27 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

Every adventure film has a plot that distinguishes it and makes it enjoyable in its own right. Of course, some of the films are classics, but Netflix has no shortage of must-see films. When you consider how to get over the geo-blocking barrier, your possibilities expand dramatically.

Due to Netflix’s global constraints, our list of the best adventure movies on Netflix might help you appreciate the time you have to pick up your journey.

Netflix has not let us down, as it has provided us with amazing adventure films. The best Netflix adventure movies are listed here.

27. See You Yesterday

27 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix

A young aspiring inventor is compelled to construct a gadget that alters time as a result of an undesired fatal event. Following her brother’s tragic death, CJ joins up with her buddy Sebastian to create two-time machines.

They plan to travel back in time to save CJ’s little brother, Calvin. Their attempts teach them the time travel lesson that every action has a repercussion. Many things have changed as a result of their time travel.

26. Fullmetal Alchemist

27 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix

The story is set at the turn of the twentieth century, in a world where alchemy is real, well-developed, and revered. The plot revolves around brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who endure the consequences of attempting the forbidden practice of human transmutation. Edward loses his left leg, while Alphonse loses his entire body. Edward then attaches his right arm to a metal suit of armour in order to save his brother’s soul. Edward is subsequently fitted with “automail” artificial prostheses to replace his lost arm and leg. He is given the nickname “Fullmetal Alchemist” after being accepted into the State Alchemists, all while searching with Alphonse for the famous philosopher’s stone that will mend their bodies.

The plot of Fullmetal Alchemist is set in the early twentieth century when alchemy was still performed. After attempting the forbidden practice of human transformation, two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, endure the repercussions.

In the effort, Edward loses his left leg, while his brother loses his entire body. Finally, Edward must give up his arm to save his brother’s soul from oblivion. They must now seek out a legendary philosopher’s stone that is said to have the ability to heal their bodies.

25. Jupiter Ascending

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

Jupiter Jones believes she was born to achieve greatness. Her true life, on the other hand, is far from idyllic. Channing Tatum’s character, Caine, is a genetically modified hunter. He arrives on Earth to find her, telling her that her genetic profile qualifies her as the heir to an amazing inheritance that has the potential to change the cosmos’ balance. Jupiter, ecstatic that her dreams have come true but apprehensive about the voyage ahead of her, joins him on a new interplanetary adventure.

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24. Finding ‘Ohana

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

It’s one of the most entertaining adventure films available on Netflix. Despite their Hawaiian ancestry, two siblings grow up in Brooklyn. They go to Oahu one summer, and their journey takes an interesting turn for both of them. They come across a logbook that leads to the location of a long-lost treasure.

With this finding, they embark on an exciting quest for the treasure with a group of new friends. The film is one of Netflix’s top adventure films of 2022. Aside from adventure, Netflix also has some of the best children’s movies.

23. Spy Kids

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

Gregorio and Ingrid, rival secret operatives, fall in love and resolve to start a family outside of the spy world. Everything appears to be great until two agents go missing one day.

Following their disappearance, their two daughters, Carmen, 12, and Juni, 9, who had no knowledge of their parents’ previous lives, are enlisted to assist in their rescue. Spy Kids is a fantastic example of an adventure film that will appeal to both children and adults.

22. The Ice Road

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

A driver on an ice road finds himself in charge of an impossible rescue operation across a frozen ocean. This occurs after a distant diamond mine in northern Canada collapses. He’s doing everything in his power to save his stranded miners. However, as they battle heavy snow and tremendous storms, they learn the real threat is one they had never considered. Massive weather conditions.

The weather is the main antagonist in this film, and Liam Neeson provides some instruments to help save the day. Will the miners, on the other hand, be able to hold on and wait for his rescue?

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21. Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

Bagheera, a black panther, finds the lone surviving human infant after Shere Khan, a vicious crippled Bengal tiger, defies jungle law by hunting down and killing a family of humans for sport. Bagheera delivers Mowgli to the wolf pack, where he is adopted by Nisha and Vihaan.

 He is raised as a part of the pack and enjoys playing with other wolf pups, despite the fact that he matures considerably more slowly than wolves. Shere Khan eventually returns for a fight with Mowgli, intending to murder him like he did his human family. This film is based on stories collected in All the Mowgli, Netflix’s live-action rendition of the popular children’s story The Jungle Book.

20. The Sleepover

Bully teens videotape a kid dancing at a party in a family’s home in Boston, but their mother interrupts, scaring them away. They post the footage, which reveals the whereabouts of the child’s mother, Margot, a former thief under witness protection.

