Is Bezos Movie Based On Jeff Bezos?

The all-new movie Bezos is under work and there has been wild anticipation for the movie. Bezos will be a movie based on the book “Zero to Hero” written by Tashena Ebanks. The movie, just like the book, will be about the well-known CEO Entrepreneur of Amazon– Jeff Bezos. The movie is said to follow Bezos’ journey and strive to build the very well-known e-commerce company Amazon and how his beginning as a young awkward boy led him to be the richest man in the world.

Is Bezos Movie Based On Jeff Bezos?

Is Bezos Movie based on Jeff Bezos?
Is Bezos Movie based on Jeff Bezos?

Yes, the movie is based on Jeff Bezos. The movie has already been anticipated as one of the most exciting new projects underway as the entrepreneur Jeff Bezos is one of the most widely talked about businessmen of the decade. His journey to become this enigma that he is now has been made into documentaries and podcasts but now bringing that story to the audience in the form of a movie will definitely be a great approach. The movie will have a runtime of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The cast and crew of the movie have been revealed and the actor Armando Gutierrez will be playing the role of Jeff Bezos in the movie, Armando is known for his roles in the 2018 live-action movie “Little Mermaid” and the animated movie “Anastasia” as Rasputin. Starring alongside Gutierrez will be Alex Mitchell playing the role of his wife MacKenzie Scott. The movie was written by Allison Burnett, and R.V. Romero borrowed from Tashena Ebanks’ book about Bezos. The movie is being directed by Khoa Le who also directed the 2015 “Walt before Mickey” movie which was one of his best works. The project is said to be almost completed and a lot of behind the scene shots of the movie being worked on have been going around so it is safe to say that we all will be able to watch the movie very soon.

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Bezos Movie Story

From what’s been seen and heard about the movie the plot will closely follow Bezos’s personal life as a struggling young man, his humble beginnings growing up in New Mexico Albuquerque. Then he transitions from being a college student to working at a startup, then as a director, a product manager, and then finally to a vice president of a company to take a massive leap as the CEO and founder of Amazon. How the company became what it is today and what shaped it. It will definitely be an interesting watch to look into the biggest eCommerce website that we rely so much on nowadays. 

His struggles of opening his own company, managing it, and facing the problems that come with managing one of the most popular websites with his personal life will be portrayed. The trailer of the movie has been released and it looks just as promising as we had hoped it would, even in the trailer one can be aware of Armondo’s brilliant acting. The cinematography of the movie greets us with great precision along with the score that will definitely make the experience of watching the movie more captivating! Other than that the movie promises to portray the whole truth about Jeff Bezos, his work ethic, his personal life, his company, and the overall growth of his character in the movie.

Bezos Movie Poster

Is Bezos Movie based on Jeff Bezos?

The poster of the movie resembles the official Amazon logo. The title of the movie is written just like the company logo, even having the small arrow that is also present in both the Amazon logo and the movie poster below the title “Bezos”, it is also following the same font and colour signifying the humble beginnings of Bezos, how his company changed the world and still remains an integral part of despite all these years. The poster is very minimalistic and also has the character of Jeff Bezos looking away towards the horizon, a very picturesque way to sum up the movie and what the audience can expect. The poster was released and immediately received well by the audience, several sites are selling the poster for movie fans who like to collect movie posters for their collection.

What Do The Media And The Critics Have To Say About Bezos Movie?

So far not a lot of opinions about the movie have surfaced. Bezos has made no remarks about the movie but judging from the plot a lot of insights about his life would have been required to make the movie in-depth so it is being speculated that Jeff Bezos most probably would have given his input to the writers of the movie. The critics and audience are waiting for the movie to release to form an opinion about it but regardless the movie has everyone excited.

Details About Jeff Bezos Should You Know Before Watching The Bezos Movie

Although the movie acts like a biopic of Jeff Bezos and you’ll be getting to know a lot of details about the Entrepreneur in the movie itself, here is some information to get you started on Jeff Bezos and have a better understanding of his life while watching the movie.

Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen was born on 12 January 1964, after his mother remarried a Cuban immigrant named Miguel “Mike” Bezos in 1968, Mike adopted Jeffrey and his surname was changed to Bezos, which led him to use his current name, Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos graduated high school as valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar after which he was selected at the University of Florida and attended the Student Science Training Program. In 1986 he graduated with a 4.2 GPA  with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering in electric engineering and computer science from Princeton University.

There was no doubt that Bezos has been an exceptionally gifted child since a very young age, he carried on that attitude when he decided to open Amazon. Amazon, originally, was supposed to be the first e-commerce website to sell millions of books and deliver them to you, like a digital library of sorts.  His wife MacKenzie and him left their jobs at D.E. Shaw and planned to start Amazon in a garage that they rented. When Bezos realized the rapid growth of the internet and its endless potential and possibilities in late 1993 he decided that selling books online would be a good way to utilize it. Only it didn’t end with books, selling books was just the beginning.

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Bezos’ company was first named Cadabra but then he later changed it to Amazon due to a few reasons. One of them is that now the company name started with an A and would appear at the top of the list when customers searched up the names of companies. Another reason was that Amazon was also the name of the largest river in South America which was also called Amazon River, this signified that just like the river is the largest it would make Amazon the largest bookstore, the imagery had an excellent thought process behind it. In 1998 Bezos added music and videos to amazon, divulging into the online sale of music, and started slowly expanding Amazon, diversifying its user base.

Is Bezos Movie based on Jeff Bezos?
Is Bezos Movie based on Jeff Bezos?

Bezos’ mantra all the while expanding his company remained to be Get Big Fast and also believed in work-life harmony. He was obviously a very work-minded person that fueled his passion to actually leave wall street and start his own company. By 1997 Bezos had become a millionaire and was included in the Forbes world’s Billionaires List in 1999 with a net worth of USD 10.1 billion

Later when the company started turning in a profit, Bezos started acquiring small competitors and merging them with Amazon. Amazon experienced its first rocky sailing after it almost went bankrupt in 2002 when it didn’t turn any profits, almost 14% of the Amazon workforce was laid off. The company made a comeback with Amazon Kindle and Bezos described it as something similar to video games but for reading. Amazon was announced as the largest commerce retailer in the world in October 2013.

Jeff Bezos launched a lot more besides Amazon, one of his most popular human spaceflight startups is called Blue Origin. After repeatedly showing his interest in exploring space for a long time to even saying that he even had a vision to “colonize” space, Blue Origin was started in 2000 a few years after Amazon had been in the game.

Other Than Blue Origin and Amazon, Jeff Bezos also owns The Washington Post which he acquired in August 2013. Bezos is also known for Atos labs and Bezos Expeditions. Bezos and his wife filed for a divorce in 2019 after a long period of separation. 

Bezos Movie Release Date

Bezos has been completed and is under post-production. It has been given a release date of 12 July 2022 to be only available for limited release. Happy Watching!

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