Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 3 Release Date Details!

The rom-com supernatural anime genre is one of the most entertaining to watch because, in addition to the rom-com elements that we see in many anime series, we also get the thrill and supernatural elements that make it more enjoyable to watch. Heaven’s Lost Property is a Japanese anime series directed by Hisashi Sait and produced by AIC ASTA Studio that premiered on October 5, 2009. The anime series follows the story of Tomoki Sakurai who comes across an angel who fulfils his every want and desire and serves him as her master. The series is filled with humour within every second of screen time times it’s so random and out of context that you will find yourself laughing at it even though you’ll question why are you finding it amusing. Did we forget to mention it is also a harem theme anime with an ecchi genre now you know what to expect from this anime and what sort of humour you will get to see in this anime? The anime has completed 2 seasons so far in this article we will talk about season 3 of Heaven’s Lost Properties.

Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 3 Release Date

The anime series premiered on October 5, 2009, according to my anime list it was the third most-watched anime in the fall 2009 season. The first season of the anime series was watched by 443K who have rated the series 7.29 out of 10. In the year 2010, the anime returned with season 2 which premiered on October 2, 2010, however this time the series did not receive the same amount of love it was watched by 273K users who rated it 7.48 out of 10. As for season 3 that will not happen because the makers have already confirmed that they will not return with season 3 in future. After the release of season 2, the makers released 2 movies which were released in the year 2011 and 2014 respectively.

Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 1 Release DateOctober 5, 2009
Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 2 Release DateOctober 2, 2010
Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 3 Release DateCancelled
Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 3 Release Date

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Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 3 Story

The series has been cancelled so we won’t get to see season 3 of Heaven’s Lost Properties. In the last season, the series opened with the main character Tomoki Sakurai explaining his dream where he meets a girl he has never seen before and he ends up falling in love with her and girls love him too however the dream always ends with the girl being taken away by the sky and he wakes up after that. The next morning Sohara goes to wake up Tomoki because he was getting late for school and witnesses something unusual she beats him up and the two of them eat their breakfast and get ready to go to school.

When Tomoki arrives at school, he falls asleep during the first period and dreams of the same girl, but this time she begs him to help her because she is trapped by the sky. Sohara wakes him up as the class is already over when Tomoki wakes up crying Sohora gets the idea that he must have seen the girl in his dream again as she also knows about his unusual dream. She tells him that he has been seeing this same dream since childhood maybe its time he should go to visit a doctor to get some kind of help from them, when Tomoki tells her that he won’t go to see a doctor because they will make a big deal out of it she suggests maybe they should talk to Senior Sugata about it.

Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 3 Characters

The series has been discontinued so we won’t be getting season 3 in the future characters from last season are as follows. Astraea’s character was voiced by Fukuhara Kaori, Mosier Carli’s character was voiced by Hayami Saori, Kazane Hiyori’s character was voiced by Hikasa Youko and Mitsuki Sohara’s character was voiced by Mina. Nymph’s character was voiced by Nomizu Iori, Sakurai Tomoki’s character was voiced by Hoshi Souichirou, Satsukitane Mikako’s character was voiced by Takagaki Ayahi, and Sugata Eishirou’s character was voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa.

Where To Watch Heaven’s Lost Properties Season 3 Online?

The first two seasons of the series are streaming on Funimation. Season 3 of Heaven’s Lost Properties has been cancelled so we won’t be getting season 3 in future.

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