Margot and her husband, Ron, are kidnapped from their home, but their child’s friend observes the kidnapping and informs their son. The kids put on a show to save their parents in one of the best kid’s adventure movies on Netflix. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest adventure films of all time. If you want to see more of these kinds of films, you can also watch the top Russian movies of all time on Netflix.

19. DragonHeart

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

Bowen, an elderly knight, has been tutoring prince Einon in the hopes of him becoming a better king than his tyrant father. After the king dies and Einon ascends to the throne, he reveals to be a far worse ruler than his father. Bowen pledges vengeance on all dragons, believing that the dragon heart implanted in Einon’s heart corrupted him.

Bowen discovers the last live dragon Draco 12 years after his quest began, and he quickly realizes that all he thought he knew was a lie. Aside from the 1996 DragonHeart film, two more adventure films in the series are currently available on Netflix: Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire and Dragonheart: Vengeance.

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18. The Old Guard

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

A tale of four immortal mercenaries, with a focus on the past. Andy, the group’s leader, is recruited for a mission that would reveal the group’s exceptional powers.

Kiki Layne, a fresh soldier, joins the ranks to assist the squad in eliminating the threat, and it is not long before she is recruited to the team. What is her reaction to the realization that death will no longer be a factor in her life? Do you want to see more action? Then get chills by watching the Star Trek animated series.

17. Swiss Army Man

25 Best Adventure Movies On Netflix!

Hank Thompson, a guy stranded on a deserted island, is the protagonist of the film. Hank discovers a corpse washed up on the shore after losing hope of being rescued. He tries unsuccessfully to resuscitate the man. The corpse lets out a loud fart before being dragged back to sea by the waves, which Hank finds amusing. Hank and Manny, his newfound corpse pal, form a unique bond that keeps the audience laughing throughout the film.

16. Triple Frontier

The five ex-special forces have been included in a police mission to catch a cartel lord headquartered in the Amazon, but they have their own plot to plunder the cartel. However, things go wrong when the boss and his guards return from church and find them trapped.

Despite their valiant efforts, they will encounter new problems as their chopper crashes into a mountain village. They must first make a moral decision regarding the village people’s desire for money.

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15. Hugo

The film is based on Brian Selznick’s book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Hugo, a small kid, is sent to live with his uncle after his clockmaker father passes away. His only valued thing is a broken automaton that he used to fix with his father.

Hugo has to fend for himself after his uncle inexplicably vanishes, while simultaneously stealing components to keep his automaton running. Soon after, the young kid learns of the seemingly simple automaton’s decades-long history.

14. Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes wakes up on her 16th birthday to discover that her mother has gone missing. Instead, she discovers a collection of items she left behind, but no message indicating where she is going or why she has decided to go.

Enola is taken in by her brothers, who are eager to send her away to a boarding school for young ladies. She, on the other hand, refuses to obey their orders and flees. Enola, whither have you gone?

13. 127-Hour

127 Hours is one of several Netflix adventure films based on genuine events. Aaron’s tragedy is brought to life in the film after he becomes stuck in a canyon while hiking in Utah. The hiker’s right hand was stuck beneath a boulder, and he couldn’t get it out. Aaron must go to great measures to preserve himself after learning he has no way out because he has not told anyone of his whereabouts. 127 Hours is a good example of how good adventure films may be based on true stories.

12. Adrift

Tami and Richard become stuck after a 4000-mile cruise is cut short by a devastating hurricane. Tami awakens to see a destroyed yacht but no sign of Richard.

She must now search for her lover, Richard, who she believes has been carried overboard. She sees his almost-dead body far away from the boat and tries to figure out how to get to him. But, knowing that the shipwreck is thousands of miles away, how will they get to safety?

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11. Sherlock Holmes

Fans of action-adventure films will enjoy this picture, which is set in 1890 London. Sherlock Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr., is an unusual scientist and eccentric detective-for-hire. After stopping serial killer Lord Henry Blackwood from killing a young woman in a ritualistic manner, Sherlock finds himself in the crosshairs of the law after more people die in inexplicable circumstances. Before the authorities can discover him, Holmes and his associate Dr. Watson must solve these new murders committed by a supposedly resurrected Blackwood.

10. How It Ends

Will and Samantha, a young couple, are expecting their first child. As a result, the plot’s storyline is based on them. Will travels to Chicago to meet Samantha’s parents, but the two clash, and Will depart without informing Sam of his intentions or the pregnancy.

