Aranyak Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be A New Sequel?

Raveena Tandon makes her latest film with Aranyak. The plot revolves around Kasturi Dogra, a cop. Who joins forces with her city-bred replacement Angad to find the missing foreign teenage tourist in a Himalayan town.

A harried local cop (Tandon) teams up with her city-bred replacement (Parambrata Chatterjee) on a big-ticket case that uncovers skeletons and resurrects a long-forgotten legend of a bloodthirsty, serial killer in the woods.

Vinay Waikul will create and direct Aranyak Season 2, an upcoming Indian Hindi-language crime thriller web series. Written by Charudutt Acharya and Rohan Sippy, and produced by Ramesh Sippy Entertainment and Roy Kapur Films.

Aranyak Season 2 Web Series will premiere on Netflix in May 2022, starring Raveena Tandon, Ashutosh Rana, Zakir Hussain, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, and Saurav Khurana.

Aranyak Season 2 Release Date

Aranyak Season 1 Release Date10 December 2021
Aranyak Season 2 Release DateConfirmed But the release date has not been announced

The original makers of the show have not yet revealed the release date of the show. But that’s not bad news for the fans as the show has officially been confirmed by Siddharth Roy Kapoor. The first season of the show was released on the 10th of December, 2021. Its been more than a year since there has been a release date of the show.

But there’s no need to worry as the show has officially been confirmed. If we are right, the show might come at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Just keep your hopes up and keep visiting the page to get all the updates about Aranayak.

Aranyak Season 2 Story

Kasturi, a hectic local cop, starts working on a big-ticket case that unearths skeletons and resurrects a forgotten Himalayan myth of a bloodthirsty, serial killing entity in the forest. After a foreign teenage tourist mysteriously disappears in the misty Himalayan town.

 The actress said that Kasturi Dogra was a character she empathized with completely. She is a very talented and passionate woman. Who wants to provide for her family while also excelling at her job. Many Kasturi Dogras do not have enough support from family members, nor do they have the chance to pursue their dreams.

 So, her character touched me, and then there’s the fact that it’s a crime thriller. She further said that she may not identify with her, but she can certainly relate to her. So many women reach a point where they are presented with these opportunities and are forced to make sacrifices due to their responsibilities to their families. Everyone has those responsibilities, but it is always the woman’s responsibility to make the sacrifices. And that’s the message they want to send: everyone in the family needs to take on a little responsibility. Lend a helping hand, so women can take care of their job.

Raveena believes it is the highest praise an actor can receive when the viewer understands the character rather than the ‘star’ on-screen. In a recent interview with, she stated, “I think it’s a happy moment for us when the audience doesn’t find a trace of the actor”. I think I’ve gotten the most positive feedback from people who said they weren’t looking for Raveena. That, I believe, is what we worked for and achieved somewhere.”

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Where To Watch Aryanak Season 1?

Aranyak season 1 premiered on 10 December 2021. It will be available on platforms like Netflix. However, in order to watch it on Netflix, you do need to get a subscription.

 Aranyak Season 2 Cast

Aranyak Season 2 cast will most likely include Raveena Tandon, Ashutosh Rana, Parambrata Chatterjee. It is set to release in the first half of 2022. The story will continue and bring more new revelations with disturbing past relations. As two mismatched hill station cops navigate a web of suspects following a puzzling murder, political ploys, personal agendas, and a beastly myth all emerge. This is a great thriller show which will definitely capture the audience’s attention.

It not only portrays a strong female lead but also emphasizes the fact that women of this country are bold and fearless.

Aranyak Season 2 Trailer

 Raveena Tandon revealed more about the world of Aranyak and Kasturi Dogra. Saying that she enjoys binge-watching thrillers and thus had no issues with the genre. In the trailer we see Kasturi mentioning how she got the biggest case of her career. Just as she was about to take a break. She is also resentful of having to delegate her duties to another officer.

 The trailer hinted at the show’s mystery. A foreign tourist vanishes in their misty town just as Kasturi is supposed to hand over her position.

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