took the initiative to protect New York in the absence of Matt Murdock, until those he cared about and Danny’s identity were endangered by the new enemy.

If there will be any season 3 of Iron Fist then it will show the buddy storyline between Danny and Ward. Also, we can see the couple story or the romantic story between Colleen and Danny. Season 3 story will have multiple plots and twists, cos, why not? We have seen multiple storylines in seasons one and two and therefore season 3 is not going to go backhand.

Iron Fist Season 3 Release Date

Iron Fist Season 1 was not very popular and successful amongst the viewers. But season 2 was an improvement, and it was more popular and successful than season 1. That is why fans are thinking that season 3 would surely come. But after the release of Season 2 on 7 September 2018, Netflix canceled the series for the third installment on October 12, 2018. An official from Marvel told Deadline that the Iron Fist Season 3 would not return on Netflix. Some agencies said that there are some conflicts between Marvel Universe and Netflix due to the less viewership of Marvel’s show on Netflix.

Netflix is quite serious about the shows’ viewership that was released on the platform. Netflix does not want to show any movie or show with a lesser number of viewers. However, the characters of Iron Fist will be seen in the other movies on Netflix as per the statement. But to leave the show in the midway is not a very good choice and it is sad news for many fans who were connected with the series.

There are also rumors that Disney+ is planning to renew the series Iron Fist for its third season along with the other canceled projects that will be going to stream on Netflix. According to Variety, the characters of Iron Fist will not appear in any of the non- Netflix show for two years at least as per the agreement.

As of now, that is no official information or no official reports regarding the renewal of Iron Fist for the third season. It totally depends on the makers what they want to do. But till now it is quite clear that the Iron Fist will not release on Netflix it may release on Disney+ if the makers decided to launch the third part. Also, the Hulu streaming platform stated in 2019 that they were also ready to revive Marvel’s canceled shows.

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Iron Fist Season 3 Cast and Characters

If Iron Fist returns with the third season, maybe it will have some inclusions or new faces but most probably the cast will remain the same as in seasons 1 and 2. To date, there is no official information regarding the cast for season 3 of Iron Fist. The main lead of the show Finn Jones also showed his discomfort by not releasing season 3 of this show.

The cast of Iron Fist season 1 and 2 as follows: Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum, and Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum. Along with them, it has Ramón Rodriguez as Bakuto, Sacha Dhawan as Davos, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, David Wenham as Harold Meachum, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, and Alice Eve as “Typhoid Mary” Walker.

In the production of Evan Perazzo, the series is created by Scott Buck with the composers Trevor Morris in season 1 and Robert Lydecker in season 2. The production was set in New York City under the production company, Marvel Television, ABC Studios, and Devilina Productions (Season 1).

To sum up, the show has not fully been canceled nor they have mentioned any updates about it. But we hope, the season 3 will release very soon.

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