While Will is on the phone with Samantha prior to his return trip, something goes awry. As a result, all flights are canceled, forcing Will to partner up with Samantha’s father in an attempt to locate her.

9. The Revenant

The Revenant relates the narrative of Hugh Glass, who is left for dead in the wilderness after being attacked by the Arikara tribal tribe and badly wounded by a bear. Glass refuses to accept defeat and sets out on the perilous journey back home, despite his horrific injuries. He intends to wreak vengeance on those who abandoned him to the elements.

8. Sweetheart

Jenn is a young woman who washes up on the shore of a remote island. She also has to deal with the evil power that emerges at night while trying to survive and maybe be rescued.

Jenn (Kiersey Clemons) doesn’t have a lot of talk in this because she’s alone on the island. As a result, she has to rely on her body language and facial expressions to communicate all she’s going through.

7. Green Lantern

In another reality, the Green Lantern Corps, a peace and justice defense army, has existed for years. Hal Jordan gains superhuman abilities after being selected by the ring. Abin Sur, the greatest green lantern, has died, and Hal Jordan, despite his reservations, must now accept the task and put his concerns aside.

He is called upon to defend humanity against a strong evil being known as parallax out of a sense of duty and love for Carol Ferriss. Are you a fan of superheroes? Then, to learn more about them, watch the finest superhero episodes on Netflix.

6. Into The Wild

Christopher McCandless, a good student, and athlete abandon all of his possessions after graduating from university. Instead, he gives his entire life savings to charity and then travels to Alaska to live in the wild. Along the journey, he meets a variety of people who will have an impact on his life.

Into the Wild, based on a true story, is one of Netflix’s top adventure films. Every scene in this movie is based on real events. It’s going to be amazing in every aspect.

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5. Outside The Wire

Lieutenant Harp, a drone pilot, is responsible for the deaths of two soldiers after making a bad decision and defying orders. As a result, he is reassigned to inactive duty in a dangerous military zone.

There, he is partnered with Captain Leo, a top-secret android officer on a mission to prevent a nuclear attack. Outside the Wire is one of Netflix’s top action-adventure films.

4. The Midnight Sky

Augustine is an arctic scientist who lives in a remote location. With Earth on the verge of extinction, he works to identify habitable planets. The crew of the Aether starship is far from Earth. Sully, his sweetheart, is aboard the spaceship.

Following a catastrophic calamity that has wiped out the majority of humanity, Augustine must stop the spaceship from returning home. The story follows his struggle to get the word to the spaceship that is already returning from K-23, a livable moon.

3. Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans

The film is slated to be one of Netflix’s top adventure films in 2022. Arcadia Oaks is a community located in the midst of mystical and otherworldly lines. The town’s position makes it a hub for many confrontations between out-of-this-world monsters, including trolls, aliens, and wizards.

In an epic quest, the troll-hunting heroes must battle the encroaching creatures in order to control the magic that unites all of the creatures. Watch best-animated movies on Netflix if you want to see more realistic animation.

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2. Major Grom: Plague Doctor

As a vigilante, a person disguised as the Plague Doctor descends on St. Petersburg. The cloaked individual sets out to “clear the streets of criminality.” The person assassinates anyone who has gotten away with breaking the law by bribing their way out or manipulating the system with their high social rank.

Police Major Grom, who is known for his success in apprehending all types of criminals, is forced to listen to the cries of a tense population. The destiny of the entire city hangs in the balance of his painstaking inquiry.

1. Okja

“Okja” is a touching story about a young girl and her huge mutant pig, which is brought to life through a combination of computer effects and puppetry that makes a nonexistent beast seem as real as E.T. or King Kong. It’s also the story of animal rights activists fighting a Monsanto-like firm that wants to use that pig, purportedly the cutest of a batch created by genetic experts, as the face of a breakthrough range of meat products. These two approaches may appear to be mutually exclusive. But, as directed by Bong Joon-ho (“Snowpiercer,” “The Host”), they come together in a work of melancholic enchantment that is charming, humorous, scary, tragic, and, like all good science fiction films, thought-provoking.

Mirando Corporation claims Okja, Mija’s super pig, claiming ownership of her from a ten-year-old concept. Lucy, Mirando’s new CEO, is a self-serving woman who wants Okja for her own personal gain.

Mija puts up a valiant struggle to keep her favorite pet from being taken away. She follows the truck transporting Okja and manages to save him. Unfortunately, she is apprehended by the Animal Liberation Front, and Okja is recaptured. Mija now has to return to New York to recover her furry pal.

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