15 Anime Like Sekirei That You Can Try Watching!

Sekirei is a harem romantic comedy supernatural series loved by a huge number of anime fans. The series has great comic and action sequences, along with its beautiful art style. If you are a fan of the anime or just finished watching the anime, you must be eager to try other anime with similar concepts or thrills. This article is all you need. We provide you with a list of 15 such anime, some of which you can even binge-watch in a day. 

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Hyakka Ryouran is a 2010 action comedy harem series. The series has a total of 2 seasons and 24 episodes. The story takes place in an alternate dimension, where beautiful Great Japan is facing troubles and pressure. Buou academic school, located at the foot of Mount Fuji, is a school where children from military families come to learn and train to be future samurai warriors. There is a power struggle to reach the top between schools. Yagyuu Muneakira, a high school student, rebels against the student council with the help of some girls.The series features popular female warriors from history, during the Sengoku period and Edo period. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll, or rent and buy it from Amazon. 

Date A Live 

Date A Live is a 2013 romantic fantasy comedy harem anime. The series has 4 seasons, the fourth one being the most recent, and has 44 episodes and 2 OVA as of now. The story takes place in a different reality, where Eurasia is infected by a phenomenon called the ‘spatial quake’, causing over 150 million casualties. The plague doesn’t die and keeps infecting the world for 30 long years on an irregular basis. Shido Itsuka is an ordinary high school student, who learns about girls from different dimensions, being the direct reason for the ‘spatial quake’. With the help of his adopted sister, Kotori, and a few more allies, he starts on a mission to make the girls from different dimensions fall in love with him, and uses his mysterious ability to seal their powers by sharing a kiss. 

Where To Watch: Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll

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‘Akikan’ or ‘Empty Can’ is a 2009 fantasy anime, consisting of 12 episodes. The story follows a high school boy named Kakeru Daichi, who finds a magical can which can transform into a human. His can transforms into a human girl, and more cans start emerging into the picture after their transformations into human bodies. The cans survive by consuming carbon dioxide from their respective drink types and flavours. Akikan’s existence is to determine the superior can between the steel and aluminium cans. The story progresses as we see cans fighting each other to figure out and set their hierarchy. They fight till the last person standing emerges as the winner. 

Where To Watch: JustWatch. 

Asura Cryin’

Asura Cryin’ is a 2009 action drama fantasy romance anime series. It has 2 seasons and a total of 26 episodes. The series follows the story of a normal boy named Tomoharu Natsume. He is haunted by the ghost of Misao Minakami, his childhood friend. They were both the victims of a plane crash 3 years ago, which resulted in Misao dying and Tomoharu barely surviving. During high school, he decides to move into dorms, enjoying his independent life away from his mom, who recently remarried. Shuri Kurosaki, a beautiful girl, enters Tomoharu’s life with a trunk and flips it over. She claims that the trunk was requested to be delivered to him by his brother, Naotaka Natsume. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

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Freezing is a 2013 fantasy action anime television series. The anime has 12 episodes and 6 OVAs. The plot follows an imaginary future and a different timeline. In 2065, Earth is involved in a war with aliens called Nova. The military creates and trains Pandoras, i.e. girls with superhuman strength, who are skilled fighters and can use weapons with the help of Stigmata, a special genetic tissue. They are backed up by their male partners, also known as Limiters, who use a power named ‘Freezing’, to limit their opponents’ true potential and support their respective Pandoras. Kazuya Aoi is a Limiter who attends West Genetics Academy in Japan. He comes across a brilliant and powerful but ruthless Pandora, named Satellizer el Bridget, and is set to team up with her as partners. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll and Funimation Now. 


Campione is a 2012 action fantasy harem romance anime series. It has a total of 13 episodes and follows the story of Godou Kusanagi, a former basketball player who had to retire due to injuries. One day, he is asked by his grandfather to deliver a stone tablet to one of his friends, Lucrezia Zora, who lives in Sardinia. He somehow ends up killing Verethrana, the Persian God of Victory and receives the position of a Campione or God Slayer, who defeats and eliminates Heretical Gods, who change things to suit their tastes, affecting the people in the area. His position attracts the attention and various problematic and difficult girls. He is constantly being pursued by a demonically manipulative sword mistress named Erica Blandelli, who confidently and constantly expresses her love for him, creating awkward and misunderstood situations.

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll or buy or rent it from Amazon Prime Video.

High School DxD

Highschool DxD is a 2012 comedy harem supernatural anime series. The anime has a total of 4 seasons and 53 episodes with 12 OVAs. The anime follows the story of Kuoh Academy, which was recently turned into a co-ed academy after being an all-girls school for years. The school is no ordinary school, and is open to fallen angels, devils and angels, making them a part of the student population. Issei Hyodo is a normal Second-year human student who is asked on a date by a girl named Yuma Amano. After their date, Yuma reveals her identity as Raynare, a fallen angel. She asks him to die for her and tries to kill him. Rias Gremory, a third-year student, revives him. The next day, Issei wakes up thinking the events of the previous night were a dream but is soon attacked by another fallen angel. He wakes up to find Rias in her room and she claims to have him reincarnated as a devil. 

Where To Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll. 

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Majikoi – Oh! Samurai Girls

Majikoi is a 2011 action harem anime series. The anime has a total of one season and 12 episodes. The story takes place in the city of Kawakami, well known for its strong and dedicated samurai fighters. Schools promote and support the fighting spirit obtained by the profession or hobby to their students. Yamato is a second-year student from Kawakami, who is always seen hanging around with three boys and three girls. The group of seven is inseparable and has known each other ever since they were young, going through thick and thin and doing things together. They even have a secret base where they meet and hang out. Things start to change after they welcome two more girls to their group. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll, Hulu, Hulu Live or ITunes. 

Rosario + Vampire

Rosario to Vampire is a 2008 comedy romance fantasy harem anime. The series has a total of 2 seasons and 26 episodes. The plot follows Tsukune Aono, a normal teenager, who struggles to find a local high school because of his terrible grades. His parents enrolled him in a private school, Yokai Academy, as their final attempt to make their son complete his education. The school turns out to be a boarding school for monsters, where they are taught about ways and rules required to know while coexisting with humans. They are taught ways to disguise themselves along with other important information about the species. The students are ruthless to fellow human classmates and kill them the instant their human identity is revealed. Tsukune is scared but manages to be friends with a female vampire named Moka Akashiya. 

Where To Watch: Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll. 

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Maken-Ki! Battling Venus

Maken-Ki is a 2011 Shōnen Ani ke series. The series has 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes and 2 OVA episodes. The plot follows the story of Takeru Ooyama, who enrols in Tenbi academy, which has recently been turned co-ed from an all-girls school. Haruko Amaya, her childhood friend, shows him around the school. As time passes, he comes to know that the school is for students with magical and spiritual energy called Elements, and weapon makers known as Makens. The school organises combat matches, where the students learn and improve their powers and potential. Takeru is a Maken and is popular among girls. He already has a nemesis who wishes to kill him and a beautiful girl who claims to be her fiance. He joins the Security Committee, a part of the student council’s leader committee named the Magical Security Organisation or Maken-ki

Where To Watch: Hulu, Crunchyroll or buy or rent it from Amazon Prime Video. 

Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven’s lost property is a 2009 comedy fantasy harem anime television series. It has a total of 2 seasons and 25 episodes. The story focuses on a typical average teenage boy named Tomoki Sakurai, who is perverted and lazy and preaches peace and quiet and wishes to find an angel. His neighbours are tough cookies with a completely different personality than him. Sohara Mitsuki is strong, Eishiro Sugata is a pseudo-scientist who wishes to discover the secrets of new worlds, and Mikako Satsukitane, their student council president with a sadistic aura. One night, Tomoki witnesses the crash of an Unidentified Mysterious Animal(UMI). He finds the UMI to be a winged female humanoid alien, Ikaros, who claims to be from a world called Synapse. After his encounter with Ikaros, there are more aliens falling from the skies and his peace and quiet life comes to a tragic end. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll or rent it from Amazon Prime Video. 

Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen is a 2003 martial arts action anime television series. The series has a total of 4 seasons and has a total of 52 episodes. The events take place in the Kantō region of Japan, where seven high schools are involved in a turf war for supremacy and dominance. The fighters are given sacred jewels called the magatama, from the Three Kingdoms Era of ancient China, thousands of years ago. Hakufu Sonsaku is the descendant of Sun Ce, a legendary conqueror. She is highly skilled when it comes to combat and has a great and heroic personality. Her mother requested her to attend Nanyo Academy to join her cousin Koukin Shuuyu. She has to follow her destiny as a fighter to conquer all the schools. Things turn dangerous when her fate comes into play. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll or buy or rent it from Amazon Prime Video. 

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DearS is a 2004 romantic science fiction anime. It consists of one season and a total of 13 episodes. The anime takes place in a reality where humans and extraterrestrial life have made contact. There is an alien spaceship which crash lands in Tokyo and releases 150 humanoid aliens into the Japanese Society. They are nicknamed Dear Friends and DearS in short. One year after the incident, Takeya Ikuhara, a seventeen-year-old who attends Koharu High School, finds a homeless DearS. He loathes aliens and DearS due to an incident in his past and thinks they have an ulterior motive to invade Earth. He takes the fainted DearS home, takes care of her unwillingly and is filled with annoyance. He calls her Ren and she is super friendly and dependent on Takeya. After some time, Takeya realises her sincerity and cares for him and doesn’t hate her anymore. Not long after his change of heart, the DearS headquarters ordered her to be arrested. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll or buy and rent it from Amazon Prime Video. 


Kämpfer is a 2009 action harem romance comedy anime series. The anime has a total of 10 episodes and 2 extra episodes were released in 2011. The story is about Natsuru Senō who somehow transforms into a girl and has to fight other girls and hide his identity while constantly switching his gender. Natsuro attends a school with separate sections for boys and girls. He has a huge crush on Kaede Sakura, who keeps a collection of brutal murder-styled stuffed animals. One day, Natsuru suddenly transforms into a girl and his stuffed tiger, Harakiri Tora, starts talking to him. He is informed that he has turned into a Kämpfer and has to fight other Kämpfers who are not from his team. The teams are identified by coloured bracelets, into Blue and Red teams. 

Where To Watch: HiDive or buy or rent it from Amazon Prime Video. 

Brynhildr In The Darkness

Brynhildr in the darkness is a 2014 dark fantasy science fiction mystery anime series. The anime has one season and a total of 13 episodes. The story focuses on two friends, Ryōta Murakami and his childhood friend Kuroneko. The duo are set to find traces and signs of alien life. Ryōta is unsure of his theory, but Kuroneko convinces him, insisting that the aliens are real. During an accident, Kuroneko loses her life, leaving Ryōta heavily injured and alone. He keeps thinking about her while looking at the night sky, to prove their theory and fulfil Kuroneko’s dying wish. Ten years later, Ryōta is a genius and manages an astronomy club, with him as the sole member. He is surprised and taken aback when a new student, Neko Kuroha, joins their class. Neko resembles Kuroneko but denies any involvement with the dead girl. After a series of mishaps, Neko saves Ryōta and reveals her superhuman strength and identity as a witch, who has escaped from a dangerous research lab. 

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

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